Appreciate The Good Things In Your Life

Last week I was in London with my son Owen for lunch with a friend. We were early so we went for a walk in Hyde Park. It was a crisp, cold morning with the sun peeping through every now and then. There were lots of people in the park, all of course with guardian angels, and there were lots of other angels too.  Some of the angels walked along with me.

Suddenly, I saw the Angel of Hope in the distance at the far end of the park. As always, he looked enormous – taller than the mature trees there. He looked like a massive bright flame and within this very bright flame I was shown a faint male, human appearance. He was holding an enormous torch, like an Olympic flame. He was turning and beckoning, but I had no idea at that moment who he was beckoning to, whether it was to everyone in the park, everyone in London that day, or to someone in particular. The angels with me didn’t tell me.

As we walked along, I was trying to keep an eye on the Angel of Hope without my son realising what I was doing. A group of tourists came over to Owen and asked him could he take photos of them. This distracted Owen for a few minutes while I looked around again.

I saw a young man in his mid twenties carrying a bag on his back.  His guardian angel, who gave a male appearance, towered over him. The angel was dressed in clothing that looked heavy and was amber and red in colour. The guardian angel was constantly whispering to him.

A young woman pushing a pram with a little girl of three running along beside her walked towards him. As they met up  she gave him a hug and the angels that were with me told me these were his wife and children.  Then, the Angel of Hope appeared in front of them. The angels told me that the young man had just been to a job interview and hadn’t been successful. He was desperately disappointed and was very close to breaking point. The Angel of Hope was there to give him the strength and courage to go on, to have the belief that we would find another job.

I watched the Angel of Hope and became conscious of something I had never noticed before. As the Angel of Hope beckoned with his arm towards the young man and his family, it was as if the light of the torch he was holding up in the other hand became brighter and this light seemed to radiate out and shine directly on the family, making them glow.

The angels with me told me that the family would be alright. They said that the wife was strong and confident and that she, with the help of the Angel of Hope, would instil the confidence into her husband that he needed to persevere, and that he would eventually get another job.

The angels also told me that this young man needed to learn to see what was good and positive in his life as well as what was wrong. He was so wound up in his worries about finding a job that he was failing to see the things that were good in his life. In fact, the angels told me he could see very few positives in his life.

The angels pointed out to me that he had a wife who loved him very much, he had two beautiful children who were happy and healthy and that he was strong and capable of working. I’m sure there were lots of other positives too, like friends, extended family, a home, but the angels didn’t tell me about them.

This young man is like many of us who have a tendency to focus too much on the things in our lives that we feel are not perfect in doing so  we blind ourselves to what is good.

I meet many people who are finding things hard at the moment and are struggling. Many people are telling me that things are not getting better.  But the angels are assuring me that things ARE improving across the world, even if the progress is too slow for most of us.

We need to open our eyes and see the things that are going right in our and our families lives. We need to be looking for positive things that are happening for our friends, our communities, our countries.  When we see them we need to acknowledge them to ourselves, and point them out to others.

The angels tell me that there is so much that is getting better, there are so many signs of hope, but that many of us are failing to recognise these signs as we are so focused on seeing what is wrong.

Step back for a moment now and have a look for the blessings that are in your life, the things that are going well for you and those you love. Acknowledge these blessings and give thanks.

Giving thanks, even for things we might consider trivial, is so important. The angels have told me that each and every expression of gratitude is automatically taken as a prayer. I’m not just talking about  the times when we count the blessings in our lives or thank God, but also when we give thanks to a stranger, like someone who serves us in a shop. Sometimes, when someone is saying thank you I am shown a light radiating from the person at heart level, which lights them up. Giving thanks, stirs up hope, joy and love within us, it helps to remind us how good our lives are – even if everything is not perfect.

I have so many people to give thanks to. First of all my thanks to all of you who read this newsletter.  It is incredible to me that so many people all around the world are now receiving the messages I am being asked by God and the angels to share. I am deeply grateful to all of you who have told me by letter, facebook, twitter, the prayer scroll and in person about how these messages have helped you.

My thanks to all the people who have invited me to do events around the world and are working hard at spreading the word and, of course, in particular my thanks go to all the people who come and hear me at these events. You can see a list of the events below.

You may remember that my visit to the USA in November was postponed because of Hurricane Sandy. I am so thankful that the public interview with Professor John Esposito of Georgetown University hosted by The New York Open Center has been rescheduled for Thursday 14th March (details here ).  I know Professor Esposito will ask fascinating, and challenging, questions.

I am also extremely thankful to Rev Cliff Cutler, Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, for inviting me to speak in his church on Sunday, March 17th at 2.00pm.  The event is free and all are welcome. Details here

You can also see details below of upcoming events in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, UK and Switzerland. I know other events in other countries are also being organised.

Blessings to you, your family and loved ones



julieahimsa 21st February 2013 10:54 am

In my twenties, I remember always praying for a spiritual epiphany. In Aug 1995, it happened but it's not exactly how I imagine it would be. Instead of being a peaceful experience, it was a rude, shocking awakening of my half-sleeping conscious. MY spiritual epiphany happened when I witnessed what happens to the animals we eat. It changed the way I viewed food and the way I eat. I had been keeping my head buried in the sand that stunted my growth from reaching my full compassionate/spiritual potential. Does your Soul approve of this?:

avalonmagic 21st February 2013 2:36 pm

Dear julieahimsa, thank you and God bless you.

My dearest wish is that there are more people like you, rejecting meat eating and also dairy and eventually fish.

My epiphany came last autumn when I was guided - to come across a talk given by Gary Yourofsky. ( The greatest speech you will ever hear. )

It was horrendous, horrific and sorely tested my faith in God. Until I realised God had guided me there.

It killed me to watch, but I endured it as the 'innocents' don't have any choice. Moreover he shows how there is more cruelty in a glass of milk, than even a plate of steak.
I became Vegan overnight.

Unexpectedly, what I didn't realise was the Health, Beauty, weight loss and allergy free benefits I am enjoying ever since. But that's a hidden bonus.

I now realise that eating animals is killing us physically, and soul-wise.

I wish more channels would speak out for the animals and help spread awareness.

Finally, in "Converations with God," God states that animals are highly evolved souls from another part of the universe.
WE are not worthy of them.

LordJesusChrist 22nd February 2013 3:22 am

The Good Force be with you!

Very nice message, Lorna! Thanks for sharing!
It is really good to count our blessings we receive from God and appreciate it with gratitude. Doing these things really make us happy.

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
:smitten: :) :coolsmiley :angel: :thumbs:


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