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It has been some time since I have written a newsletter and I just want to say welcome to everyone and let you know how much I love you and I do hope you enjoy this newsletter, I hope it is uplifting for you that it makes you smile and gives you hope.

Today I was out and about having different things to do I had asked Angel Hoses that I would love to see something today that would be uplifting for you all and I did and it was this beautiful elderly lady walking with one crutch. Angel Hosus told me as I was sitting in my car, and I had to stop to let two cars to come out of the car park and for the lights to change, I was to pay attention to the old lady, she was very beautiful. I must say and I love the colors she was dressed in, she was wearing these beautiful shoes and the color was crimson red that changed as the light hit them to purple and the beautiful coat she was wearing, the rich wine color set off by the green scarf was so elegant.

I watched her as she slowly crossed the road not using her crutch and suddenly the light of her guardian angel opened up behind her. Her guardian angel gave a female appearance but as you know angels are neither male or female but the one thing I loved about her guardian angel is that it was dressed in all the colors this elderly lady was wearing and it just said to me, she doesn't need her crutch only when she feels the footpath is uneven but here it's quite safe for her and of course she knows I'm here helping her too. It was lovely to know that this elderly lady was aware of her guardian angel. Her guardian angel was glowing and I loved the way this elderly lady was glowing too. I know I described the colours, but they were radiant and so was the lady’s eyes and her beautiful smile as she headed it to the bus stop.

I guess we all have to try our best to be aware of our guardian angel just as that elderly lady was and the other thing I noticed was that this elderly lady was fairly aware that she had the gift of life and was enjoying every moment. I guess that is something we all need to remind ourselves about too we too have the gift of life when we are out walking about or in our home or wherever it may be to enjoy every moment, to feel the air, the breeze, the rain, the cold, to see the flowers and the birds and any other little creature in nature today. I was out and about I was watching the little lambs in the fields. Springtime is full of life, full of new beginnings and that these new beginnings are for all of us here in the world today not just ourselves personally. It brings lots of blessings, lots of hope peace and unity and that love from our souls to pour out into the world for everything to be good for everyone and nature

I'm going on tour to England and I'm very excited about it. It will be my first tour to do I think in three years. I'm nervous as well but I'm looking forward to meeting all the people that will come to all of the events and to give them hope and to connect spiritually to their guardian Angel and to their own soul, to allow that connection to grow and to answer as many questions as I can and for that personal intimate contact with all those who come and the blessing for the healing that everyone  needs. I have started to see the tiniest little speck of light of hope in the world and I know it will continue to grow bigger and bigger. Hope is there, peace is there, love is there, compassion is there. We have a wonderful future let's bring lots of love and empathy into the world.

Love and Blessings, Lorna



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Lorna Byrne

Lorna Byrne has been seeing and talking to angels since she was a baby. With her family reared she decided to talk openly for the first time about what she has seen and learnt. This decision led to  her book Angels in my hair - first published in May 2008 - which has become an international bestseller. She lives quietly in rural Ireland.  

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