See the Good

Welcome all of my friends from around the world, I am sending you lots of love, healing and hope.

I know the world today is very challenging in many ways and we are all finding it hard to cope but I know we will find ways to cope, and I believe in all of you in fighting all of the challenges of life. We just need to have faith and hope and allow our hearts to be open. I know that God is there with us and all of the angels, even though at times we may feel they are not. If you feel unloved in any way or uncared for, remember your guardian angel loves you and treasures you and is helping you in every way possible, giving you the courage and the love you need. So call on your guardian angel and all of the angels. I know that God has them in our world to help us.

Today, I would love you to allow yourself to see all the blessings and the good things that are in your life and maybe as you go for a walk, stop, and enjoy the pleasure of all that you see around you.

Early in the morning when I went for a walk it was a little chilly and the wind was blowing. I had my hat pulled down over my ears but the next minute an angel pulled at my hat and said, hello Lorna. As I came up to a gate the angel said stop. I looked into the field and saw sheep with little lambs, they were all lying down and then an angel appeared beside a mother sheep and her four little lamps that were sitting around her. The angel raised its arms up into the air and the little lambs all stood up and started running about and jumping in the air. It made me laugh, it filled me with joy to see these little lambs having fun. I thanked the angel and the angel that had pulled at my hat and said hello and I guess the message and what happened to me that morning was to take pleasure out of as many moments of the day as you can. To see the good.  

Remember your guardian angel, it's always helping to cheer you up, holding that beautiful light in front of you, no matter what is happening in your life.

Your guardian angel wants to remind you today not to forget to love yourself a little bit more and let that love, that spark of light your soul that is inside of you shine forth, then let it come back upon you and embrace you yourself in love. Giving you the power to love you and to love others, sending that love, that pure love out into the world.

I always ask God to help people all around the world to do this regardless of their beliefs. I guess many of us forget that God is real and that we all have a soul. We are all brothers and sisters; we are all God's children.

I give you all my prayers, healing and love and blessings,



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Lorna Byrne

Lorna Byrne has been seeing and talking to angels since she was a baby. With her family reared she decided to talk openly for the first time about what she has seen and learnt. This decision led to  her book Angels in my hair - first published in May 2008 - which has become an international bestseller. She lives quietly in rural Ireland.  

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