Seven Things The Angels would Like You to Know this Christmas

Don’t believe in angels? What would you lose by suspending your disbelief for Christmas?

If you feel cynical or disbelieving about the whole idea of angels, why not give yourself a little Christmas present and suspend your disbelief for the season. The angels ask that everyone try and open up to the possibility that there is more to this life than the material – even just for 24 hours this Christmas. What have you got to lose?

No matter how lonely you may feel – you are never alone. Your guardian angel never leaves you, not for a minute; it is with you from before you are conceived and stays with you until after you are dead. It never leaves you, so no matter how alone you may feel you are never alone.

It is the gatekeeper of your soul. Regardless of your religion or lack of any belief, regardless of whether you believe in angels or not, your guardian angel is there beside you waiting for you to ask for its help. You’re precious to it, you’re its number one … it has to do everything it can for you, and it will. All you have to do is ask.

The angel’s have a gift for you this Christmas

Every Christmas, from the time that I was a child, I have seen thousands of angels flying over houses dropping balls of lights into each and every home. When this happens I would see an explosion of light that would fill every nook and cranny of the house, lighting up the brickwork and the cement in between. I always wondered why this was but it’s only in recent years that the angels have explained to me what they are doing. They have told me that they are helping adults to connect with their memories of Heaven. In the presence of young children we often feel their sense of wonder – particularly at Christmas. Young children have recently come from God from Heaven, and are full of love and true spiritual feeling. All of us adults carry these memories inside us, though they may be hidden for most of the year.
Then, at Christmas, we may be afforded a glimpse of something more. At Christmas time millions of a special kind of angel streams into our world, into every home helping to lighten the darkness, and to fill every heart with hope.

You are a messenger for the angels this Christmas

Angels sometimes ask us to deliver messages for them. Suddenly you feel you should ring someone or maybe walking through the park you suddenly feel you should smile at a stranger, or engage them in conversation. It may seem a small or a rather silly thing for you to do but it may be that for this person it is a sign of hope, a message from their angel. As trivial as it seems to you, it may be very important to them. We are the angels’ messengers and at times it can be hard for the angels to deliver messages or give signs as so often we are reluctant to pass them on.

Remember strangers give you messages from your angels too. Sometimes someone – it could be a shop assistant, a bus driver, a neighbor’s child – says something to you, and you react deeply. It might feel like a sign of encouragement or hope, or like something that someone you love, who is not around anymore, would have said. Listen. Don’t doubt your feelings. Don’t dismiss these precious moments and fail to acknowledge them.

Don’t let anyone be on their own this Christmas

We need to listen to God’s angels, who are telling us not to let anyone feel alone or unloved this Christmas. Each and every one of us needs to let those around us know that we love and care for them. The angels are telling me that at Christmas time it’s particularly important to make people feel included – to invite them in for a cup of tea, or to give them a little gift.

The best present you can give anyone is love

The angels are telling me that we have become too wrapped up in materialism; many people have started to believe that money can buy love and happiness. It can’t! It’s time for us to have a re-think about how we use money at Christmas. God wants us to have the material things that allow us to live life to the full. But he doesn’t want us to fall into the trap of thinking that’s all that this life is about. There is abundance and plenty to go around, but we need to remember that there is more to life than this. The truth is that the best present you can give anyone is love; love is a gift that is priceless. So show more love this Christmas. Often small gestures made with love – are more significant than big gifts.

Take the time to enjoy this Christmas

In today’s world we rush around a lot, but the angels tell me that in doing so, we often forget what life is really about. Life is not just about work, hurrying and deadlines. We need to stop for a moment and see the beauty in people around us and allow the goodness of people to penetrate our lives. We need time to sit down and have relaxed conversation with family and friends, with people who we may not know well and sometimes with complete strangers. We
need to take the time to realize how lucky we are to be alive.

This Christmas, instead of rushing around trying to make everything perfect why not take the time to become more human again, to try and have a little more compassion for yourself and for everything around you, to reconnect with your feelings. Take the time to enjoy the precious moments of your life – moments that are literally priceless gifts.

A Christmas Prayer of Hope

My God

I ask you this Christmas for the gift of the Angel of Hope

to come into my life,

into the lives of those I love,

and into the lives of everyone in the world

in need of hope at this time.




starlightseeds 24th December 2012 9:58 am

Hi Lorna and dear other lightworkers,

I just came back from Christmas missa of church,(my country Japan time is earlier so we already in Christmas day) that is wonderful and I was with Archangel Gabriel at that missa
,and I read your message at home.
Thank you for your beautiful angelic message at this timing

I've been with angels, thousands of angels from my childhood, and at last I got to be a healer who do many angelic energy works with angels
so angels are very normal friends, almost family for me

I hope more and more people could find the inner connection with angels, and worlds get to be more peaceful with angels

with angelic love and lights, with AA Gabriel,

k 24th December 2012 5:13 pm

Thank you for reminding me that I am number one on my Higher Self's list. I can not always sense my HS, but this reminder will keep me striving for the higher worlds. They say that a drowning person reveiws their entire life before going down for the third time. I can look back and see how the darkness in this dimension has worked to make me feel insignificant. This is why I came to understand over a year ago, that we can not look for validation outside of oursleves. We cannot look for love in this world, we have to reach to the higher worlds where our HS puts us as number one on their list. No one will put us as the most important thing in their lives in this dimension. What serves their ego, will always come first. This has caused me a lot of pain in this life time, to know those that I would want to love me, can not love anyone. This is a dark dimension and in my solitude I strive ever onward to the higher worlds in a simple life where the bird that flies into my house if I leave the door open and hangs outside my HS letting me know he is there. The simple things :)

k 24th December 2012 5:29 pm

Yes, I wish the veil would thin and I would have the comfort of being with my beloved Bo again. It is interesting how animals are able to love so much more than humans, but I guess they do not have the ego to deal with. Understanding that the human forms I percieve are actually elementals that do not have a soul, is helping understand my world. As the Sultan Valad wrote "she looked like a soul, but does not deserve the name". Maybe those who have souls are supposed to help the elementals and change how they work in this dimension. But, for me, I am fed up. The forces in this world have worked to defeat me, they have hurt me, hated me, abused me and in the process, they have alienated me. How can you love something that keeps stabbing you in the back? How can even a pure soul, love something that takes and takes, hates and hates, and has only the desire to defeat you? So, if this dimension goes up in flames, I will go on, but the elementals will not...maybe that would be a good thing.

k 24th December 2012 5:48 pm

Elementals that would like us to believe we attract what we are and if we have a difficult life, it is because we are flawed and just are not able to manifest good into our lives. That we can not share or we are possessive because we are not willing to be 7th or 8th on a list of what they they value. We are unworthy to be first and we are insignificant and selfish if we would expect to be on the top of their list. Elementals that come and ask for more and more material items and play on our pity to get what they want and to control us. They are not able to love, they have only one life, they do not go on forever like those who have souls and this is the reason they hate those who do have souls and want to defeat them. Insane...well maybe I am not..what I purpose is in the occult knowledge. If it does not give you love...pass it by, it is an elemental that does not have the ability to love.

Mauri 24th December 2012 6:23 pm


Thank you so much for this beautiful message of hope and inspiration. I remembered immediately and felt a difference in my heart.

Blessings for a beautiful Holiday Season.


k 24th December 2012 7:38 pm

Yes, thank you Lorna and especially thank you Mauri for the services of spiritlibrary over these many years.

Even in my wickedness, I truly hope all has a blessed holiday. I think my time on earth is at an end and for that I will be very grateful. I appreciate the many messages posted on spiritlibrary, some were of the truth, some were deceptive, but we each have to decide for ourselves what we know is true and what is not. Spiritlibrary has been an important part of my life as I have struggled in this dimension. I am very grateful.

k 24th December 2012 11:00 pm

Spring makes red and white flowers appear on the trees,
But the spring that is the origin of colors is colorless.

Understand what I have said, and give up all talk;
Run to the Origin without color and unite yourself to it.

Annihilate yourself before the One Existence
So that thousands of worlds leap out of you

And your pure existence flames out of itself
And goes on and on birthing different forms.

Of course, none of these forms will last.
Happy is the one who knows this mystery!

Happy is he who gives his life to know this!
He leaves this house for another far more radiant.

You cannot understand this mystery through reason;
The Way to Knowledge winds through suffering and torment.

If you do not feel pain, you do not look for healing.
The soul that does not live in God is not alive.

She seems like a soul, but does not deserve the name:
She has not been made alive by the Beloved.

The soul is given life by the four-elements
Like a lamp that burns through the night:

The light is from oil and wick, it is not eternal

k 24th December 2012 11:06 pm

While the oil exists, the lamp burns, but then goes out.

The one made alive by God will never die.
He lives through God and not through gold or bread.

God is the Light, the Eternal Source of Lights.
The Light is causeless, as is His fiery radiance.

Like gold, God’s value comes from His pure, perfect essence.

- Sultan Valad

From: Perfume of the Desert – Inspirations from Sufi Wisdom

Edited: Andrew Harvey and Eryk Hanut


Sufi Poets


I think I am ready for another adventure....another illusion. This one has not been very much fun. Maybe the next one will be better. But, this rage will keep anything that is not pure out of my dream. I will not have much tolerance for darkness, I will end the physical if necessary. I have had enough.

IC2ITUC 24th December 2012 11:59 pm

Good God K !!!! What are you on? In a minute, I'm going to pour myself ONE glass of special Christmas wine. I hope you raise up your vibrations and feel better, worthy, and loved, BECAUSE YOU ARE! I have prayed for you a number of times after reading your posts, sensing your pain, and I have never met you! There are many other SL readers who have probably prayed for you also, sending their love to you. Have a blessed CHRISTmas, Light and Love, Alan

Spirit Library 25th December 2012 7:40 am

Thank You K, for you lovely words. We are so glad to know we have been helpful to you somehow. Please, know that you are never alone and here we are to wish you a serene Christmas. You are blessed and loved, remember that. Do not look at the darkness, turn the other cheek and look at the light, your own light, that is the only truth. Merry Christmas K.

With love,

Mariù & Ben

Rainbow Princess 27th December 2012 10:42 am

:angel: :smitten:

Conni99 27th December 2012 12:34 pm

Hello K - it sounds as if you are ready to take your own life. It is my belief that if you DO take your own life, where you go won't be so pleasant. Oh, it won't be hell, but it WILL not be nice. You have thrown away what you were given - LIFE. At this moment, you are still here. but if you end it, another "illusion" will start, and you will wish you finished what you started here. Where do you think you'll go? A beautiful place where you feel no pain?

You are feeling the illusion of pain - why don't you turn that pain around? You are very intelligent, and it seems to me that you have that ability. I do believe suicide is a coward's way out. I am sorry to say that K. it's also incredibly selfish. You don't think about who you leave behind. What about their pain?

I am going to recommend a book for you - "The Time Keeper." You should read it. It's by Mitch Albom - it's short and easy to read, and it will give you hope. Depression is temporary - suicide is permanent. I hope you read this message. Peace to you K.


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