You Chose Your Mother - A Message for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a time for all of us - those of us who are still lucky enough to have our mothers with us, and those of us who have mothers in heaven - to honour our mothers.  Don’t let this opportunity to acknowledge your mother, at least in a small way go past.

I know Mother’s Day isn’t in March in all countries – but if it isn’t Mother’s Day where you live perhaps take this newsletter as an extra opportunity to remember all your mum has done for you.

We each chose our mothers before we came from heaven – and we did so knowing that they weren’t perfect. When I see a pregnant woman I am often told by the angels of how this baby chose this mother. Most importantly I am told of the unconditional love that this baby has for its mother.

Over time many of us forget how to love our mothers unconditionally. No mother is perfect – but none of us are perfect either, it’s important to appreciate that your mother did the best she could.

The Angel of Mother’s Love is here to help us to remember both the unconditional love we all felt for the mothers we ourselves chose and to remind us of the comfort of a mother’s love.

I described The Angel of Mother’s Love in Angels in my Hair but let me tell you about her again. She is an angel that looks very different to any other – and unlike most angels she is able to give wonderful hugs!

The Angels of Mother’s Love is round like the sun and enormous in size, she is big huggable and beautiful. Her wings are wrapped around her but open out, a little like a mother hen. Her arms are always ready to embrace you in a big hug. Her colouring mingles cream and white, with a hint of pink. She is translucent and you can see a very bright light reflecting from within her, but you cannot see through her.

Her face radiates love, her eyes are big like saucers, sparkling with the light of a mother’s love and she has wonderful soft curls of creamy white hair. She radiates love all the time; she is so huggable that you want to fall into her arms and hug her, and be hugged by her.

No matter how much love you receive from your own mother, this angel always enhances a mother’s love and helps you to remember the unconditional love you had for your own mother before you are born. This angel helps us to remember that our mothers need our love too.

Adopted mothers are chosen as well – sometimes a baby will chose more than one mother knowing things that might happen, where another mother will be needed. 

If your mother is no longer on this earth the Angel of Mother’s Love is there to console and comfort you – to help you to feel your mother’s love. Your guardian angel can of course allow the soul of your mother to come and be with you when you need her. Have no doubts that if you think of your mother this mother’s day then she will be there with you.

At any time when you feel in need of the comfort of a mother’s love you can ask the Angel of Mother’s Love for help.

About Parenting

Parenting is the hardest job in the world, and people are not trained or prepared for it. Many mothers were never shown love themselves as a child and didn’t know how to show it in turn to their own children. You though have the chance to show love to your mother and acknowledge a job well done.

Many people who have read Angels in my hair have asked me about my relationship with my mother – a relationship that at times was very difficult. I tell them I love her dearly. As a small child the angels helped me to understand where my mother was coming from, how she had been brought up. The angels always told me that my mother knew no better and helped me to understand what was going on.  I love my mother dearly regardless –I chose my mother and am very glad I chose her.

The chapter of my new book A Message of Hope from the Angels  that has got the biggest response is the one called Parenting is the most important job in the world.

Many people have having read this chapter  they are now looking at their mothers differently, that they are delighted that they have chosen them as their mother and realize that they chose the best. One woman said to me that knowing she had chosen her mother has helped her forget and forgive things that had happened in the past   – and has cemented her relationship with her mom.

Lots of mothers are saying to me that they can’t believe that their children chose them. They are overjoyed that they were chosen - often adding “I’m not good enough”. I have met parents with children with disabilities who have told me how overwhelmed they are at the idea that their children chose them; they are very proud that they did.

This Mothers Day I would like to make as many people as possible aware that they chose their mothers, that being a mother is the most important job in the world, and at times the most difficult. This mother’s day I’d love to see more mothers than ever being acknowledged for the great work they did and do.

I can’t do this on my own though so I would ask you to play your part. You can share this message, or this video.

Blessing to all of you wherever in the world you may be



KT 16th March 2012 9:28 am

Hi Lorna,
I was just wondering have you ever seen any Angels that were not White with blonde hair, have you for example seen a Black Angel or Indian or any other ethnicity other than White? I always find this strange that Angels are always White, when God's world is multi cultural and so ethnically diverse!!

Peg D. 18th March 2012 1:50 pm

I think it is about time we balanced the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves. Being a mother is not the most important job. This sacred time is about bringing in more of the feminine energies to balance with the masculine. Both are sacred. Once this is balanced, we all will be able to make our ascension into unity. We need to look to our fifth dimensional earth and what that will be like, not get stuck in past nostalgia. Please do not take me as cold. I love my mother from my fifth dimensional higher heart, not because I should just because she gave birth to me. We have a holy sacred mission of going into our own hearts and ascending into our light bodies.


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