Connections, Cooperation and Co-Existence: November's Scorpio New Moon

If the first person who answers the phone cannot answer your question it's a bureaucracy. If the first person can answer your question, it's a miracle.Gerald F. Lieberman

That's an amazing invention [the telephone], but who would ever want to use one of them? Rutherford B. Hayes (US president)

Well, if this is the wrong number, why did you answer it? James Thurber

I waited and waited and when no message came I knew it must have been from you. Steven Wright

Gossip is nature's telephone. Sholom Aleichem

I've suffered from all of the hang-ups known, and none is as bad as the telephone. Richard Armour

The noun CONNECTION has 9 senses:

1. a relation between things or events (as in the case of one causing the other or sharing features with it)
2. the state of being connected
3. an instrumentality that connects
4. (usually plural) a person who is influential and to whom you are connected in some way (as by family or friendship)
5. the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination
6. a connecting shape
7. a supplier (especially of narcotics)
8. shifting from one form of transportation to another
9. the act of bringing two things into contact (especially for communication)


  November's Scorpio new Moon, falling on November 6, is one of communications, connections, making new contacts and renewing contacts with people from the past. The Sabian Symbol is Scorpio 14: Telephone Linesmen At Work Installing New Connections. From my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom:

Commentary: ‘Telephone Linemen at Work Installing New Connections’ shows people working and concentrating on laying the ‘Lines’ for ‘Connections’ so that people may communicate with each other easily and effectively. They are laying cables to allow for the smooth functioning of the ‘Telephone’ system. They have a clear understanding of how the equipment works and how necessary and valuable it is to enable people to link up with each other.

Oracle: This Symbol reflects an increase in the forms of communication that you can have access to, or that you have more communications coming to you. You may find that there has been a failure in communicating your thoughts, ideas or emotions lately. Something is being (or needs to be) done or laid down, in order to solve, repair or patch up the situation. There is nothing to be achieved by worrying about any recent “connection” failures, however something should be done to set about making or repairing the necessary ‘Lines’ of communication. Sometimes advice and help must be called on for all to be resolved. This may need to be expert advice, but it can also be gathered from your own common sense. This can symbolize expansion into areas like the Internet, faxes or business lines. It can also represent the spiritual connection to the “other side”, even channeling. Sometimes, however, in the ‘Installing of New Connections’ problems of crossed-lines occur. It’s important to listen for the real truth in the communications that are being made, not to all the faint chitchat that surrounds what’s being said. Networking and new lines of communications often open up after this Symbol is revealed.

Keywords: Acupuncture and other therapies that work on the body’s meridians. The nervous system. The Internet. Forming new lines of communication. New connections taking place. Linking people up. Making sure that messages get through. Mobile phones, faxes, email. Networks and networking. Switchboards. Satellites. Wires. The ability to reach far distances. Getting on other peoples’ wavelengths.

Contacts. Hooking up with the system. UFO experiences. Mobile phones.The Caution: Failing to see the necessity for repairs to personal communication. Becoming involved in other people’s lives. Gossip. News, thoughts and ideas spreading rapidly and getting out of control. Constant chatting. Being fickle. Sabotage. Engaged signals.

This new Moon is a direct reflection of the current Venus retrograde. Click here to read about what's going on through the agency of Venus. Venus went retrograde on this degree, bringing up the need for installing new connections and renewing old ones. 

The message from Venus is one of observing life, meeting up with folks from varying and different countries, cultures, beliefs and walks of life. People pop up from the past with Venus retrograde and Venus has moved backwards through Scorpio from Scorpio 14 - the Telephone Linesmen - to Scorpio 1: Tourists On A Sightseeing Bus. Some keywords and cautions for this degree -

Keywords: Observing life. Feeling disconnected from reality. UFO’s and aliens. Seeing how other people live. Watching from afar. Tourists, traveling, buses. Suitcases and luggage. Cameras, pictures, souvenirs. Tour guides. Timing and being on time. The untried and untrodden or the same old road. Getting lost in something for hours. Foreign territories. New ways of seeing.

The Caution: Feelings of naivety and gullibility. Feeling like an alien even in familiar surroundings. Making assumptions about others’ lives. Not fitting in. Expecting things without any personal expenditure or effort. Getting out of one’s depth. Having difficulty calling one’s own agenda. Separation anxiety. Inability to concentrate.

Do you perhaps feel like a spectator - even in your own life? Are you watching from the sidelines (from the bus) as life brings you so many things to observe, learn, integrate and digest? Are you truly participating?

Soon after the new Moon, Venus will slip back into Libra, further bringing up relationship issues. Venus' retrograde sojourn into Libra is likely to sort out many things that have been hanging in the wind. 

 Meanwhile, Mars is on a wonderful degree, but it is Mars, so for some there may be a bit of longing, passion, angst or impatience around issues to do with love. Indeed, love may come knocking on your door. The Sabian Symbol is Sagittarius 7: Cupid Knocking At The Door Of A Human Heart. Keywords include:

Keywords: Respectful invitation of love. Seeing purity of motive. Fear of commitment. Fear of romance. A key or an arrow. Cupids and cherubs. Unlocking the heart. One-pointed, focused energy, which can become obsessive. Softening one’s boundaries. Cupid’s bow. The need to lighten up one’s approach to others.

The Caution: Waiting instead of taking the initiative. Rejecting love or emotion for fear of losing independence. Keeping up a strong, brave, severe face when one could be loosening up and enjoying another. Barriers and defenses around the heart. Seeing potential lovers in everyone. Being attracted to those you wouldn’t normally notice. Frigid responses.

Many people could find themselves in new territory, with Venus on the Tourist degree and Mercury on Scorpio 26: American Indians Making Camp In New Territory. What new territory have you found yourself in? What new territory are you aiming for? Are you moving on or settling in? My keywords for this Symbol:

Keywords: Settling in. Walk-ins. Having to learn the rules of being in a new environment. The need for freedom to live one’s life as one wants. Concerns with territory. Immigration. Migration across countries. Gathering things together for family and community needs. Tents. Shelter. Co-habitation. Revering and protecting the environment. Setting up camp. Going walkabout. Squatters. Respecting boundaries. Reservations.

The Caution: Moving into or invading other's territory. Putting up with things when one should move on. Feeling invaded. Kicking people out because they don’t fit in or don’t belong. Segregation on grounds of color, race or religion. Compromising other's living space. Arriving unannounced. Barging in. Attack and invasion.

Jupiter brings messages of having to live with others, or living by one's self, sharing your space versus having enough space for yourself. The Sabian Symbol is Pisces 24: The Tiny Island Seems Lost In The Broad Ocean, But It's Happy Inhabitants Have Created A World All Their Own. This degree can show people packed liked sardines together but it can also show how some don't want to cohabitate; preferring to live life as their own 'Island'. Jupiter can bring expansion but as it, too, is retrograde, it could be shining a light on the question of who you share your personal space with. (With all these degrees, perhaps it's time to take a holiday :) )

Going for one's objective seems to be the main aim. Pluto and the Moon's north node (both strong karmic points) are together on Capricorn 4: A Group Of People Entering A Canoe For A Journey By Water. The trick seems to be to pull together, get a cohesive effort and make things happen by heading in the same direction - or, choosing a direction that leaves others behind in order to find those friends, partners and compatriots that you more fully resonate with. 

David and Goliath stories seem to be around with the Moon's south node (a strong karmic point) on Cancer 4: A Cat Arguing With A Mouse. This degree brings up issues of standing up for one's self, questioning established power structures, looking out for one's best interests (and the need for it), power trips, unfair battles, aggressively taking advantage of people. There can be bickering with this degree and arguments that are time-wasting or useless. The message of the north node (rowing together) is the way forward...

These degrees all reflect an issue that's been investigated by the 4 Corners program in Australia. Aired on November 1 in Australia, 4 Corners revealed how telephone companies in Australia are ripping off customers everywhere with false deals and scams. It beggars belief how large scale and fraudulent these telephone companies are. I hope that Venus retrograde brings their enormously questionable tactics to light. Whole towns are being bankrupted by these telephone companies. Click here to view the program. 


blue_rose 6th November 2010 1:54 am

Thank you for these helpful connections. I see these energies very present in my life right now. A new love has come knocking at my door. I also have not had a cell phone for a couple months and now I will be reconnected shortly. Almost everything else applies as well, if not in my life than in those around me! Thank you for bringing clarity to the patterns around me and an understanding of their cosmic order.

Unconditional blessings of Love,
Amanda Blue Rose


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