Finding Your Center and Rising To The Occasion: December's Sagittarius New Moon

Thoughts and emotions are only momentary. Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare the truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. ~ Lewis Morris

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. Japanese Proverb

Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it. ~ Pericles

There should be an Emperor Fabulous, don’t you think? ~ Eddie Izzard

Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the getting-in the trying, not the triumph, Success is a personal standard-reaching for the highest that is in us-becoming all that we can be. ~ Zig Ziglar

The chasm between the principles upon which this Government was founded, in which it still professes to believe, and those which are daily practiced under the protection of the flag, yawn wide and deep. Mary Church Terrell

December's Sagittarius new Moon falls on December 2 in the United States and December 3 in Australia. This is bound to be a very interesting new Moon, with Uranus trining it, bringing the desire or a much-needed sense of freedom and creativity. However, there is a strong 'military' flavor to this lunation. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things head in the right direction towards more peace rather than towards the alternative. Chiron is also squaring this new Moon, so we may need to examine what needs to be healed and to set about doing it. 

Occuring at 10.59 Sagittarius, the new moon falls on the very last minute of Sagittarius 11, which means that the actual degree is truly energetically Sagittarius 12. Quoting from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom: 

Sagittarius 12: A Flag Turns into an Eagle; the Eagle into a Chanticleer Saluting the Dawn.

Although symbols stretch across time and space with their own vibrations, this image is a particularly American one. To quote Dane Rudhyar from his book ‘An Astrological Mandala’: “The ‘Flag’ is the abstract symbol of the nation; it becomes an “eagle”- another U.S. symbol - when the concept is made alive by bold and transcendent action.

The ‘Eagle’ symbolizes spiritual will and the power to rise to the highest possible altitude of consciousness and purpose. Flying at such an altitude, the ‘Eagle’ is the first living creature to perceive the rising sun. Having perceived it, it heralds it-and by so doing is identified with the crowing ‘Chanticleer’, who had convinced himself that his resonant cry was responsible for the rise of the sun and the coming of the new day”.

This is a time when our highest ideals can be felt deeply and proudly and as an expression of spiritual purity all the way to pride in our selves and our nation. You may find that you are moved to burst forth with expressions or declarations of your higher self. Any issue that is really worthwhile and “centered” will be seen and heard in the clear light of day. However, you may need to be wary of forcing your opinions on others, especially on those who disagree or have a different view of things.

Although it may be difficult to restrain the forward momentum contained here, there’s a need to be cautious of going overboard with enthusiasm in the company of others. This can alienate people and cause distrust. Having said that, if there has been something you’ve wanted to do or say but have felt held back, now is probably the time to go for it. The ‘Dawn’ reveals that a new day and the possibility of a new life is coming, and with it ideals that have to be allowed to be spoken and expressed in life.

Keywords: Declared idealism. Trumpeting ideals. National pride. Peak experiences. Flags. Symbols of strength, unity and power. Truths. The pomp and ceremony of big political displays. Issues of nationhood. Issues of world domination. Elevated views and elevated perspectives. Forceful voices. Reaching for the highest plane. Nobility and pride. Successful outcomes. National anthems. New empires. Messages from the president.

The Caution: Assuming one is right only because of might or power or because one can say it the loudest. Propaganda. Lording it over others. Seeing other “nations” as being lesser. Loud voices. Bullying.

The Karmic Condition (the degree before) is Sagittarius 11: In The Left Section Of An Archaic Temple, A Lamp Burns In A Container Shaped Like A Human Body. This Symbol reminds us to look after our bodies and to see our selves as our 'temples'.

Keywords: Connecting the left and right sides. Working out, physical fitness and exercise. Yoga. Grounding reality. Sexuality. Realizing that body is the same as spirit. Remembering to be in the body. Light workers. The acceptance of the body and its functions. Sport and its physical rewards. Metabolic rates.

The Caution: Worshiping the body at the expense of the psyche or spirit. Concentrating exclusively on physical desires and needs. Rationalizing intuitive thought until it is rejected. Needing actual physical evidence to accept anything. Being caught up in the illusion of the body, the “physical self”.

The ruler of this Sagittarius new Moon is Jupiter. Jupiter is onCancer 20: Venetian Gondoliers In A Serenade. This Symbol speaks of knowing how to use one's voice, words, ideas, music, etc, to 'romance the other' or to get a desired result. The trick is knowing what to believe, what to ignore perhaps or what to see through as manipulation or propaganda. Romance can be a big part of it, and that can be rewarding on so many levels, but this can also speak of trying to get ones way through saying whatever needs to be said to fulfill an agenda. 

Keywords: Romantic fantasy. Singing and music. Performance. Public speaking. Impressing people with joy, romance, fun and the wonder of life. Venusian displays. Issues of the truth. Ease of communicating. Working to win people over. Appealing to the beloved. Elegance. Floating on the emotions. Festive atmospheres. Nostalgia. Boats. Water.

The Caution: Insincere charades. Retreating into one’s self. Saying whatever it takes to get what one wants. Superficial displays. The delusion of being beyond criticism. Emotional manipulation. Sucking up to others. Misplaced trust. Competing for affections or attention. Losing one’s self.

Lillith is exactly conjunct Jupiter on the 'serenading' degree, bringing an even stronger imperative to be real, to drop the farce, to bring more depth to one's interactions with others and relationships. An emphasis on the feminine may be felt and issues to do with women may arise, such as women's rights, abortion, etc. It may be that women's voices need to be heard more, especially in the halls of power. 

Mercury is on Scorpio 27: A Military Band Marches Noisily On Through The City Streets.  

Keywords: Making music to rouse people from complacency. Noisy announcements. Demanding attention. Trumpeting achievements. Reminders from the authorities that individuals are often not in charge. Celebrations of past battles. Corporate advertising. Peace rallies or war marches. Marching and drills. Precision movements.

The Caution: A lot of volume that can be too pompous. So much volume that the true message gets lost. Demanding to be heard. Banging one’s drum, even when others might be unresponsive or not want to hear. Blaring announcements. Warnings to others to follow orders or to be complicit. Big ego displays. Propaganda. Threats to peace.

Mars is sextile Mercury, which highlights the energies of both planets, especially as they are in mutual reception (Mercury rules Virgo and Mars is the secondary ruler of Scorpio).

Mars is also on a rather 'militaristic' degree - Virgo 28: A Baldheaded Man In Uniform Has Seized Power. This can show the need to front up, take control and make decisions for one self or others. On the other hand, it can indicate bullies taking over people's lives and pushing them around. It will be interesting to see what headlines and stories develop from this mixture of planets. 

All I want is a warm bed and a kind word, and unlimited power. ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

All violence, all that is dreary and repels, is not power, but the absence of power. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Keywords: Dominating other’s mental space. Male hormones running rampant. Issues to do with hair. Ponytails. The story of Samson and his hair. Taking positions of power. Uniforms. Demanding others follow one’s lead. Strutting one’s stuff. “Wearing the pants in the family”. The ability to direct and organize many people. Letting others express their opinions or have a say in things. Domination. The Government. The Military. Decisions based on logic.

The Caution: Pushing too hard or fast. Ramming one’s convictions. Being unkind and bossy. Putting on a show because one’s in uniform. Power tripping. Being cruel and domineering. Lording it over others. Being opportunistic. Corruption. Misuse of power. Bullying. Big business calling the shots. Domestic violence. Taking charge because one can. Strict rules to live your life by. Taking over.

In the days leading up to this new Moon, Venus and Jupiter are opposite each other. This can bring about a feeling of having "overdone things" - taking on too much, spending too much money, staying up too late, saying too much, being too generous and whatever; there is a feeling of having now to cut back and stop any further expansion or leakage of energies. Venus in Capricorn suggests a time of being more circumspect, cautious and thinking things through, but with the opposition of Jupiter in Cancer, there may be have been too much engine thrust lately, but now it's time for some more sober analysis of what's happened lately. Curiously, Venus continues the military theme.

Venus is on Capricorn 23: A Soldier Winning Two Awards For Bravery In Combat. This degree can show the need to congratulate others (or ourselves), to give a pat on the back, to acknowledge that one has come through trials and tribulations and somehow come out victorious. It can also show the fatuous back slapping that comes about from favouritism and cronyism and it can be counter productive to reaching the truth about what truly has gone on. Venus is slowing down to go retrograde around December 21-22 and it will retrograde back over this degree, bringing up the issues associated with it once again. (There will be more on Venus' retrograde period in another newsletter). 

Keywords: Desperate striving for recognition. Rewards coming for involvement in tough situations. Medals and trophies. Tributes, acknowledgments and benefits given or showered. Award ceremonies. Posthumous awards.. Giving thanks. Compensation. Insurance and legal claims. Recompense for taking action.

The Caution: ‘Awards’ as Band-Aids to assuage guilt produced in war. Expecting money or other rewards for doing anything that one doesn’t want to. The ills, social and otherwise, of combat fighting. Neurotic seeking of praise or acknowledgment. Rejection lines. Bribery.

Try to get all of your posthumous medals in advance. Anon

Adding fuel to the military theme is the Karmic Condition (the degree before) of Venus. It's Capricorn 22: A General Revealing Nobility Of Character Accepting Defeat Gracefully. This talks about handling somewhat difficult (sometimes very difficult) situations with care and caution and maintaining a dignified response while things may be falling apart or going haywire. Difficult diplomatic situations may arise, especially as the last new Moon was in Scorpio and it was a solar eclpse on The Embassy Ball degree. There has been a lot of interesting things going on diplomatically between leaders and nations and nationalities. On a personal level, this can indicate the need to remember when our problems are truly just 'first-world problems' - generally they are not that dire (although it may at times feel that way). 

Keywords: True inner worth. Being a “good loser”. Learning that every minor skirmish in life is not a major ‘Defeat’. Being prepared to start again. Sacrificing things for the benefit of others. Nobility of character. Letting go of the “charge” around anger. Surrendering.

The Caution: Being a “bad loser”. Feeling everything is going to come out badly. Reliance on self-limitations. Seeing the negative in everything. Losing what’s been worked for. Making excuses to get out of tight situations. Betrayal and loss. Loss of support. Surrendering too early. Giving up on life.

Saturn in Scorpio seems to be bringing a sense of slowing down, smelling the roses and taking a second look at things. Saturn is onScorpio 18: A Quiet Path Through Woods Brilliant In Autumn Coloring. 

What was is not and never again will be; what is is change. ~ Edwin Way Teale

Keywords: Rewards of plenty. Transformations through the different seasons of one’s life. Overcoming battles and disappointments, and finding peace. Layers of personality issues flaking off with maturity. Gardens, sometimes off the beaten track. Taking time out to reflect on nature. Walks. The feeling of change in the air. Mature and elegant responses. Warm. Rich colors. Memories and memoirs. Taking life one day at a time. Overcoming loss through positive attitudes.

The Caution: Being too late for the harvest. Concentrating on the past. Being oblivious to nature’s beauty. Resisting the flow of the seasons.

Uranus is on Aries 9: A Seer Gazes Intently Into A Crystal Ball Before Him. This speaks of being able to see 'into' situations, to be able to analyse, perhaps predict, but certainly to be able to pick up on the energies that are buzzing around. It can be a Symbol of intentional scrutinizing or making use of the signs and signals in the air. It is very much a degree of paying attention. 

Keywords: Flashes of inspiration. Tuning in and looking within for answers. Creative visualizations. Aura readings. Cutting through irrelevant messages. Looking carefully at structure. Seeking perfection. Clairvoyance. Illumination and deep insights. Looking ahead to see the signs.

The Caution: Confused by literal meanings. Not seeing the symbolic message. Always looking this way and that, not at the center. Getting lost in the big picture. Daydreaming and ignoring what’s really going on. Obsessing over what may happen. Needing to know what’s coming up. Being impatient.

Neptune is on Pisces 3: A Petrified Forest, An Eternal Record Of A Life Lived Long Ago. 

Keywords: Remnants from the past. Stillness. Agelessness. Plastic surgery. Being able to withstand life’s storms. Resilience. Crystals, diamonds, gemstones. Beauty that remains ageless. Wood and lacquered wood. Coal, oil and petrochemicals. Diets. Dependability. Family histories. Keeping records. Amber. Fossils. Geology. Archeology. Ancient remnants. Mental and emotional filing cabinets. Lingering evidence. Petrified wood. Photographs and photography. Stones. Stone monuments.

The Caution: Rigidity, immobility, inflexibility. Being frozen. Not letting go of difficulties. Hanging on for grim death. Feeling stuck or frozen. Destroying things that are old. Severing links to the past. Keeping tabs. Memories that destroy the present. 

Pluto is on Capricorn 11: Pheasants Display Their Brilliant Colors On A Private Estate

He enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul’s estate. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Keywords: Glorious houses and estates. Lawns and gardens. Statues and birdbaths. Peacocks, pheasants, swans, etc. Enjoying the riches the environment offers. Large plots of land. Nature reserves. Game birds. Aristocracy and the ruling elite. Beauty, elegance and grace. Fabulous displays of color. Parks.

The Caution: Foolish disregard of pending danger. Feeling that one has to be “on parade” or else they will be overlooked. Issues of standing out from the crowd. Jealousy and envy through things on display. Luxury and beauty or snobbery that excludes. Showing off. “Do not enter” signs.

The Moon's north node is on Scorpio 8: The Silvery Moon Shining Across A Beautiful Gem Of A Lake. This Symbol speaks of things reflected - whether it's seeing things are they are or could be, we are challenged to discern between what things appear to be and what they really are. This is a very intuitive, clairvoyant degree, although it can also have the effect of reflecting things to us in a way that we may prefer to see than what is truly reality. 

Keywords: Reflections. Mirrors. Things mystical and alluring. The ‘Narcissus’ story. Picturesque scenes. Picture postcard images. Peace and beauty. Halloween and magic. Escapism. Placid emotions. Peace and quiet. Contemplation and meditation. Having a reflective nature. Photographs. Psychic abilities. Hypnotic charm or manipulation.

The Caution: Acting out of moodiness. Losing the plot. Projecting one’s self onto others. Narcissism. Looking at one’s self and others as if in a mirror. Not wanting to see the whole picture. Being superficial. A lack of depth. Seeing everything as a reflection of one’s self.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer and The Stories We Tell Ourselves, is onPisces 10: An Aviator In The Clouds. Chiron's message here can be that we have to rise above the things that are going on in our lives in order to get a good bird's eye view of what is going on. It can also show, however, that we may be somewhat removed from the reality of our situations, sometimes to the point of escapism. How are you observing your life? What sense can you make of your story? And, it could be a matter of navigating your way to being where you want to be or where life is truly taking you. 

This new Moon is the lead up to the holidays and it is a good time to be thinking about what you want in the coming new year. The theme here is rather 'military' - I hope that common sense prevails and this is a peaceful and productive new Moon. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the US and all around the world - we can feel so good by giving thanks and feeling the providence of the earth and the goodness of life. 



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