Getting The Message Straight And Clear: November's Taurus Full Moon

When love is not madness, it is not love. ~ Spanish Proverb

Flattery is like cologne water, to be smelt of, not swallowed. ~ Josh Billings

Music is the key to the female heart. ~ Johann G. Seume

Latins are tenderly enthusiastic. In Brazil they throw flowers at you. In Argentina they throw themselves. ~ Marlene Dietrich

If music be the food of love, play on. ~ William Shakespeare

You’re the Nile, You’re the Tower of Pisa, You’re the smile, On the Mona Lisa. ~ Cole Porter

Tell me about yourself-your struggles, your dreams, your telephone number. ~ Peter Arno

The first man to compare the cheeks of a young woman to a rose was obviously a poet; the first to repeat it was possibly an idiot. Salvador Dali

Give her two red roses, each with a note. The first note says, “For the woman I love” and the second, “For my best friend.”  ~ Anon

Faint heart never won fair lady. Proverb

Occurring on November 17 in the US and November 18 in Australia, this Taurus full Moon is somewhat of a mixed blessing. With Venus conjuncting Pluto and Mercury conjuncting the Moon's north node, this can be quite a transformational time and one that can see people having all kinds of breakthroughs in relationships, realisations about love, being clear with others about their boundaries and finding where one truly belongs.

The litmus tests that are happening now include; seeing and hearing the messages you're receiving and cutting through any insincerity and manipulation, appreciating those that love and respect you and affording them the same, being clear on who you want in your life and who you don't and laying down the boundaries around your heart and home. 

The Sabian Symbol for the full Moon is Taurus 26: A Spaniard Serenading His Senorita. The following is quoted from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom

This is a lovely image of singing, music, romance and love. The ‘Spaniard’ pours his heart out to his beloved in the hopes that she will listen and respond to his advances. Beautiful words and music can lift the spirits and we all need a little romance now and then. The ‘Spaniard’ is ‘Serenading’ his love, his may not stop him from celebrating his feelings in a show of emotion.

With this degree Symbol, there is no absolute guarantee of getting one's message across, but we must act if we want any chance of success. It is by being brave and confident enough to put our feelings on public display that we can convince others of our sincerity. It is possible that the worst that could be damaged is our ego, so think positively and play your role with enthusiasm and passion.

However, be wary of any insincerity or coming on too strongly. This Symbol can also point to people covering up their real feelings because they are looking for a calculated response from another. This ‘Serenade’ should not be like some kind of desperate act, but, instead, an act of devotion and love.

True expressions of feeling can lead to grand actions and reactions. The situation may be full of emotion and passion. To say “I love you” or “I care for you” or “I believe in you” or “I trust you” to those who want to hear it makes it even more special and encouraging. The confirmation of deep feelings is rewarding to all involved.

Keywords: Looking through pretense. Shared feelings, love or passion. Spontaneity. Welling expressions of romance. Being in tune with another. Soul mates. Chivalry. Reverting back to the old methods of relating. Spinning tales to get a response. Knowing what to say and when. Music, singing, crooning, talking. Instruments. The use of the voice.

The Caution: A ruse performed to achieve a goal by deception. Lies, deceit and propaganda. Political or emotional manipulation. Not believing messages being given by loved ones. Feeling like something is missing from a relationship. Superficial judgments how things should look or be. Selfish agendas.

There is a rather strong 'native' or ethnic component in this full Moon as the Quest Symbol (the degree following) this full Moon is Taurus 27: An Old Indian Woman Selling Beads And Trinkets. This Symbol speaks of the need to remember to value ourselves and what we have to offer, including valuing what others are bringing to the table. We must value our contributions, abilities, talents and beauty in order for others to do the same. 

Keywords: Older, wiser elements of society making offerings to the younger, less integrated. Small, but worthy products. Adapting to changing conditions, particularly monetary or financial. Working hard for small returns and rewards. Battling against the odds. Selling the products of one’s culture. Artifacts. Jewelry. Handicrafts. Retailing. Supplying the populace with beautiful things. Markets and stalls. Patience. Bartering and bargaining. Lack of respect for the arts.

The Caution: Looking down on those that seem less fortunate. Loss of culture and traditional duties. Menial jobs. Devaluing things that deserve more or overvaluing junk. Feeling that you or your society has nothing to offer. Waiting for others to validate your worth. Bickering over money. Feeling 'cursed' with one's lot in life.

No matter what we have to offer to the world, there is value, especially if we 'weave' our stories into our lives or in the products or the jobs we do. Continuing with the 'native' theme is the Sun on Scorpio 26: American Indians Making Camp In New Territory. 

Keywords: Barging in. Settling in. Walk-ins. Having to learn the rules of being in a new environment. The need for freedom to live one’s life as one wants. Concerns with territory. Immigration. Migration across countries. Gathering things together for family and community needs. Tents. Shelter. Co-habitation. Revering and protecting the environment. Setting up camp.

The Caution: Moving into or invading another person’s, or people’s, territory. Putting up with things when one should move on. A feeling of being invaded. Kicking people out because they don’t fit in or don’t belong. Segregation on grounds of color, race or religion. Compromising others living space. Arriving unannounced. Barging in. Attack and invasion.

The Quest Symbol of the Sun (the degree following) is Scorpio 27: A Military Band Marches Noisily On Through The City Streets. This is a great degree for 'banging one's drum', but it can also show the war hawks banging their drums and pushing war as an agenda, or thrusting out their chests in order to annoy or provoke others. This can be a fine degree as long as it is kept somewhat under control. We sometimes need to salute what's going on and at other times we may want to put ear plugs in or shut off the device that is delivering such loud messages. 

Mercury is covering old ground after going direct recently. Mercury is on Scorpio 7: Deep-Sea Divers With Special Machinery. This Symbol asks us to get down below the obvious to see what is really going on in the depths. 

Keywords: Studying unconscious energies. Uncovering wonders. Breath meditations and techniques. Plunging in. Seeing things that others don’t. Having the special insights, talents or technology to affect healings on deep levels. New levels of experience seen and felt. Atlantis and Lemuria. Breathing apparatus. Getting “the bends” and cramping up. Inner space.

The Caution: Pretending to plumb the depths, but only for show. Escapism. Going over the top emotionally. Being unreachable by shutting off to the outside world. Feeling gloomy. No light, no oxygen. Losing touch with reality or the real world. Feeling like you’re in a bubble. Isolation and dark thoughts. Not seeing the full picture.

And the Moon's north node is on Scorpio 8: The Silvery Moon Shining Across A Beautiful Gem Of A Lake. 

Keywords: Reflections. Mirrors. Things mystical and alluring. The ‘Narcissus’ story. Picturesque scenes. Picture postcard images. Peace and beauty. Halloween and magic. Escapism. Placid emotions. Peace and quiet. Contemplation and meditation. Having a reflective nature. Photographs. Psychic abilities. Hypnotic charm or manipulation.

The Caution: Acting out of moodiness. Losing the plot. Projecting one’s self onto others. Narcissism. Looking at one’s self and others as if in a mirror. Not wanting to see the whole picture. Being superficial. A lack of depth. Seeing everything as a reflection of one’s self.

Mercury and the Moon's north node sitting together make this a very strong 'Mercurial' period. Communications, thinking, issues to do with the internet, phone systems, journeys and travel, learning, speaking, hearing, etc, are all ruled by this gathering of Mercury and the node. Further, both Mercury and the node are on two of the most psychic, clairvoyant, perceptive and intuitive degrees. There can also be a sense that something very 'karmic' is happening and there could be reunions and repairs made to communications of all kinds. 

Venus is on a degree that 'knows' as well. It is on Capricorn 12: A Student Of Nature Lecturing Revealing Little-Known Facts Of Life. This is a degree of both teaching and learning. It can be about nature, the climate, climate-change, the weather, the wonders of the natural world, etc. etc. 

Keywords: Observing what’s around and translating it so others may learn. Green politics. Revealing things and issues the more conservative may not want revealed. Nature and natural remedies. Science and its rewards and drawbacks. Issues such as global warming. Whistle blowers. Natural healing methods. Documentaries.

The Caution: Radical non-humanistic views. Intellectual smugness. ‘Lecturing’ and browbeating. Modern technological advances that stifle the environment. Lip service to conservation issues.

Pluto is conjunct (together with) Venus. Pluto is on Capricorn 10: An Albatross Is Feeding From The Hand Of A Sailor. Pluto has been on this degree for what seems to be ages and ages. This Symbol speaks about letting go of those things, those difficulties, memories, curses, shadows, burdens, etc, that keep you down or hold you back from being all you can be, from flying high and being free. Pluto is soon to move off this degree which says it is really time to remove that yoke that has long hung around your neck. 

Keywords: Feeding one’s higher nature with good nourishment. Banishing worries, so that one can fly ever higher. Overcoming superstitions or beliefs. Travelers who put themselves at risk in foreign lands or cultures. Talking to anybody anywhere. Sharing one’s bounty. Sailors, boats. Birds. Empathy and sympathy for others. Restoring trust and hope.

The Caution: Manipulating events or people with false nourishment. Having alternative motives for wanting to draw others close. Being extremely afraid of strangers or strange situations. The loss of independence.

Mars is on Virgo 20: A Caravan Of Cars Headed For Promised Lands. Reflecting the degree Symbol of the Sun on Indians Making Camp In New Territory, this degree speaks of finding your place,heading for a new life perhaps, being mobile, being able to move around and be free to be where you want to be. As Mars is on this degree, some will be motivated to take off and do what they want while others may be feeling quite frustrated by external restraints that stop one from pursuing their dreams. 

Keywords: Venturing into life with like-minded companions. The support of others in a quest for the future. Seeking new territory. Rallies and caravans of cars. Exchanging money. Commerce. Buses, caravans, trucks, etc. Leaving behind the known for the unknown. Gypsies. Hollywood, California. “Boom” towns. The “magic bus”.

The Caution: Forsaking the individual path in favor of a more secure, common one. Perpetuating restlessness. Constantly seeking the “pot of gold”. Far-off lands. Inability to settle anywhere. Being a rolling-stone. Forsaking lasting relationships. Crazy goose chases. Running away from problems. Fear of flying.

Jupiter is on Cancer 21: A Prima Donna Singing. Jupiter sits here for most of November as it is retrograde and lingering on this degree. We may need to connect in with the stories of our lives, and find a new dimension of self worth that reflects our true talents or abilities. On the other hand, as this is the 'Prima Donna', there could be some voices, demands, people, irritations or whatever that are just grating and remind us of the need to be humble and not be sounding off, acting like they own the place and demanding attention. 

Keywords: Having a powerful voice. Emotional dramatizations. Talent. Taking center stage. Messages that need to be heard for social reasons. Playing out the myths of society. Makeup, hairstyles, wigs and costumes. Feeling important and special. Singing and performing. Opera and drama. Fame and fortune. Charisma and presence. Commanding center stage.

The Caution: Overplaying one’s role. Displaying noisily. Driving people to distraction. Refusing to keep quiet. Demanding to be heard. Wanting everyone to listen. Overreacting. Throwing tantrums. Not knowing when to stop. Passions worn on the sleeve.

Saturn is on Scorpio 16: A Girl's Face Breaking Into A Smile. We may need to remember to smile and that it helps others if we put on a happy, positive, accommodating face. As it is Saturn, we may feel that there's not a lot to be happy about, but, of course, smiling can lift your mood and that of others.

Keywords: Breaking the ice. Drawing others. Radiating happiness. Facial expressions. Changing one’s expression or demeanor. Facial feedback. Making positive eye contact. Transferring feelings that lift others. Releasing stress, worry and anger. Distances bridged between people. Being face-to-face. Teeth, lips, gums, dimples, eyes. Facial lines. Dental work.

The Caution: False happiness to satisfy others’ needs. Covering up how one’s really feeling through putting on a show of happiness. Lack of sincerity. Rigidity of responses. Sour faces. Feeling sad and lonely. Keeping people on the sidelines and the periphery of one’s life.

Uranus is on Aries 9: A Seer Gazes Into A Crystal Ball Before Him. Uranus is also asking us to see into things. With Uranus on this degree, it is likely that many are going to go deeper into their intuitive gifts and clairvoyant realisations, especially with Mercury and the Moon's north node on two very intuitive and perceptive degrees. 

Keywords: Flashes of inspiration. Tuning in and looking within for answers. Creative visualizations. Aura readings. Cutting through irrelevant messages. Looking carefully at structure. Seeking perfection. Clairvoyance. Illumination and deep insights. Looking ahead to see the signs.

The Caution: Confused by literal meanings. Not seeing the symbolic message. Always looking this way and that, not at the center. Getting lost in the big picture. Daydreaming and ignoring what’s really going on. Obsessing over what may happen. Needing to know what’s coming up. Being impatient.

Neptune is on Pisces 3: A Petrified Forest, An Eternal Record Of A Life Lived Long Ago. 

Keywords: Remnants from the past. Stillness. Agelessness. Plastic surgery. Being able to withstand life’s storms. Resilience. Crystals, diamonds, gemstones. Beauty that remains ageless. Wood and lacquered wood. Coal, oil and petrochemicals. Diets. Dependability. Family histories. Keeping records. Amber. Fossils. Geology. Archeology. Ancient remnants. Mental and emotional filing cabinets. Lingering evidence. Petrified wood. Photographs and photography. Stones. Stone monuments.

The Caution: Rigidity, immobility, inflexibility. Being frozen. Not letting go of difficulties. Hanging on for grim death. Feeling stuck or frozen. Destroying things that are old. Severing links to the past. Keeping tabs. Memories that destroy the present.

Chiron is on Pisces 10: An Aviator In The Clouds. As I always like to mention, I see Chiron as not only the Wounded Healer, but also it's The Stories We Tell Ourselves. So, what is the story you are telling yourself? Are you rising above problems or acting like nothing is happening while things need your attention?

Keywords: Elevated views. Always seeing the best in people and things. Peace and tranquility. The longing for transcendence. Not seeing limitations. Being in a refined “head space”. Mastery. Flight, planes, pilots. Avoidance of time constraints. Pollyanna attitudes. Free flights of fantasy and escapism. The need for accurate navigation. Being in charge of the controls. Seeking higher truths. Maps. Compasses. Global satellite positioning.

The Caution: Sailing through difficulties or missing what’s really going on. Escapist use of alcohol and drugs, etc. Lack of grounded energy or reality. Being unearthed. Escaping responsibilities. Isolating oneself. Completely missing the point. Feeling high and mighty and above everyone else, particularly with intellectual skills. Wrong turns. Missing the signs.

Last but not least is the Moon's south node on Taurus 8: A Sleigh Without Snow. As I have mentioned in a previous newsletter, many are feeling that they don't have the necessary fuel to get where they want to be. This period, for many, may feel like a time of waiting, watching and seeing what is unfolding while gathering energy to make a bigger push later on. It helps to preserve resources when this degree is around. However, it can be that one can be stuck feeling like there is 'no snow', while really there is fuel and resources available, perhaps one has to be inventive in order to get things going. 

Keywords: Independence from outer circumstances. Using the creative mind to work through momentary shortages or problems. Anticipating future conditions. Having the “vehicle”, but not the time, energy or the “fuel”. Improvising things so that they work better or ahead of their time. Gas, oil, fuel. Snow. The value of timing. Lack of resources. "Tyres" that are missing or don't work.

The Caution: Forcing your ideas or feelings even though the time is not right. Lack of support from the environment. Missing connections. Running out of energy. Having the right thing in the wrong place. Ideas without the capital to make them reality. A lack of impetus or propulsion. Feeling stuck, unmoving. Traffic jams. Empty tanks.



keryndawer 19th November 2013 3:45 pm

Always LOVE LOVE LOVE and look forward to your messages Lynda. Perhaps its the poet in me that loves the metaphor of the sabian symbols, but your messages speak to me deeply and resonate profoundly within my heart and soul. Thank you.

Truly and with Love,


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