It's Groundhog Day *Deja Vu All Over Again* - May's Partial Lunar Eclipse

Nice going boys, you’re playing yesterday’s tape. Ground Hog Day

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Soren Kierkegaard

The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out. Thomas B. Macaulay

Does Phil feel lucky? Ground Hog Day

If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us. Hermann Hesse

The life that is unexamined is not worth living. Plato

A little man often casts a long shadow. Italian Proverb

If you stand straight do not fear a crooked shadow. Chinese Proverb

Just who is driving this thing? Lynda Hill

Apologies for the lateness of this newsletter - I have been in Ajijic, Mexico, with friends Barbara Schermer and Bob Craft. I have just arrived in San Diego, the home of Elsie Wheeler, the fabulous spiritualist medium who gave birth here (in 1925) to the Symbols. In fact, I'm right in her neighborhood, in Mission Hills, right near where she lived on India and Washington and Market Streets. It is wonderful and amazing to be here and I can feel her energy, even as I hear the planes taking off in the airport nearby and the cars speeding along the freeway (something she wouldn't have experienced in the early part of last century).

For those who may think that the energy of the eclipse has now passed, that is not entirely true. The energy will linger for 6 months or more, depending on what is given birth to in this time period. What happens now takes us forward, so please do remember that the Symbols I quote below are still effecting us and will continue to tell their story well into the future. Also adding to the intensity of the times, we've had the transit of Venus in the last few days - a spectacular event that we will not see again in our present lifetimes.

As many of my readers will remember, the Moon's karmic north node was on Sagittarius 5: A Groundhog Looking For Its Shadow On Groundhog Day for some months. It seemed to stretch on and on and the eclipse that happened a few days ago on June 4 was on this degree, the Groundhog degree, reminding us to remember how we wake up in the morning and what goes through our minds and how we assess and access our daily lives. A question seems to be: who's in charge? Just who is driving this vehicle?

From my book - The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom

You may need some sign to give you insight into the future. The solution to your question is close by and easy to perceive. It is based in your normal environment and relationships. Don’t focus on things continuing to be hard or difficult, as this can lead to it actually happening. Don’t read too much into things, as they may not be as they seem. However, acknowledging your ‘Shadow’, and your projections and perceptions, will bring the clarity that’s sought. Reading books, watching movies or television, hearing the words of a song, observing everyday life and the people around can remind you of things that have happened in your life. However, continually or compulsively looking for signs of assurance when they can be readily available on the physical plane can lead to losing your way, and worrying too much about what you cause in your life. There can be difficulty in finding rest, or sleep, when one looks continually at their life and the effects that one creates. Are you relying on messages from the past? People may be with you, or this may be a lonely journey. Welcome the spring, and don’t look back!

Keywords: Looking back, reading the signs. Divination and other systems of inquiry. Seeing society as being to blame. People having a good look at how they seem to others. Wondering how others perceive you and picture you. Prophets that can tell the “weather” ahead of time. Predictions. Prognosticating. Welcoming an early spring. Scrutinizing objectives and possible outcomes. Looking to nature for clues.

The Caution: Being scared to act without some message of confirmation. People (or society) looking for someone else to blame for conditions. Relying on the same solutions without consideration of changes. Blizzards and the cold.

So, where do you need to let go of the past, to stop waking up to the same reality with the same mind-set and mind-frame?

The degree of the Sun in this lunar eclipse is Gemini 15: Two Dutch Children Talking And Studying Their Lessons Together. This is a Symbol of both teaching and learning. We learn from those who speak our language and we grow from spending time with those who understand us and who may have something to pass on. We can swap our stories, our experiences and our insights and come out wiser, refreshed and somehow clarified.

Keywords: Sharing of innocence and carefree thoughts and ideals. Exchanging views with like-minded individuals. Simplicity. Sense of companionship. Communication. Best friends. Having the right teacher. Learning and studying. Conversations that illuminate issues. Speaking many languages. Gossiping.

The Caution: Failing to communicate in depth. Unsophisticated viewpoints. Excluding others as “unworthy”. Societal or racial prejudice. “Hearing voices” that don’t make sense. Not hearing the opinions of others to further understand how the world works. Foreign languages that exclude others.

The degree of Venus for the eclipse was Gemini 17: The Head Of A Robust Youth Changes Into That Of A Mature Thinker. This Symbol shows how at various times in our lives we seem to (or have to) grow up and mature. At times we realize that there is only so much that one can do with youthful force. This shows that it is time to use mature thinking, using your intellect and intuition and being able to take in the consequences and responsibilities of one’s actions. Allowing mature wisdom to come through, there can be a feeling of one's mindset changing and growing. Responsibilities are to be taken on board and it’s time to stop ‘tearing around’ and to be more serious about life and its ramifications.

Keywords: Going from reacting with the lower emotional nature to thinking with the higher mind. Pondering. Thinking things through. Finding answers. A state of stillness. Staid thinking.

The Caution: Suddenly becoming old and losing innocence and energy OR clinging to the illusions of childhood. Hormones taking over and dictating behavior. Forever young.

The degree of Venus during the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun is very telling, especially in the light of the things that are happening in the world in regards to women's rights and worker's unions and the rights of people in general. The Symbol is Gemini 16: A Woman Activist, In An Emotional Speech, Dramatizing Her Cause. In the US, the Republican Party voted against equal pay for women, an example of this degree operating. Another example is a Saudi woman who publicly defied the country's ban on female drivers who was forced to cancel a planned trip to the US after receiving multiple death threats and learning that she is the subject of a fatwa issued by a fundamentalist Muslim cleric. The things that are happening around women's rights is extraordinary in the light of the fact that we thought we had come a long way from having to have these issues to deal with. You can read an article written by my daughter Jess about this brave woman here. It was Jess who organised a youtube video for this woman. When Venus goes direct later on this month, it goes direct on Gemini 8: Striking Workers Surrounding A Factory. Venus is bringing up the rights of people in many places and situations.

The Woman Activist Symbol shows the periodic need to be able to voice one’s needs, frustrations or demands without fear of being reprimanded. Sometimes, you may feel misunderstood and disadvantaged simply because of who you are or the position you hold. Even when you stand up for what you feel, you may strike resistance, partly due to others' ignorance. You must press your case or the status quo will remain. If the cause is just and your communications are clear, you will be heard by those who understand or resonate with what you are saying and your influence will spread.

Keywords: Stating one's case. Revealing social passions. Being a mouthpiece for personal or social causes. Wanting people to listen and care. Taking it to the streets. Having a platform.

The Caution: Aggressively pressing opinions on the unwilling and disinterested. Rational or political structures overriding one's life. Throwing tantrums and yelling. Soapboxes.

Exactly square Venus, the Sun and the Moon is Mars on Virgo 16: A Volcanic Eruption Bringing Dust Clouds, Flowing Lava And Earth Rumblings. This pictures a situation of catharsis. There may have been an effort made previously to hold things inside, but now there can be no more resistance and everything is forced out. This could be in the form of anger, but it can also be the explosive form of ideas. There may be a need to let it blow, as resisting the urge can cause enormous pressure to build up. Look to see if the force of emotions is really related to the current situation.

Keywords: Cathartic release. Thoughts or ideas pouring out. Torrents of emotion. Anger that needs expression. Pressure cooker environments. After shocks.

The Caution: Over-suppression of energy to the point of explosive disaster. Tantrums. Choking the air with sulfurous dust clouds. Overreactions.

It seems that Mars was really igniting this lunar eclipse. Mars is in Virgo, though, and it's a little hampered in its energy in that sign, and, it's traveling over old ground as it still hasn't cleared the retrograde path that it started on in January. It's like Mars is continuing to be forced to get the lessons.

Mercury is on the degree that Venus went retrograde on May 15 - Gemini 24: Carefree Children Skating On Ice. This Symbol speaks of having to tread carefully and watchfully. Things are likely to come up where you may not know exactly what to do and you probably have to make the most of challenging situations. If you feel like you're on "thin ice" you may have to tread carefully, planning each step as you go and listening for cracks the entire time. If you don't acknowledge changes and adjust yourself accordingly you may be at a disadvantage. Be wary of blindly rushing into anything - you may get to the point where you can't safely return to where you began. If, however, you set out to have fun while being mindful of your environment, this could be a fun filled time with lots of shared experiences with good friends.

Keywords: Skating over difficulties. Finding creative and childlike solutions to problems. Treading on eggshells. Children facing physical or emotional hardship. Parents that crack up.

The Caution: Rushing out before checking that it is safe. Living for momentary pleasures. Getting away with things through naivety and childishness. Falling through the cracks.

Jupiter is on a great degree of cooperation and working together, echoing the message of the Sun (Two Children Studying). Jupiter is on Taurus 29: Two Cobblers Working Side By Side At A Table. This Symbol shows people working together, getting along in a partnership and making something of their lives through cooperation. To get the result you want you will probably need to work cooperatively with someone of equal skill and similar interest, or, perhaps this is what you're looking for. Finding a partner with similar skills can give life a lift and lessen your own work load. Two or more people can bring not only their special talents but also their individual tools and perspectives. By sharing the task without ego or competition the outcome is not only better, but more harmonious and satisfying.

Keywords: People sharing quietly and persistently in their labor. Partnerships and sharing. Repairs to the soul. Reflexology. Work benches. Demarcations of work. The marriage of minds.

The Caution: Someone wanting to complete a task with shared responsibilities yet gain all the credit. Committing oneself to tasks that don't bring personal satisfaction. Codependence.

Saturn is exactly trining Mercury, bringing the opportunity of focus, discipline and getting the job done. Saturn is on Libra 24: A Third Wing On The Left Side Of A Butterfly.This Symbol can show imbalances of many kinds, be they physical, mental, spiritual or emotional. Understanding and accepting fragility and differences in our self and others can give greater empathy for those who have difficulty operating efficiently in the world. When the transformation into full potential occurs, it is a wonderful thing, however, some may feel unnaturally developed or somehow lopsided in the emotive, intuitive realms. Instinct may swamp logic or logic may take its toll on instinct or intuition. Physically, you could find that one side of your body works more efficiently or smoothly than the other. It helps to try to regain balance and equilibrium in your life. More can be achieved by finding that still space in the middle.

Keywords: Creative overbalance. Oddities. Beautiful imperfections. One side being more perfect than the other. Being light and flippant. Savants. Bodily impairments and handicaps.

The Caution: Unrealistic reliance on being different. Obsession with strange things. Flapping around and not getting anywhere. Restlessness, nervousness. Lopsidedness.

Uranus is on Aries 8: A Woman's Hat With Streamers Blown By The East Wind. This brings a message of allowing yourself to be lead to new and different solutions, but be wary of acting superficially. In deeper, spiritual, messages you are afforded protection from the more disturbing elements of situations. You may need to adjust continually to outside forces, but you have the ability to be adaptable, so hang onto your center and what anchors you and try not to get blown off-course.

Keywords: Attuning oneself through eastern philosophies. Protective guidance. Balloons and hot air ballooning. The winds of time and change. Being aware of shifts in the wind.

The Caution: Only accepting solutions that satisfy selfish or social needs. Insincerity and easily blown around. Losing one's rudder. Continually getting off track.

Neptune is on Pisces 4: Heavy Car Traffic Linking Two Seaside Resorts. This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to move about, to get from destination to destination in a free flowing manner. Driving or flying or in a bus; there’s lots of activity going on. There's also a need for space sharing, patience and give-and-take. People all have their own needs. This Symbol can show communications and linkages between separate worlds leading to increased pleasure OR frustration, confusion or psychic indigestion and the need for a holiday. There's a lot going on and confusion can set in if one doesn't follow the rules to ensure a smooth flow of operations. Being 'squeezed-in' can bring a sense of panic but it can also bring pleasurable interchange between people and a chance to tune out.

Keywords: Communications. Linking between separate worlds. Pleasure or psychic indigestion? Going with the flow. Cars, traveling. Traffic control. Nervous and digestive systems.

The Caution: Distrust of connecting elements. Creating barriers. Constant traffic. No real human interchange. Road rage. Traffic works. No time for leisure. Accidents. No escape.

Pluto is on Capricorn 9: An Angel Comes Carrying A Harp. This degree shows the ability, or the need, of being able to care for others - being there when they need it. It also shows that “Angels” will come when you call on them, or when you’re most in need yourself. You may be able to 'tune in' and radiate harmony around you. This pictures caring for others, generosity and a fulfilled selfhood. Inspiring people to do their best can bring rewards to all concerned. The trick with this degree can be sorting out whether to trust the ‘tune’ that others sometimes play. Following someone for the wrong reasons can just lead you astray.

Keywords: Messages of peace from the other side. Being in tune, spiritually. Elevated views of humanity. Creating harmony. Pulling on heartstrings. Redemption. Gurus. Revelations.

The Caution: Having a holier-than-thou attitude. Losing oneself in fantasy. Tricking people with soothing words that mean nothing. Harping on about things. The Pied Piper.

Chiron (the Wounded Healer and The Stories We Tell Ourselves) could have a bit of an answer to how to deal with a lot of the heightened feelings and angst that may be around or within us. It's not so much about escaping, it's more about having a heightened perspective on things. The degree is Pisces 10: An Aviator In The Clouds (as I type this, I can hear a plane roaring by as I'm right near San Diego Airport :) ) This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to stay one’s course while not allowing distractions or difficult or confusing issues to deter you from getting to your destination. There will be times that you may need to rise above and transcend the more nitty-gritty realities of earthly existence and its difficulties, just be aware that you may not be seeing the complete picture very clearly sometimes. If you take special notice, you may be able to see through illusions, past the surface appearances to things that others may miss. You may be able to rely on your creative or intellectual skills to take you above and beyond those things that others have to deal with, or, you may just be evading the real truth - as always, it depends on what's going on in your life.

Keywords: Sailing through difficulties. The need for accurate navigation. Being in charge of the controls. Seeking higher truths. Mastery. Flight. Navigation. Maps. Compasses. Pilots.

The Caution: Escaping responsibilities. Isolating oneself. Drugs and alcohol abuse. Avoiding reality. Unearthed. Unrealistic expectations. Missing the point. Evasive.

This is a long newsletter - these are interesting times and I didn't have time to be brief!

Cheers from San Diego :)



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