Letting Go Of Fear And Letting Love In: December's Cancerian Full Moon

You can fool too many of the people too much of the time. James Thurber

Those who do not study are only cattle dressed up in men’s clothes. Chinese Proverb

Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others. Fyodor Dostoevski

I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until finally I became that person. Or he became me. Cary Grant

There’s no labor a man can do that’s undignified-if he does it right. Bill Cosby

A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that “individuality” is the key to success. Robert Orben

A man is known by the books he reads, by the company he keeps, by the praise he gives, by his dress, by his tastes, by his distastes, by the stories he tells, by his gait, by the notion in his eye. Ralph Waldo Emerson

December's Cancer full Moon occurs on December 28 and it's one that is linking up directly with the Uranus/Pluto square that we've been experiencing over this last year. It is asking many direct questions and it's a very potent time for change and renewal.

The Sabian Symbol is a curious one, it's Cancer 8: A Group Of Rabbits Dressed In Clothes. The following is from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom:

A Group of Rabbits Dressed in Clothes can picture people who may be trying to be more, or act like they are more, or different, than they really are. The fact that they are ‘On Dignified Parade’ means that they are working to put on a good show and to stand up for themselves. Our outer garments and demeanor act to both show and disguise who we truly are and what we are really feel about ourselves. It’s difficult to completely disguise the attempt, but the effort of trying to advance themselves may be appreciated and rewarded with people taking them more seriously. The 'Rabbits' are still 'Rabbits' after all.

Your abilities can take a leap ahead of normal development, simply by making an attempt to be or to do more. This Symbol pictures the process of projecting into the future a higher sense of being or thinking forward into a more intelligent, more successful level of life. Another aspect of this Symbol speaks of wanting to cover up one’s sexuality with an outer display of dignity and conservatism. This may be a necessity in some more conservative social circles. Through a sense of inferiority, there may be a need to take on another’s role or personality. By wearing elaborate or unusual clothes, gowns, wigs, crowns etc, we can influence or change how others perceive us. Clothing and costumes can either elevate or degrade one’s status. Imagine yourself clothed elegantly and having a ‘Dignified’ stance as this can lead others to think more of you. Project yourself with a sense of confidence and dignity. Don’t be restricted by class, or status—excel other’s expectations, and don’t let anyone “pigeonhole” you.

Keywords: Emulation of higher forms. Procreation and having babies. Dressing up. Modeling shapes and forms. Parading and being on parade. Attempts to overcome class barriers. Popularity competitions. Groups with a particular agenda. Uniforms. Religious garments. Lifeforms posing as humans. Outfits that project a particular agenda. Regardless of reality.

The Caution: Pretending to be what one is not. Sublimating one’s instinctual (or animal) needs to maintain a dignified, straight front. Deception. Strutting one’s stuff. Showing off. Demanding attention.Appropriating an office or sense of authority. Sociopaths. Losing respect.

How are you living your life? Is it an authentic expression of yourself? Are you feeling the need, or the desire, to live up to others' expectations of you? Are you listening to your sexual nature, the part of you that wants to shed your clothes and connect in more with your more basic 'animal' side? Have you let go of your desires in order to fit in?

This degree has shown up in cases of sexual abuses, especially by clergy (seeing them in their 'suits' and 'gowns' of authority and respect can make it hard to detect (or nail down) the actual perpetrator of the crimes that have been committed. In Australia, there are moves afoot for a Royal Commission into the sexual abuse of children by religious as well as secular institutions.

The Sun is on Capricorn 7: Birds In The House Singing Happily. Pluto has been on this degree off and on for the last few years. Is there happiness in your house? Do you hear the songs of birds and listen to them? Music, poetry and lyrics can remind us of things we may have forgotten. Listening to music randomly - such as on the radio or on iPod shuffle - can turn up some interesting and often amazing messages.

This degree implies the ability, or the need, to spread joy, happiness and laughter to those around you. It also shows that music can lighten people’s spirits. Further, thinking positive thoughts and being loving and accepting of others are the hallmarks of this degree. Listening to the songs of birds can be rather magical and can bring spiritual messages to you. You may feel a sense of uncomplicated contentment quite often. Even though there are a number of social rules to follow, that shouldn't bother you. This is a sign of sharing good feelings and happiness with all who enter your sphere of operations.

Being at one with everything. Music. Bird song. Birds. Happiness. Positive thinking. Singing. Entertaining others. Seeing the beauty in life. Chattering in the background.

The Caution: Idle chatter. Smug superiority. Not seeing the happiness inherent in everyday life. Loneliness. Feeling abandoned. Whining and complaining. Demanding.

Are you 'singing' with hope and expectation for 2013? Does happiness ring through your house and home?

Pluto is forming a t-square (a challenging aspect), conjuncting the Sun and opposing the Moon. It's on Capricorn 10: An Albatross Feeding From The Hand Of A Sailor.

This degree shows the ability, or the need, to overcome fears or superstitions or limiting thoughts. One of the ways of overcoming fears is through gentleness and a readiness to let down your guard and interact with people or animals without feeling afraid or vulnerable. Putting up a wall between you and other living things can cause alienation or the loss of the rewards that can come from truly relating. Even seemingly natural ‘enemies’ can realize the possibility of interaction. You may feel that you can deal with someone with whom you have usually kept your distance – possibly even help each other.

Feeding one's higher nature with good nourishment. Banishing worries, so that one can fly ever higher. Empathy and sympathy. The Ancient Mariner story. Overcoming fears.

The Caution: Manipulating events or people. False nourishment. Superstitious beliefs that keep one stuck. Fear of things like snakes and spiders or other living things. Dependence.

This degree can be somewhat like The Groundhog Day degree of Sagittarius. It speaks of the need to get rid of those things that hang around that are onerous, useless and sometimes harmful. It is by banishing those situations, people, thoughts or memories that hold us back, that we can move forward with the wonderful power of transformation that Pluto can bring. Letting go of the 'albatross' that hangs around your neck can bring amazing insights into how to get the most out of life. Superstition and fear can play a big part in feeling bound to the past and not able to move or nourish yourself.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain. Frank Herbert

I quite like this succinct, not-quite-academic, description of the ancient mariner. It's time to say goodbye to that 'albatross' and bring release, at least in some measure.

Squaring the Sun and the Moon and Pluto is Uranus at Aries 4: A White Triangle Is Seen, It Has Golden Wings. Uranus is asking that we take an elevated view of what's going on.

This Symbol shows the ability to be able to lift yourself above the ordinary, using your natural gifts to find a new perspective, an uplifted view; to expand your awareness. This can picture an eagerness for spiritual integration or a capacity to escape from reality. Try to ground the vision, but allow yourself the free flight of vision. There is often a strong spiritual nature that expresses itself through purity of thought and insight.

Inspiration and zeal. Feeling elevated and inspired through spiritual or creative efforts. Flying to a greater perspective. Self transcendence. Angels and their messages.

The Caution: Not noticing your down-to-earth needs or those around you. Escapism. Forgetting about the needs and desires of the body. Losing the plot.

Mercury is traversing the Galactic Center over the next week, bringing with it the possibility of concentrating on your dreams, practising some mind-ful affirmations for the future, sculpting your life and forming bridges to people and places and possibilities that you've been wanting to cross.

Mercury is on Sagittarius 26: A Flag-Bearer In A Battle

This Symbol shows the ability, or the necessity, to stand up in “Battle” – to carry the “Flag” for your nation, political, social or moral beliefs, or for some issue that needs defending or supporting. The “Flag-Bearer” is often the one ‘out front’, in front of the situation or the army; the one who’s unarmed and yet determined to represent their side. You may feel that there have been achievements done by you or others that need to be acknowledged. Responsibilities pile up on you, and the struggle is not always easy. Don't worry, though, although everyone around you is busy, they are noticing your leadership abilities. You are often the linchpin of the whole situation.

The courage of convictions. Standing up for ideals. A messenger or an advocate. Blogging. Open to attack. Brave and upright. David and Goliath. Ensigns. Flags. Wearing the colors.

The Caution: The sacrificial lamb. Overzealous idealism. Empty shows of courage. The fear of stepping out of line. Not knowing when to back off. An inability to keep quiet.

There are flag-bearers, battlers and crusading happening all over the planet for one reason or another. There are also a lot of battles to be had. It will be interesting to watch what happens with the gun debate in the US, especially with this very heated full Moon.

Venus is on Sagittarius 16: Seagulls Fly Around A Ship Looking For Food

This Symbol shows situations of dependence and/or co-dependence. The “Sea Gulls” are looking for sustenance, a place of refuge perhaps, somewhere that’s a reliable source of food. This can imply situations such as social security, foundations that provide food and shelter for people, charities and benefits OR it can imply spongers, borrowers or people who dog others looking to see what they can gain from the things they discard or don’t want. The trick with this is; don't look to others or have others look to you for opportunities and nourishment, for you may miss your chance of being creative and independent. Who's looking for scraps? Are they worth it?

Diminishing essential worth for a specific need. Losing sight of alternatives. Waiting for things to be dished out. Being opportunistic. Scalpers. Leftovers. The homeless.

The Caution: Waiting for unworthy scraps that may not come. People leaning on each other too much. Bin diving. Users and abusers. Satellites. Hounding and harassing.

As with Uranus, Venus has quite an elevated view and it's looking and watching for opportunities to take action or to go after opportunities or nourishment. The few days following the full Moon has Venus bringing up issues to do with protection. Venus will go over Sagittarius 17: Tiny Children Playing in Sunbonnets and Sagittarius 18: Pelicans Disturbed By The Garbage Of People Move Their Young To A New Habitat in the coming week. This shows issues of wanting, and possibly needing, protection. The recent tragic events in the US are likely to have many thinking about their safety and the protection of loved ones and family.

Mars is on Aquarius 2: An Unexpected Thunderstorm

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to withstand “Storms” and things that whip up unexpectedly. It can show a personality that gets sudden flashes of inspiration, intuition or clairvoyance – those aha! moments. It can also show thoughts and emotions that erupt from out of nowhere. They can be brilliant or unstable (or both). You will likely find many times that you are suddenly tested or taken by surprise. Inner strength and stability are put to the test but you learn a lot from your experiences. The effect can be quite liberating, although there can be an initial shock. Thunderstorms clear the air after an extreme buildup of energy. There often is a sense of awe and wonder at the power of natural events.

Sudden visitations of natural wonder. Breakthrough moments. A break in tension in the atmosphere. Thunder, lightning and electricity. The Tower card. Being a lightning rod.

The Caution: Losing control without warning. Emotional instability. Bottling up and then blowing up. Storms in a tea cup. Seizing up with fear. Loud bangs and crashes that stun.

Backing up the idea of revolution and change (as if the Sun and the Moon being strongly aspected by Uranus and Pluto was not enough), is the Quest Degree of Mars - Aquarius 3: A Deserter From The Navy Stands Suddenly Aware Of A Dawning Truth: Freedom Is Never The Result Of Compromise

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to listen to one’s conscience, to know when to do one’s duty, step up to the mark, or, when it’s time to leave, say enough is enough and ‘I’m not doing this anymore.’ You will find, at times in your life, that rigorous restraints and rules are no longer bearable. A decision to opt out may be a moral one or to maintain a free spirit. One shouldn’t have to “Compromise” themselves in order to be safe, secure, employed, or have a purpose in life. However, there are consequences for “Deserting” - not playing the game. Are you prepared for them? It can also show being taken away from home and family for reasons not of one’s choosing.

Rebellion. Leaving although allegiance was pledged. Jumping ship. Wrestling with one's conscience. Going AWOL. Packing up and leaving. Sudden realizations. Opting out.

The Caution: Not being prepared to play by the rules. Withdrawing when one should be involved in a physical, mental or emotional way. Refusal. Rats deserting the sinking ship.

The message, again, is one of seeing where we compromise our selves and our lives because of an ideal that has had us tied to false ideologies, relationships, situations, commitments, jobs or ways of life. The aim is one of freedom and authenticity. Mars here could have some dramatic events erupting and many may be taken by surprise at the intensity and power of them. I think on a world level, we are going to see some major shakedowns. 'Abandonment issues' can arise on any level; physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Jupiter is on a dynamic degree - Gemini 9: A Medieval Archer Stands With The Ease Of One Wholly Sure Of Himself, Bow In Hand, His Quiver Filled With Arrows.

This Symbol implies the ability of being able to take aim at something and achieving a bull’s eye, straight at the target. You need to be sure of what you want, to make sure your aim is true, to arm yourself with what you need and then go after what you want. Your situation is one that requires skill, focus and knowledge of local conditions. There is no need to just rush forward just hoping for the best, as this could leave you feeling inadequate when you do find something. Compose yourself for a moment and realize that you have the ammunition and the sure marksmanship before taking aim and committing yourself.

Make a strategy. Hit the target. Being armed and ready. Getting to the point. Accuracy and strength. Sending a message true and clear. Skills and confidence. Warriors

The Caution: Going into battle unprepared. Overconfidence in a mission. Coming from a position of attack. Being trigger-happy. The thug. Being cocky, pushy and threatening.

Again, issues to do with gun control. The more immediate issue for many is one of focusing on goals and standing steady and strong and striking at the right moment.

Saturn is on a very powerful degree - Saturn has a 'karmic influence' and the Symbol has a strong karmic tone to it. It's Scorpio 10: A Fellowship Supper Reunites Old Comrades

This Symbol shows getting together with people with shared visions and histories which can be very rewarding and renewing. A “Fellowship Supper” can help connect with old friends, or provide a place for meeting new ones. Often with this degree, issues around food come up, whether it’s providing food and drink or sharing it with others. It’s important to find time to socialize with like-minded people as true friendships can come from simple gatherings. Also, there can often be the sense that one’s known people before, on a karmic level, or, stretching back into a past life. True fellowship and fraternity can bring a sweet sense of nostalgia and a sense of uplift to each individual's life.

Renewed bonds. Feeling like you've known each other before. Reunions and memories. Past life connections. Fated meetings. The Last Supper. Reaching out to others.

The Caution: Only feeling comfortable with your past. Not changing with the cycles. Not joining in. Feeling excluded. Feeling uneasy about having to face people from the past.

Saturn here can bring a wonderful sense of having shared histories with people, like you're destined for each other even if you've only known the other person (or persons) for a short period of time. Of course, it can have people from the past reappearing in your life - and this often happens at this time of the year - and it can also bring up issues of being with people that you've outgrown and looking to find other 'comrades' to spend your time and energy with. With Saturn here (Saturn has a rather strong karmic flavour to it and so does this degree - so it's a double whammy), gathering together for the holidays could find issues coming up out of the past to be dealt with now. At this time of the year especially, many find themselves going over old ground with issues that the holidays bring up and feeling the need for active and positive resolutions for the coming new year. Who are you spending your time 'supping' with? Have you perhaps run out of things to say?

Neptune is on Pisces 1: A Crowded Public Market Place

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to advertise, market, and sell things, barter and complete the deal. People come together, bringing their talents, skills and wares to the marketplace. Being involved in the marketplace is the thing, and how much you are involved will show the things you need to do and the tempo of the buying and selling. It can indicate the issue of having ones self or goods on display and ready for sale. The “Market Place” is said to be “Crowded” and “Public”. Many aspects of the community are on display and available for the benefit of others. You may find that you are able to contribute, benefit and gain. Getting yourself or your products 'out there', where they can be appreciated can bring rewards on many levels.

Human interchange. Bartering. Products. Commerce. Business. Crowded places. Signs. Competition. The Internet. Websites. Classifieds. Consumables. Money. Publishing.

The Caution: Too greedy to share. Airing one's 'laundry', emotions or possessions in public. Not having a “shopping list”. Playing off against each other. Cheap displays.

Neptune has been on this degree for quite some time and it speaks of big business, big money, money laundering, the pilfering of the banks and executives amongst other things. More importantly, on a more personal level, it speaks of connecting in with what brings you joy and provides you with a stable base of supply for your true needs.

Soon, Neptune moves onto Pisces 2: A Squirrel Hiding From Hunters. It's been on this degree earlier this year, and for several months, and it can bring up issues of fear again. It shows the need to be able to wander freely, provide nourishment for yourself and your loved ones and to be able to bask in the Sun safely.

This Symbol shows the need, or the ability, to be able to sense when to be moving and when to stop, when to be out in the world and when to be “Hiding” away. There can be a heightened sense of awareness or alertness, and, possibly, an ability to hear or perceive subtle things in the environment. At times in your life, there may be aggression in the air with you probably one of the smaller players. You may feel threatened sometimes; and this can come from out of the blue. Not watching the news and not listening to negative stories can be one way of “Hiding” away. To be cautious is wise, but hiding oneself away can lead to missed opportunities for nourishment. Be wary of being bullied or "holed-up".

Tactics to ensure survival. Hiding away. The media spreading fear and loathing. Security systems. Limit or restrict movement. Creative solutions. Refuges. Hunters. Guns.

The Caution: Being bullied. Giving those 'out there' more power than they deserve. Fear. Not wanting to socialize. Not speaking up for fear of being shot down. The NRL.

The Moon's north node is on Scorpio 26: Indians Making Camp In New Territory

This Symbol implies being able to, or having to, settle into “New Territory”. Once a new place has been found, there is the need to acclimatize, adjust quickly and settle in. This new territory can be manifested in a physical, emotional or spiritual framework. Whichever it is, you need to feel at home in an inner and outer sense. You may feel a creeping sense of unease if you find it hard to relax in the new environment or that the rug may be pulled from under your feet. You may also be someone who moves often in life, sometimes before you were able to get a sense of belonging or having friends. However, there is likely to be a pioneering or venturing spirit.

Settling in. Walk-ins. Concerns with territory. Immigration. Tents. Shelter. Cohabitation. Setting up camp. Squatters. Respecting boundaries. Reservations. Migration. Renting.

The Caution: Moving into or invading people’s territory. Putting up with things when one should move. Barging in. Having to compromise living space. Arriving unannounced.

The Nodes are 'karmic points' and they usher in the new. Connections are made and lost, new possibilities and doors open while some close. The south node is asking about the romance in your life. Are you enjoying your life, is there romance in your life? Of course, romance can come in many ways, shapes and sizes, and it can come through music, art, creativity, spirituality. It can come from admiring a beautiful tree or a landscape or someone's gorgeous face.

The Moon's south node is on Taurus 26: A Spaniard Serenading His Senorita

This Symbol speaks of being able to use one’s voice, words, songs, poetry and culture to sway the minds and hearts of others. One can sway others to achieve a desire result. There is no guarantee of total success, but you must act if you want any chance of succeeding and you need to put your heart and soul into the performance. The worst that could be damaged is a little ego, so think positively and play your role with enthusiasm and passion. Music can lift the spirits and words of poetry and love can be healing.
Shared feelings, love or passion may result.

Being in tune with another. Soul mates or passing fancies? Having your voice heard. Knowing how to deliver a message in order to influence others to make decisions.

The Caution: Not believing messages being given. Insincere charades. Feelings of not being listened to. Spinning tales to get a response. Making things up to get a response.

Adding to the feeling of love being in the air is the placement of Venus on the 21st December. Venus was on Sagittarius 7: Cupid Is Knocking At The Door Of A Human Heart.

This degree shows the ability, or the necessity, of spreading love and showing how people can love one another. “Cupid” is “Knocking”, asking to be let in. Barriers and defenses around people’s hearts may be keeping him from getting in, but how long will they be able to resist? Opening your heart and opening the door will lead to new opportunities and realizations about relationships. What are the true depths of your relationships? Unlock your heart and allow your heart chakra to open when you are in caring company and know when to open “The Door’ to allow love in.

Keys and arrows. Respectful invitation of love. Fear of commitment.
Softening one’s boundaries. The need to lighten up one’s approach to others. Romance.

The Caution: Waiting, not taking the initiative. Rejecting emotion. Fearing losing independence. Barriers and defenses. Seeing potential lovers in everyone. Crashing other people’s space.

I feel that Cupid Knocking At The Heart is a major message of 12/21 (or 21/12, depending on where you live) and I posted about it on Facebook a few times. I am still in the process of 'settling into new territory' and was sorting through some boxes. I had a small box that had some electrical things in it, along with a few decks of Sabian Oracle cards. One of the decks didn't have a rubber band around it and they were loose in the box. I pulled on one of the wires and two cards flipped up, turned over and fell back down. It was Sagittarius 7: Cupid Knocking... it was entirely delightful and magical, as life is.

What an incredibly wonderful, intense and amazing time we are living in. I wish everyone a fabulous holiday season spent with friends and family and love and a joyous, transformational and exciting 2013!



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