Peacocks Parading On The Terrace: The Taurus Full Moon

He enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul's estate. Henry David Thoreau

The sparrow is sorry for the peacock at the burden of his tail. Rabindranath Tagore

It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and occupation that give happiness. Thomas Jefferson

The house of every one is to him as his castle and fortress. Edward Coke

A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money. W. C. Fields

It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds. Aesop

A peacock who sits on his tail is just another turkey. Proverb

A peacock has too little in its head, too much in its tail. Swedish proverb

Fancy and fantasy rule the mind of man. You desire one thing in the morning; at noon you change over to something else. That desire will not persist until evening. If your desire is fulfilled, you praise God and parade your devotion. But if it does not prevail, you throw God overboard and parade your disbelief! ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

November's Taurus full Moon falls smack on the last degree of Taurus on 21st November in the United States and the 22nd of November in Australia. The Sabian Symbol is Taurus 30: A Peacock Parading On The Terrace Of An Old Castle. The following is from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom:

Commentary: ‘A Peacock’ is ‘Parading’, showing off his fine feathers and beauty. Peacocks were often installed in regal palaces as a show of opulence or extravagance. This ‘Peacock’ is ‘Parading on the Terrace of an Old Castle’ which shows that he is in a place that has all of the trappings of wealth and tradition. The situation is probably well established, but as it is ‘Old’, it is probably also slowly breaking apart and showing signs of crumbling. ‘Peacocks’ can be a reminder of the “grand old days”. They are very territorial and will remain in a place long after the people have gone. Because of the many eyes displayed on their feathers they are said to be forever awake. ‘Peacocks’ are used as guard dogs in India because they make a shrieking noise when they perceive intrusion or danger.

Oracle: In this situation there is a need to maintain your grace and pride whilst also maintaining a sense of being the center of attention. Polite behavior and the correct presentation of form are of vital importance and pride in one’s inheritance is to be admired, but not overdone. Too much pride, and elitism, can lead to a feeling of being alone and the roof collapsing in on what was possibly once a magnificent empire. Remember: pride comes before a fall. You may have to accept that your situation or location may one day change, even if you fear that much will be lost. The key is to enjoy the beauty that is around you every day and take your sense of beauty and elegance with you everywhere you go. This Symbol can also point to people showing off and thinking they’re better than others because of social prestige. Is there any danger of invasion of some kind?

Keywords: Tradition feeding ego-centered attraction. Grace and dignity. Splendor. Etiquette. Gardening. Enjoying the environment for its nature and beauty. Peacocks as “the watchers” and the Argus. Parading beauty. Beautiful old buildings. Empires that require protection. Issues of belonging and being allowed in. Prominent families. Inherited values. Castles and rambling estates. Beautiful colors.

The Caution: Risking integrity to display success. Strutting one’s stuff. Inviting envy from others. Believing that one is all things to many people. Overloading others. Showing off and demanding acknowledgment. Trying to convince others of something. Noisy displays of wealth. Neglected buildings.

The Karmic Condition (the degree before) of the Moon is Taurus 29: Two Cobblers Working Side By Side At A Table

Keywords: People sharing quietly and persistently in their labor. Equal opportunities and equal responsibilities. Skills complimenting one another. Sharing materials, tools and tasks. Repairs to the soul. Reflexology. Partnerships. Work benches. Demarcations of work. The marriage of minds.

The Caution: Attempting to complete a task with shared responsibilities and yet gain all the credit. Committing to tasks that don’t bring real satisfaction or reward. Fighting over “who has to do what”. Bickering. Feeling like one’s work is not appreciated. Arguing over the use of appliances or tools. Co-dependence.

The trick with the Two Cobblers is to find someone with equal talent, skills or tools, or just being able to work alongside each other, both contributing to the end result. Whether you're in a relationship or single, this degree can manifest in some way now.

As always, I like to look at the Sun at the time of the full Moon. The Sun is on Scorpio 30: Children In Halloween Costumes Indulging In Various Pranks.

Keywords: The madman inside all of us. Astro-drama. The lifting of the veil between the living and the dead. Un integrated energies playing tricks on the unwary. Tricksters. Creative surprises. Halloween. Trick or treat. Practical jokes played on the unwary. Roaming the streets. Dressing up. Ghouls and ghosts.

The Caution: Being unable to connect with real and immediate emotions. Contempt for the establishment. ‘Mucking around’ and not getting to the core of things. Evading one’s responsibilities through being silly or madcap. Not respecting other people's boundaries.

With this degree the trickster in you or others could be out, or someone may not be taking anything seriously (or perhaps taking things too seriously) and there could be some unease about what exactly is going on. Keeping a sense of play can be an important antidote to any weird feelings hanging in the air.

Venus, the ruler of the Taurus full Moon, has just gone forward again after 40 days of being retrograde. Things will start to shift, at least on some levels. Venus is in the other sign that it rules: Libra. The Symbol is Libra 28: A Man Alone In Deep Gloom, Unnoticed, Angels Are Coming To His Aid. This speaks of the need to not feel lonely or forsaken, it's about awareness of spiritual help in times of need, salvation versus depression, feeling like ones luck is about to change, improvements in the pipeline, changes in the "weather", helpers arriving right when they're needed, angels and spiritual forces for good, etc.

Jupiter, also, has just (on the same day as Venus) started on its journey forward after months of being retrograde. As Venus and Jupiter are the two so-called benefics (beneficial planets), there could be a turning of the tide in good things coming your way with expansion and optimism as a result. Jupiter is on a degree that calls for cooperation and cohabitation. It's Pisces 24: The Tiny Island Seems Lost In The Broad Ocean, But Its Happy Inhabitants Have Created A World All Their Own. This speaks of adaptability and seeking others of like mind, knowing a lot of people, noise and light pollution, feeling like new blood is needed in order to grow and flourish, coexistence, apartments, flat mates, living together, people moving in. It can also show cutting off from those around, not having enough privacy or space, no chance to be alone, pollution and garbage, crowding out people, loneliness even amongst the many, being deserted and lost.

Over the coming weeks Jupiter will be going over the degrees that often sort out the wheat from the chaff in your life. Whether you're saying goodbye to someone, determining that someone is not being true or contributing to your life or abusing your generosity, etc, this will be a powerful time of letting them go. Jupiter will move from the Inhabited Island degree onto Pisces 25: The Purging Of The Priesthood and then Pisces 26: A New Moon Reveals That It's Time For People To Go Ahead With Their Different Projects. There is definitely a splitting off here on some level, although it can signify people who work or live beautifully together but need to find their own, separate paths. 

Feeling like you and yours are safe and sound is important (as always of course) on this full Moon. This is shown through Mercury being on Sagittarius 19: Pelicans Disturbed By The Garbage Of People Move Their Young To A New Habitat. This speaks of concerns with survival, peace and quiet, the endeavor to achieve mental, physical or emotional well-being or peace, noise and other irritants that make life difficult, looking out for the safety and security of ones children, home or creative ventures, having somewhere to rest.

Mars is conjunct (together with) Mercury on Sagittarius 18: Tiny Children Playing In Sunbonnets. This degree shows the need to protect the youngsters, ourselves, and, also, our creative ventures. Sometimes this degree shows blinkering that shades people from seeing the real truth of a situation. There can be onerous responsibilities where you have to look after others, sometimes while putting your own needs aside. The day after the full Moon, Mars moves onto Sagittarius 19 - the Pelicans degree. We have heard some horrific stories of children being abused - terrible stories. You may find that you have to move on from a situation that is disturbing or threatening or perhaps just disturbing your life. 

With Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius, it's likely that some decisions or announcements will be made. The trick may be to employ care and love and attention to people's sensibilities as Sagittarius can be a bit blunt at times.

Finding somewhere to rest could be tricky with Saturn on Libra 14: In The Heat Of the Noon, A Man Takes A Siesta. As this is Saturn here, it may be hard to get a good night's sleep, some rest or to take time out to relax and recuperate, and it could feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Saturn on this degree can bring about tiredness and grumpiness around the chores and duties one has to perform. See if you can take some time off, or make good use of your free time. 

 Uranus, the planet of rebellion, new ideas or breaking free, is on a lovely degree that, hopefully, will bring light and illumination to situations. The Sabian Symbol is Pisces 27: A Harvest Moon Illuminates The Sky. Time for some night vision too, I reckon. 

Last, but by no means least, is the karmic Moon's north node together with Pluto on the same degree. This is a powerful time and a trans formative one. The Symbol is Capricorn 4: A Group Of People Entering A Canoe For A Journey By Water. This, like the Karmic Condition of the full Moon, shows the need to work together with people (Jupiter also has this flavor to it). This speaks of cohesive effort, cooperation and coordination, people coming together with a shared goal in sight.

This feels like a very big full Moon. May it bring all kinds of blessings into your life.


Gwen in New Mexico 22nd November 2010 9:47 am

I appreciate your writing. Blessing and gratitude. Hugs


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