Planting The Seeds Of Knowledge and Life: The Cancer New Moon

The seed of God is in us. Given an intelligent and hard working farmer, it will thrive and grow up to God, whose seed it is; and accordingly its fruits will be God-nature. Pear seeds grow into pear trees, nut seeds into nut trees, and God seed into God Meister Elkhart

Is life worth living? This is a question for an embryo, not for a man. ~ Samuel Butler

With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see. ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

We can see a thousand miracles around us every day. What is more supernatural than an egg yolk turning into a chicken? ~ Rutherford Platt

In creating, the only hard thing is to begin: a grass blade’s no easier to make than an oak. ~ James Russell Lowell

People will have Roundup Ready soya whether they like it or not. ~ Ann Foster, spokesperson for Monsanto in Britain 1999

July's Cancerian new Moon occurs on July 8. Although times have been intense for longer than I can remember, this lunation feels like a bit more of a walk in the park. Having said that, the lead up to it, the days just before it, may be a bit testing with the Sun opposing Pluto and then the Moon opposing Pluto in the hours before the new Moon. Mercury is also retrograde, so there could be the feeling of things being on hold with forward movement being rather challenging. 

The Sabian Symbol for the new Moon is Cancer 17: The Seed Grows Into Knowledge And Life. From my book (click on the link for my special offer on the book and cards set and mini-readings) The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom

‘The Seed Grows Into Knowledge and Life’. The process of the germination of the ‘Seed’ is slow and progressive, and must start from the very beginning. This ‘Seed’ may be an idea, a relationship, a process, a job or a course of study, etc. From the germination of the ‘Seed’ comes ‘Knowledge and Life’. Remember the maxim: Think a thought and sow a seed; sow a seed and do a deed. Do a deed, create a habit; create a lifestyle.

The important thing to realize is that something of value has the opportunity to develop, but will need nurturing, attention, fertilization, care and hope. Things grow and, with time and nourishment, flourish, eventually providing further ‘Seeds’ for the future. However, at first, you may feel as though you are not growing or developing properly, or fast enough. Maybe there is dissatisfaction regarding your perceived progress. Perhaps you feel that everything will take too long if you start at the beginning.

There are no shortcuts with nature-things have to grow at their own pace and in their own time. It is important to start small and let things develop from there. Even if you feel as though there is no time to “baby” along the situation, in the long run it will be for the best. Sacrifices may be necessary to ensure the development is complete. This can indicate pregnancy or the inception of a new idea. In a broader context, there may emerge a whole new and inspiring approach to, or participation in life. It could eventually lead to the birth or the growth of something. A hobby or interest could turn into a money earning project. The time is fertile for the process of growth to begin.

Keywords: Small and careful beginnings leading to a beautiful flowering. Seeding things. New ideas bringing fulfillment. Pregnancy, childbirth and growing up. The growth of knowledge. Embryonic cells. Giving and receiving lessons. The urge to grow. Germination. Reaching towards light. Fertilization. Nourishment. Tender care. Genetic engineering. Transmutations. Teachers and students. The tree of knowledge. The Kabbalah.

The Caution: Rushing and missing vital parts. Arrogance about how much one knows. Being afraid to start a project because of time constraints. Not giving small things the reverence they deserve. Grabbing the fast dollar. Things that get out of hand.

The Karmic Condition (the degree before) of this new Moon is Cancer 16: A Man Studying A Mandala In Front Of Him, With The Help Of A Very Ancient Book. This speaks of putting together a plan, seeing the signatures in things, studying, etc. 

Keywords: Concentration. Overcoming obstacles by gaining control of one’s inner and outer life. Architecture and strategic planning. Lessons to be learnt from history. Astrology, numerology, tarot. Systems of thought that are laid out. Maps. The rules of warfare-anything with a strategy. Drawing strength and inspiration from squares and circles. Inward attention. Mandalas.

The Caution: Ignoring the old wisdom for modern rational systems. Lack of imagination. Going into a situation unorganized and unplanned. Trying to gain the better of others by out strategizing them. Not wanting to put in the work.

The Quest degree (the degree after) is Cancer 18: A Hen Is Scratching For Her Chicks. 

This degree follows on from The Seed That Grows Into Knowledge And Life. This speaks of finding nourishment and giving care to others, as well as to yourself, and making sure that all is safe and looked after.

With all the talk about the safety of Monsanto and their control of seeds and the dangers that can come from genetically modified food, it seems that things are set to ratchet up another level with people taking the threat to our bodies and our ecosystems more seriously. Vaccines are another point of contention at the moment. I'm seeing a lot of talk about issues to do with their safety. What is it that we are putting into our bodies? How can we protect our loved ones from harm? These are questions that this new Moon seems to be bringing up. 

Keywords: Searching for sustenance. Being devoted to nurturing small beginnings. Concern for the essential, small details. Repetitive cycles of things that have to be done. Being the “breadwinner”. Doing one’s duty. Being loaded with responsibility. Children. Progeny. Feeding others. Catering. Seeding ideas. Latch-key children. Working long hours.

The Caution: Pointless searching where there is no nourishment. Fussing too much. Not letting people grow up. Neglecting to nourish those who need it. Acting like a mother hen. No life of one’s own. Becoming a martyr for others. Self-sacrifice. ‘Scratching’ for tiny rewards. Co dependence. Tiring responsibilities. Scratching and picking. Paying the bills for others. Expecting to be looked after.

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims. ~  Buckminster Fuller

Mercury is retrograde and is conjunct (together with) this new Moon. The Sabian Symbol is Cancer 19: A Priest Performing A Marriage Ceremony

Keywords: Wedding ceremonies. Sanctified unity. Expressions of loyalty and allegiance. Making sacred vows. Commitment to a person or project. New ventures involving a lowering of accepted standards. Breaking social norms. Integration of heart and mind. Bridging generation gaps. Marriage guidance. Contracts signed and honored. Hand claspings. Hatch, match and dispatch ceremonies. Celebrants.

The Caution: Rigidly following established rules at the expense of new ways that may have greater personal relevance. Forcing people to come together. Bondage to social expectations. Arranged marriages. Taking risks with partners. Conforming to the expectations of the others. Of course, marriage is not going to be an issue for everyone. I have seen this Symbol prominent in situations to do with bringing people together, counselling, and committing to relationships of all kinds. 

Tis not the many oaths that make the truth; But the plain single vow, that is vow’d true. ~ William Shakespeare

The issue of gay marriage has been an everyday occurrence in the media and the discussion of it has been very visible lately, with some States in the US legalising it while it is seen as a topic in Australian politics. It's a bit of a political football, but we are seeing big breakthroughs happening, which are long overdue. 

During the two weeks following the new Moon Mercury retrogrades back over:

Cancer 18: A Hen Is Scratching For Her Chicks
Cancer 17: The Seed Grows Into Knowledge And Life
Cancer 16: A Man Studying A Mandala In Front Of Him, With The Help Of A Very Ancient Book
Cancer 15: A Group Of People Who Have Overeaten And Enjoyed It
Cancer 14: A Very Old Man Facing A Vast Dark Space To The Northeast on July 21 in Australia and July 20 in the US, where it stops its retrograde motion, is stationary for a few days and then starts its prograde (forward) motion again. 

All of these Symbols, apart from the very obvious issue of nourishment and care that the sign of Cancer brings, are degrees of nourishment and care. A double whammy. I wonder what backlash there will be felt around Monsanto and various other obscenities that are being foisted on us. 

Venus is on Leo 13: An Old Sea Captain Rocking On The Porch Of His Cottage. Venus is implying that it is good to take some time off, to think about things, to reflect on what has gone before and think about what might be to come. Most of all, it shows the need to sit, contemplate and to perhaps meditate. The Old Sea Captain may also be writing his memoirs, getting his thoughts down on paper about his life, perhaps, his battles, the things he's seen and been through. 

Keywords: Retreating into one’s self. Reflecting. Quiet confidence. Knowing that one can conquer life’s storms and come out wiser. Observing life from afar. Wanting to opt out. Retirement, pensions and pension plans. Being dismissed from one’s job. Redundancy. The story of one's life. Memoirs. Rocking chairs and verandahs. Contemplation. Gardening. Longing for calmer days. Letters, diaries, photographs. Houses, cottages. Taking a break from society.

The Caution: Ignoring what is happening in favor of memories. Inability to get going. Disconnecting from reality. Feeling lazy. The world owes you a living. Feeling jaded and worn out. Envying those that are "out there" in the world. Wanting others to look after you. Complacency. Giving in and giving up. Hangovers. Forgetfulness. Feeling impotent. Being uninvolved. Opting out before one's time.

I feel the need to extend what's going on with Venus as the messages are so interesting: 

The Karmic Condition of Venus is Leo 12: An Evening Lawn Party Of Adults. Are you wanting to get out and about and socialise, or are you feeling the need to sit back and be a bit reclusive and think, or even not think, perhaps to meditate, like the Sea Captain in his rocking chair? Some will be tired of the sometimes vacuous or tiring round of socialising and talking the small talk, while others may be tired of sitting on their porch and wanting to mix it up with people more - to have fun and meet new people. 

The Quest Symbol for Venus is Leo 14: Cherub-Like A Human Soul Whispers Into Every Receptive Ear, Seeking To Manifest. Many are reporting that they are seeing really amazing synchronicities happening and messages coming though, almost as if they are getting 'whispers' in their ears. This seems to be happening more and more. What are the messages that are coming through to you?

Mars seems to be saying something quite different from Venus. While Venus may want to sit quietly, digesting what is going on, the urge from Mars can be another story. 

Mars is on Gemini 27: A Young Gypsy Emerging From The Woods, Gazes At Far Cities. It is curious that Venus is the Old Sea Captain Rocking On The Porch and Mars is fired up and wanting to either tear off for distant shores, or, is focusing the gaze on those places, people or things that are seemingly far away. With Mars on this degree, some will be travelling, while others will be on the front porch and dreaming. Of course, some will not want to budge off that 'front porch' and are glad to be home and settled. And then there's the social media that we are surrounded by where we don't have to move an inch to have the outside world coming to us.

Mars, at this new Moon, is smack opposite the Galactic Center. This is likely to bring up a lot of synchronicities and magical events that can us marvelling at what we are capable of creating. 

I have become a queer mixture of the East and the West, out of place everywhere, at home nowhere. ~ Jawaharlal Nehru

Keywords: Dreaming of becoming part of something far-off. Streetwise lessons. New perspectives arising from larger realities. The steps from bohemian to corporate and vice-versa. Learning about credentials, using them to advantage. Things that are far off and distant. Ambition. Prophesy, astrology and tarot. Clairvoyance. Gypsies. Leaving family. Moving out on one’s own.

The Caution: Dissatisfaction and always looking elsewhere. A feeling of being “cast out”. Feeling alienated even amongst friends. Finding your self a long way from home. Difficulty turning back. Being in limbo with a lack of ambition. Not having a family to turn to.

He had the uneasy manner of a man who is not among his own kind, and who has not seen enough of the world to feel that all people are in some sense his own kind. ~ Willa Cather

The day after the new Moon, Mars will move onto Gemini 28: Bankruptcy Granted To A Man, He Leaves The Court With Mixed Feelings. This degree can bring up the need to walk free of something, to let yourself and others 'off the hook', to not make harsh judgments about yourself and others, etc, especially about what one has achieved or the place where you are now. 

Jupiter is on Cancer 3: An Arctic Explorer Leads A Reindeer Through Icy Canyons. This was the degree of the Sun at the last full Moon. It was the degree of Mars in the chart of The Titanic and it can indicate the need to move forward with care, sound judgment and slowly but surely as stopping could lead to a freezing over of situations, emotions and relationships, while racing ahead could prove to be risky and ill-advised.  

Keywords: Using animal instincts to get through tough times. Facing bad weather and hardship. Following the leader without knowing where one’s going. Unfamiliar surroundings. The point of no return. Being in a cul-de-sac. Being led around by the hand (or the nose). Treading carefully. Icebergs. Glaciers. Snow and ice. Risky ventures. The Titanic story.

The Caution: Taking those unfamiliar to the situation and unwittingly heading towards danger. Putting one’s self through hard times when it’s avoidable. Restrictive outlooks on life. Frozen responses. Frigidity. Feeling lost, alone, frozen with fear or forsaken. Willingly going the hard way. Lack of provisions.

It's interesting that Jupiter is on the iceberg degree and Saturn is on the waves crashing on rocks and wearing them down degree. Saturn is on Scorpio 5: A Massive Unchanging Rocky Shore Resists The Pounding Of The Sea. Do you feel that you're pounding away at something and it refuses to budge? Are you feeling worn down by the duties, responsibilities and constraints of life? Saturn will soon be moving forward again after being retrograde for months on this degree. 

Keywords: Relentless, unchanging reality. The establishment. Feeling battered and bruised. The need to hold onto reality in difficult situations. Sticking with something no matter what the cost or how long it takes. Chinese water torture. Evolution. Endurance. Pounding waves, rocks and sand.

The Caution: Stubborn acts leading to inertia, not growth. Tedious negotiations. Shooting yourself in the foot. Teenage rebellion. Fighting the elements.

The sea complains upon a thousand shores. ~ Alexander Smith

Life leaps like a geyser for those who drill through the rock of inertia. ~ Alexis Carrel

Uranus is on Aries 13: A Bomb Which Failed To Explode Is Now Safely Hidden From Discovery. This can point to situations where something could escape out into the air and all hell could break loose as a result. With Uranus here, the explosions can be incendiary, or, there can be anxiety around keeping everything quiet and not letting the situation get out of control. With Uranus on this degree, and it being in Aries, this is like a triple whammy of having to manage and control things so they don't erupt, get nasty or cause situations where we lose our perspective. 

Keywords: Pressure valves. Getting away with something. Tantrums and frustration. Tempers that simmer. Explosive behavior. Bombs, explosions. Sudden and forceful events. Intelligence organizations, CIA, FBI, ASIO, etc. Valuable lessons of self-restraint. Relief from problems. Discharging nervous energy. Security checks. Last minute escapes.

The Caution: Suppressing stress or illness. Doing inappropriate things and thinking the secret safe. Repressing emotions. Undefined anger. Pressure cooker energy that needs to be released slowly. Explosions damaging more than expected. Activists. Deception behind one’s back. Clash of ideals. Terrorism.

Neptune is on Pisces 6: A Parade Of Army Officers In Full Dress. This degree can bring up issues to do around one's duty, what needs to be done, what is and what isn't your responsibility? Are you being asked to turn up in 'uniform' and do what others expect of you? Are you living your authentic self? This can be a beautiful degree of people serving others, being there when needed, and, sometimes, putting their own needs aside in order to help others. With Neptune here, though, it can be hard to decipher when you should 'suit-up' and get out and do your duty and when it's time to sit back, perhaps on the porch and not stress. Also, with Neptune here, it can be that others are not working, putting in the effort or living up to your expectations.

Keywords: National pride on display. Reminders of those putting life and limb on the line for kin and country. Uniforms, hats. People seeking recognition from the community, regardless of what they’ve personally achieved. Patriotism. Memories of war. Being committed to service. Medals. Stripes. Uniformity. Grinning and bearing it. Projecting the “right image”. Drills and routines. Displays of courage. Assembling together. Braiding and piping. Spit and polish. Parades and marching. Police and law enforcement. Guns and bayonets. The importance of looking good.

The Caution: “Stiff” and unfeeling displays. Having special privileges that others don’t. Doing what one must do. Hiding behind a façade. Not being prepared, or able, to show one’s true self. “Drill sergeants” who scream and shout. People parading their importance. False courage. Taking the glory away from the little people. Wearing anything.

Pluto is on Capricorn 11: Pheasants Display Their Brilliant Colours On A Private Estate. Pluto is opposing this new Moon, bringing quite a bit of tension to it. However, the square rather quickly fades after the new Moon as the aspect separates. 

Keywords: Assuming authority and the need for it. Benevolence bestowed. Winning by charisma and strength of numbers. Finding a true sense of place. Signs that one should be in charge. Staking one’s claim. The ‘Claim of Recognition’. Respect. Having to stand up or stand out in the crowd. Having the charisma of leadership. Consolidating power. Popularity contests.

The Caution: Power tripping and struggles. Over-inflated views of one’s self. The continual need to quieten power battles. Being challenged by those left and right. Demanding attention and that others follow orders. Taking over. Selfish and ego-driven. Too many chiefs.

The karmic Moon's north node may hold a big key to how we should hold the positive middle ground with all that is going on, in and around us. The Sabian Symbol is Scorpio 16: A Girl's Face Breaking Into A Smile. 

Keywords: Breaking the ice. Drawing others. Radiating happiness. Facial expressions. Changing one’s expression or demeanor. Facial feedback. Making positive eye contact. Transferring feelings that lift others. Releasing stress, worry and anger. Distances bridged between people. Being face-to-face. Teeth, lips, gums, dimples, eyes. Facial lines. Dental work. Beauty that radiates.

The Caution: False happiness to satisfy others’ needs. Covering up how one’s really feeling through putting on a show of happiness. Lack of sincerity. Rigidity of responses. Sour faces. Feeling sad and lonely. Keeping people on the sidelines and the periphery of one’s life. Grumpy attitudes. Refusal to communicate.

[The pic I posted above of the boys is not exactly a girl's face breaking into a smile, but I thought it might make a lot of you smile nonetheless!]

Last, but not least, is Chiron retrograde on Pisces 14: A Wrapped In Fox Fur. This can be suggesting that we wrap ourselves in the 'fox totem' - to wrap ourselves in the protection of the fox. 

Keywords: Outer expressions of real inner worth. Animal magnetism and attraction. Intelligence and its display. Cloaks of feminine wit and sexuality. Beguiling minds. Animal totems and furs. Perceived beauty. The sense of having class and money. Beauty, fashion and talent. Being forward and upfront. Sense of personal style. Grace and composure. Elegance. Knowing what to say and when. Dressing up. Money spent on beauty. Tempting others with sexual signals. Perfumes. Pheromones. Taxidermy.

The Caution: False fronts and expressions of wealth. Selling out for momentary, or monetary, gain. Wrapped in intellectual superficiality. The fatal allure of beauty. Scoring points solely through charisma. Being so caught up in fashion and glamor that one loses a true sense of self. Being overdressed.




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