Storms, Strikes, Solar Shocks And The Whole Shebang: July's Cancer New Moon

Watch out for emergencies. They are your big chance. Fritz Reiner

A man is sometimes lost in the dust of his own raising. David Ruggles

It is your business when the wall next door catches fire. Horace

Rain does not fall on one roof alone. Cameroon Proverb

You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. Barbara De Angelis

“I lose my temper, but it’s all over in a minute," said the student. “So is the hydrogen bomb,” I replied. "But think of the damage it produces!” George Sweeting

There is a great deal of unmapped country within us which would have to be taken into account in an explanation of our gusts and storms. George Eliot

Try to relax and enjoy the crisis. Ashleigh Brilliant

Hi-def-cme-sdoJuly's Cancer new Moon occurring on July 19 is a particularly strong one, and, it is somewhat of a doozy. I keep saying how strong these lunations are, just about every month we've been having enormously strong full and new Moons and this one is an award winner. We've got a big tight t-square between Mars, Uranus and Pluto, along with a very strong coronal mass ejection (which releases a huge amount of solar energy), Mercury going retrograde and several very testing Sabian Symbols. With the strong geomagnetic storms that are erupting now, it's amazingly synchronistic that the Sabian Symbol for the new Moon is Cancer 27: A Furious Storm In A Canyon Filled With Valuable Homes.The wording in this Symbol is rather strong and may cause concern for some. Please note that the 'storm' can come in many forms and it may not actually play out in your life on a personal level - some will see it reflected in events in the world outside. Whatever is going to happen, it is likely to be meaningful and memorable in some way and this is a particularly gnarly week astrologically speaking.

The following is from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom

‘A Violent Storm in a Canyon Filled With Valuable Homes’ shows that a ‘Storm’ has released its fury on those in its path. The ‘Weather’ that has been unleashed can reflect actual weather, or psychological or emotional conditions. The ‘Homes’ need not be "expensive", but are places that are 'Valuable' to the occupants, they usually feel protected and safe. Somehow, a ‘Storm’ has raged through. Exactly what will happen next may be rather uncertain.

You may find yourself much deeper in a situation than you may have imagined, and now you are caged by the “walls” around you. There is probably no immediate escape from the turbulence that is happening. You may have had some forewarning that this ‘Storm’ was coming; with pressure piling up, threatening to explode at any moment. You may have had no intention or made no particular movements to invoke this ‘Storm’, however it’s out of hand in your environment nonetheless. The best thing to do is to wait it out and protect yourself, and those around you. Although this may have been building for days, or years, many are often taken by surprise at the sudden turn of events or the intensity of what’s being unleashed. An event or something that was said can let loose a torrent of emotional and physical energy that may be hard to contain. In fact, endeavoring to contain it may result in more damage. Things probably need to blow themselves out naturally. A positive outcome may not come to light for awhile, but things will fall back where they are meant to, in the end. Look back to see what you’ve contributed, as it may help to see a way out, or at least reconcile what’s happened. It’s likely that a number of people have been affected. It may be a disaster, or it may end up being a blessing in some way. See if you can rebuild your community – some people may have to be left out of your life, however.

Keywords: Arguments and emotional confrontations. The “pressure cooker” environments of modern-day living. Psychic energy unleashed. Furious emotions. Changing the status quo. Bad weather and its consequences. Rebuilding from the foundations. Living in canyons. Being surrounded by mountainous peaks. The awesome power of nature.

The Caution: Wrongly believing that you are in control of the uncontrollable. Enjoyment of emotional storms and turmoil. Lots of noise that erupts out of nowhere. Whipping things up. Life-threatening behavior. Confrontations. Storm fronts. Social upheavals. Disturbing or violent reactions. Domestic violence.

Venus seems to be adding to the angst, noise, or the emotions that could get a little out of  hand. It's on Gemini 16: A Woman Activist Is On A Platform Dramatizing Her Cause. From my book: There is a ‘Platform’, that she is standing on and a message that she wants others to hear and understand. Although she stands up for what she feels, she may strike resistance. She may feel misunderstood and disadvantaged simply because of her gender, status or experience. This may be due to the ignorance of others but she must press her case or the status quo will remain. What is it that's on your mind and needs to be expressed?

Keywords: Stating one’s case. Revealing social passions. Being a mouthpiece for the emotions of the collective. The desire to be heard. Having a platform or stage. The need for rational emotional points to be made. Being the “underdog”. Many things running through the mind. The battle between the masculine and the feminine. Taking it to the streets. Announcements. Fighting for a cause. Having to shoulder too many things.

The Caution: Pressing opinions on the unwilling and disinterested. Feeling that no one listens or cares. Rational or political structures overriding one’s life. Going over the top trying to get a message across. Feeling like the “woman” who is never listened to. Controlling the agenda. Hormonal swings. Male chauvinism blocking female progress. Justifying ones self. Silly ideas.

Women's rights are coming up everywhere in the media and in our lives, as are the rights of people everywhere. Of course, 'she' may be championing the rights of men, animal or oppression that comes from anywhere.

Backing up the 'protester' theme of Venus is Jupiter on Gemini 8: Aroused Strikers Surrounding A Factory. This placement of Jupiter (on the degree that Venus recently went direct and spent several days on) is accentuating the 'going on strike' theme in a very big way. It seems that a lot of people are going to be 'protesting' or fed-up about their lives or their conditions or the way they are expected to just keep on keeping on (no matter what - and with those 'in charge' getting away with murder).

Keywords: Bargaining to find more equitable solutions. Demanding better rights and conditions. Comradeship. Disruption of the normal flow. Not wanting to contribute or work. Taking time out to consider one’s position. Taking action or refusing to act. Labor strikes and strikers. Demonstrations. Peace rallies. Standing up for others. Scab labor. Sweat shops. Slave labor. Strikes. Bosses. Workers. Placard waving.

The Caution: Being obsessed with what is desired. Refusing any compromises. Going without one’s due in order to protest. Being locked out because of one’s actions or attitude. Being left out in the street. Greedy behavior. Asking for more than one’s share. Overworked and underpaid. Shutting down.

Smack in the middle of this is the Uranus/Pluto square with Mars forming a t-square to the configuration. The chart to the left has all the squares and oppositions accentuated - these are bound to be pushing people's buttons. Uranus is at Aries 9, Pluto is at Capricorn 8 and Mars is at Libra 9 - that is a tight t-square! And with volatile, pushing and testing planets to boot (please excuse the pun).

Mars is at Libra 9: Three Old Masters Hanging In A Special Room In An Art Gallery - Sometimes They Seem To Speak To Each Other. This seems to imply that we can benefit from seeing the beauty around us, to take time out for art, beauty, peace, culture and meaning in our lives. Communicating is an issue as well, as the 'Masters' are said to 'Speak To Each Other'.

Keywords: Truth in the image. Intuitive vision. Reverence for art, form and tradition. Images bringing messages. Art collections and collecting art. Photographs. Capturing life in a work of art. Furniture of a period. The art of placement. Beautiful images. Wisdom speaking. Crowded galleries or empty rooms. Images that speak volumes. The Sabian Symbols as images. Minds that don’t shut down. Animations.

The Caution: Undue reliance on conservative values. Too much importance placed on appearance instead of substance. Snobbery caused by elevated feelings of importance. Art’s rarefied atmosphere that excludes others as unworthy or uneducated. Serious faces.

The Karmic Condition of Mars (the degree before) is noteworthy in that it ties right in  with the Uranus/Pluto square. It's Libra 8: A Blazing Fireplace In A Deserted Home. I mention it because I think it's what we may need to know about in order to employ 'the fire' that nurtures and can be an antidote for any loneliness, desertion or problems we may be facing. From my book:

Even in times of real loneliness, when you are separated from everyone or everything, there is a constant, sometimes unseen, sustaining energy ready to welcome you ‘Home’; whether it be the ‘Fire’ of your own spiritual center, the warmth and familiarity of family and kin, or the certainty that one is sustained by humanity at large. The ‘Home’ may be ‘Deserted’ by having no parent, or no one living there, someone moving out or by having no furniture or few of the usual comforts. Everybody should have a place of refuge and safety and sometimes we have to be reminded that the warmth of the “flame” is always there for us, and that we just need to acknowledge it and accept it. A ‘Home’ can be a symbol of love—even when it is left behind or ‘Deserted’ it can remain warm and ready for your return. This can be the love within family, marriage, or close friends. This love should never really diminish or lose its warmth. Also, a ‘Home’ can radiate warmth and protection by its very nature. Something simple like turning on the lights can make a home warm, comfortable and inviting to others. Placing a candle in the window or turning on a light in the hall can work wonders, lifting your spirits and inviting love in.

Keywords: Security and comfort left behind. A fire left blazing inside to reassure. Wood for burning. Gas, electricity connections. Holiday homes, or homes that are rarely visited. Homes filled with love, if not people or possessions. The warmth of the heart. Holding a candle for someone who’s gone. Fertility issues. Heart and hearth. Fireplaces. The place to which one returns.

The Caution: A sense of isolation, separation, abandonment, and bitterness. Sabotage by, or of, loved ones and family. Being forced out of the home, possibly for social reasons. Desertion and decay of love. Never being at home because of work concerns and commitments. Separation. Divorce. Latch-key children. Feeling alone and out in the cold. The light being on, but no one at home. Lack of domestic supplies.

As Mars is actually on Libra 9: The Three Old Masters In An Art Gallery, employing art, photography, joy in the beauty that's around can help dispel any negative energies.

Mercury is retrograde on Leo 12: An Evening Lawn Party Of Adults. It spends several days on this degree, and it asks the questions of who do you spend your time with? who do you want to spend your time with? what conversations do you find yourself in? what place does the lives of others hold over your life? are you sharing your time with others or spending time alone at home?

Keywords: Rising above superficiality into receptivity and peace with others. People mixing in a social setting. Sedate and conservative celebrations. Formal events vs. impromptu gatherings. Gossip. Leisure time. Political correctness. Enjoying socializing. Being a good conversationalist. Drinks and food on platters. Knowing who to invite.

The Caution: A sense of superficiality where things are known but not said out loud. Appearance and social standing taking on too much importance. Ignoring real and immediate issues. Not knowing how to act with the “adults”. Malicious gossip. Having to face those you don’t want to see. Getting drunk and “out of bounds”. False fronts.

This can bring up issues of people drinking or 'getting out of it'. There's also the theme of the rich and the not so rich. Who's invited to the party and who's not? Who has the resources or the wherewith all to be involved? While some are protesting on the streets, on the Internet and staying home, some are drinking champagne or are spending money while others go without. This degree Symbol is part of the grand cross that speaks of the story of Cinderella. Perhaps it's a time to see how and where we do too much, sell ourselves short or compromise our lives.

Finding a sense of purpose and balance is important with Saturn on Libra 24: A Third Wing On The Left Side Of A Butterfly.

Keywords: Creative overbalance. Bodily impairments and handicaps. Being light, flippant and fluttering from thing to thing. Over-sensitivity. Oddities. Beautiful imperfections. Idiot savants. Imbalances. One side of the body being more perfect than the other. Wings, arms, legs, feet.

The Caution: Unrealistic reliance on being different. Obsession with strange things. Feeling useless and out of place. Flapping around and not getting anywhere. Restlessness and nervousness. Lopsidedness.

Uranus is on a wonderful degree of being able to see into things - Aries 9: A Seer Gazes  Intently Into A Crystal Ball Before Him.

Keywords: Flashes of inspiration. Tuning in and looking within for answers. Creative visualizations. Aura readings. Cutting through irrelevant messages. Looking carefully at structure. Seeking perfection. Clairvoyance. Illumination and deep insights. Looking ahead to see the signs.

The Caution: Confused by literal meanings. Not seeing the symbolic message. Always looking this way and that, not at the center. Getting lost in the big picture. Daydreaming and ignoring what’s really going on. Obsessing over what may happen. Needing to know what’s coming up. Being impatient

Neptune is on a degree that talks about the records of the past. It's Pisces 3: A Petrified Forest, An Eternal Record Of A Life Lived Long Ago. With Neptune here, we may want to go through the past and throw out those things that we no longer need, or perhaps, those things that we can no longer carry around with us.

Keywords: Remnants from the past. Stillness. Agelessness. Plastic surgery. Being able to withstand life’s storms. Resilience. Crystals, diamonds, gemstones. Beauty that remains ageless. Wood and lacquered wood. Coal, oil and petrochemicals. Diets. Dependability. Family histories. Keeping records. Amber. Fossils. Geology. Archeology. Ancient remnants. Mental and emotional filing cabinets. Lingering evidence. Petrified wood. Photographs and photography. Stones. Stone monuments. Diaries.

The Caution: Rigidity, immobility, inflexibility. Being frozen. Not letting go of difficulties. Hanging on for grim death. Feeling stuck. Destroying the old. Severing links to the past. Keeping tabs. Memories that destroy the present.

Pluto is on Capricorn 8: Birds In The House Singing Happily. This speaks of having a happy attitude, listening out for good news and things all being well. However, with Pluto here, there may be reasons to lament how things are actually going; it could be that not everything is going fabulously. Perhaps you are noticing where you're hearing too much negative talk (from within you or from the outside world) and you're wanting to lift the vibration of the energy that's around you.

Keywords: Being at one with everything. Tunes sung or whistled. The promise of contentment. Communal sharing and fun. Faith in the good things of life. Music. Instruments. Playing the piano. Singing. The radio. Chattering in the background. Entertaining others. Seeing the beauty in life. Reminding others of how life can be rewarding. The sound of voices. Birds. Positive thinking.

The Caution: Idle chatter. Smug superiority and the feeling that one has it all. Not seeing the happiness inherent in one’s everyday life. Whining and complaining. Making noise for the sake of it. Looking only at the difficulties one faces. Feeling caged in. Unable to fly when and where one wants to. Loneliness. Feeling abandoned by the good things.

Neptune, on the 'records from the past' is forming a t-square with the karmic Moon's nodes. The north node is on Sagittarius 4: A Little Child Learning To Walk With The Help Of His Parents. This shows where someone (and it may be you, or someone else) is needing the help, assistance, encouragement and guidance of someone older or more knowledgeable or gifted.

Keywords: Making genuine progress or always tripping over. Instinctive determination to get on with the job. People taking delight in the smallest progress. Baby steps leading to big things. Trying out and accepting one’s individuality. Help from authorities. Seeking guidance and advice. Feeling mother earth under your feet. Parental assistance. Walking on new ground.

The Caution: Relying on skills not yet mastered. Not taking the initiative to put one’s self forward. Putting your self at risk rather than accepting help. Acting like one is incompetent in order to draw sympathy and/or help. Meddling and “assisting” when one should be on the sidelines, encouraging. Knowing that someone is going to “trip over” and not offering help.

Your relationship with your parents, your children, friends, business partners, etc, may require someone to take the lead and show the way.

Whatever is going on for us this week, it's going to be meaningful. We must navigate the waters of the Uranus/Pluto/Mars t-square carefully, along with the solar and terrestial storms we're experiencing now. With a bit of luck and good management, though, we can bring about massive changes in our lives that are more in accord with the way we want things to be.


laughlight 20th July 2012 1:13 pm

always, thank you
the storms in the canyon? happened several weeks ago Colorado Springs, CO ~ literally
I find much validity in all I read of your forecast today.
So dependable, so smart


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