The Epiphany of Self

Rise in Soul Light now for your time is near

My Greetings to you once more as I enter your presence. Some will feel my essence strongly, others will simply feel a peacefulness come over them. I come to you to guide you, to assist you, to release any fear, and also to remind you again how much you are loved. This is why I come and also the Archangels. All assist you through this time. I remind you also at this time not to fear your linear year of 2012. Do not. It is a predestined date for man to be awakened through Light, toward experiencing Christ Consciousness, leading all to connect to Source, to God to Oneness. So please, do not fear, rather give over in peace. This is the only way many of you will obtain the peace you seek.

Loosing Control

You may feel you are losing control in your life. I ask you "losing control of what?" You see what you fear you are loosing control of is what you have created.

Perhaps also you have created the structure of your life from the beliefs of others. Beliefs taught to you as a child from your parents and teachers.

This one (Lynette) heard a little of this from another's words last evening. It has remained strongly with her as it fits so well with my subject now. So you may begin to understand why I ask you - "loosing control of what?"

Ask yourself in what area of your life do you feel this most powerfully. Examine it carefully. Then ask yourself how important is it to you, and choose a different path forward. If it is another's choice, perhaps words from a partner or friend, then you must ask guidance from your sacred heart centre.

There is also a need to understand that many are on different levels of awareness. Therefore not everyone will see situations as you do. Not everyone will understand your thinking, your actions. In this, surrender. Allow them time to understand. Do not feel anger because they do not see or understand as you do. In that mindset you invite darkness to pervade your Light essence. Your conscious mind will begin an internal battle of yes, no, like, dislike. You will begin a downward spiral. Simply surrender. Understand and let them be. Instead of hurt or anger, surround them in love to assist them forward on their journey. In this you gain freedom, and in that freedom you gain much Soul Light and gain victory over your emotional body.

The Epiphany of Self

The planets are instrumental in presenting much transformation in your world over the coming season. Some will experience a state of "flux" - uncertainty - to enable the higher self to step forward. Some will experience an epiphany of the self - a life changing moment where you see with great clarity the futility of what has been. It is a moment in which you catch a glimpse of your true magnificence, a glimpse of what is there for you. A glimpse of new enlightened understanding. This is so powerful, so encompassing in the beauty and wonder.

It is at this moment the veil you have held over you is lifted in glorious triumph of Soul - your Soul. This is happening for many of you as more and more souls awaken to a beautiful new day of being. Yes, a new day of being. So as a new journey begins, as you seek to clear, to heal, to find your own inner gifts, they are revealed to you.

Soul Gifts

These are called your Soul gifts, what you brought with you in your Soul knowledge, your Soul memory. It is at this time you need to heal your Soul memory of previous hurtful experiences contained in previous lifetimes. Understand the hurts were in a previous existence where some of you experienced a painful death because of your Soul wisdom. I wish you to understand it was a different era in Earths timeline of experience. Therefore heal. Heal the memory, heal the Soul and move again in greater freedom to answer your Soul's call.

Your Soul gift is never for you alone, no. It is to share with all. To join in the beautiful healing tapestry of Light, of Oneness.

Where all are joined in Light, through the Creator, yet are individual as well - as above so below. Above in Oneness you share all, yet below you choose each experience as an individual. This is now, in your year 2010, a year of opening, of healing, and of releasing all past pain.

Yet I say to you as you move forward to a new year, 2011, it will begin a time of experiencing Oneness below - in your daily lives - as well as above. You will begin to open more to others, to share in a higher spirit of Blessedness. Yes, it will be so. For as you progress forward in Light and open your Soul gifts you will feel the energy of God flow through you. Thus you will experience Blessedness. Such a glorious moment. You have not as yet experienced this. Because I tell you the more you open to your Soul, through your heart centre, the more flow of Light you will produce. I speak correctly dear one. I hear you say "how can I produce a flow of Light? A flow of God's energy? Surely only God can only do this."

The Golden Link of Creation

Allow me to tell you, to explain. It is simple. More simple than you realize. I have spoken many times of your Diamond Light. contained in your higher heart. This exists in every one of you, no matter how dark the personality is presented in your world. The Diamond Light is the spark of God essence each of you holds within. You hold a part of God within you. Yes, each of you. I tell you truth. Therefore as you overcome your own personality self, your ego through your conscious mind, as you overcome these, you open to the Light of Creation.

This pure Light which is omni present, ignites your Diamond Light within.

This creates the capacity within your being to produce and hold great quantities of Light.

A Turning Point

As your quantity of Light within builds, you carry what we refer to as your Light Quotient. With this the Soul radiates out, encompassing you - all of you in pure Light. The Light essence of God. The Light passes all understanding. For all your experiences are known, yet overcome, healed and loved through your Light Quotient. So you become a true child of God, growing and sharing in Light, in true Oneness. You see all. Those still on their journey of experience, those still holding on to the ego personality, you see all. Yet with the magnificence and greatness of the Light you understand. You simply be. In your joyous power of God created Oneness. At this point my friend we celebrate your magnificence. We celebrate your great journey of experience through the Ages and welcome a new Age, a new Earth of Light, of peace, of greatness. The meditation I have given allows you to experience your magnificent Light of Creation through the essence of Gods energy fields.

My Love to you.

Master Kuthumi.



johneblums 12th July 2010 9:19 am

The DIA-MOND light is the Chris-t-All light of God-dess for it is also the CAR-DIA-MOND : "HEART LIGHT" WORLD and SOURCE POINT,ie THE BEGINNING. This Source or Alfa-Omega Point is also known as the "ZEROTH POINT" of the Spiritual and Physical Cosmic Energy/Rays of All Creation.It is the "NULL/ZERO" sphere of God-dess from which all multi-dimensional life,light and matter is created out of "Nothing".Those who have already reached this Zeroth point/destination know their I-AM names and their One-ness with Mother-Father God. At this point their holy spirit essence and light-body shines like a brilliant and blinding light to those in the lower realms of creation or spirituality, and this light is self generating into perpetuity. Those who dwell at the Zeroth Point appear to one another just like normal HU-MANS (God-Beings). To some their brilliant light bodies take on the appearance of angels. From the word "ZE-RO-TH" comes the reflective word "THE ROZE" as in GE-ROZE-LAM.

At "Zero-Th-All-yah" I Am
(like a Flowering Rose of Eternal Love)


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