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Ailia Mira > Live as You Want to Live.

Do your beliefs allow you to be supported when you’re doing and being what you want? If they don’t maybe you want to upgrade your mindset, raise your standards...

Ailia Mira > Expanding Energetically

There is a lot of realigning going on. Many of us have experienced a lot of expansion and an increase in coherence. This may make it clearer to you what really matters. It may also make you want to say, "No," to some things that you used to do...

All Life on Earth is moving into new expression and as it does, you too, are being drawn in this energy momentum, into new and highest expression. The solar activity has been high lately and this, along with the Eclipse Portal is also helping to usher you into a new way of...

Ailia Mira > Rest. Let the inner spark of Life move you.

As we shared recently, your soul’s highest destiny is being activated by the energy streaming in your world from the Eclipse Cycle. This, like all Eclipse Cycles and the energy they bring, is in support of you...

Ailia Mira > Newest Energy Potentials, April 2022

There is tremendous acceleration occurring right now. The light within us is increasing in amplitude and generating a more complete expression of the harmonics of our non-physical wholeness.

Ailia Mira > Infinite Light Knows Itself and Seeks Completion

These days are very challenging. What's going on on the inner planes and what's going on in the out-pictured world seem to be significantly at odds with one another and we feel the questioning...

Ailia Mira > All Life is Being Re-Made

The light within you grows and grows, expanding and uplifting your presence. You notice this as some tiredness, some emptiness. Some feelings of being rather empty in thought.

Ailia Mira > Angelic Energies Align With Humanity's Choice

As you express more fully and clearly, more directly, more through inner knowing and in alignment with divine order, you will find that you are sharing more of your innate divinity with the world.

Ailia Mira > Open to New Ways of Being

The energy is shifting and we want you to know that new light is informing your cells, the very structure of your body and this light is opening up the avenue to new experience of time and space.

Ailia Mira > The Deepening

You and I share a very dear thing --  a deep inner knowing in the vast potential for human consciousness to evolve. A sense that this is happening, despite all appearances, and that we can help to anchor new ways of being, in our world.

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