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Ann Albers > Turning It All to Good

Everything you have manifested in your life, intentionally or not, can be turned into something good. Even the most unwanted situations you have inadvertently allowed or attracted can be changed for your benefit.

Today the angels talk about our up and down cycles. We share some tips about turning the down around more quickly so we can enjoy the higher, happier times again.

Ann Albers > A Moment is Enough

It only takes a moment... In one moment of opening to a higher vibe we can receive some life-altering guidance. Today the angels talk about making that choice to improve your mood.

Ann Albers > You are SO Worthy!

Today the angels talk about how we are being the best version of ourselves in a given moment and how we deserve love no matter what. I'll talk about self-acceptance and share some pointers.

Ann Albers > Living in Worthiness

Today the angels remind us that we're all worthy of love, already loved, and deserve to feel good. When we live as if we are, we feel we are, and then we know we are! Then we let the good in!

Ann Albers > Peace on a Silent Night...

Many of you reading this are celebrating your holidays at this time. However you gather, or whether you gather, you are embraced by those of us in the heavens. You are loved beyond measure and treasured, for you are a gift to the universe. 

Ann Albers > Who Can You Trust...

Today the angels talk about how to feel safe in a crazy world and what you can trust. I'll share some stories of how the universe has our back and how you can learn to receive guidance you can truly trust.

Ann Albers > Facts, truths, & Truth

Today the angels talk about facts, truths, and the one Truth worth embracing. I'll talk about my first and last lie at the age of five and how that has shaped my view of "Truth" even when the facts in this world are hard to embrace.

Ann Albers > When Life Offers Hate - Turn to Love

Today the angels suggest we learn to avoid disconnecting ourselves from love when we witness the hateful and hurtful behaviors of those who are already disconnected. They give us tools to help us find a more loving vibe, even when we slip into a very human reaction.

Today the angels talk about true faith in terms of vibration and creation, and how our faith in a brighter world is heading us toward that future. I'll share some stories about how quickly faith creates, and tips to help you embrace the faith that does move mountains.

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