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Today the angels talk about the importance of feeling good to feel and flow God. I'll share some ways I constantly use to recalibrate to love and some thoughts to help you give yourself permission to do so.

Ann Albers > Living in Appreciation

Today the angels talk about finding the vibration of appreciation no matter what... so you can feel great! I'll share a story of my own appreciation and some tips to help you find that vibe more easily.

Ann Albers > Keep the Magnet On!

Today the angels talk about how we sift through a multitude of frequencies with every breath and demonstrate how we can turn a tough day around. I'll share how I use vibration to help me find answers...

Ann Albers > Help Is Always There

There is never a time in your lives when you are without support. There is never a time in your lives when you must solve a single problem on your own.

Ann Albers > Forgiving Yourself....

This week the angels go deeper into the subject of forgiveness and how to take back your power so powerfully that forgiveness is not even needed. I'll share examples & practical tips.

Ann Albers > Do your Personal Rules Serve You?

Look at the personal rules you follow by rote. Do the "rules" you learned decades ago resonate with you today? Does it always feel right to eat your dinner before dessert, finish your work before play, or make nice instead of speaking up? 

Today the angels talk about giving yourself permission to have your likes and dislikes so we can all get out of the thankless dance of "right and wrong" and instead focus only on what is right and wrong...

My dear friends, we love you all so very much. Certainly all of you on this list are loving, giving, and caring souls, who long to share God's love quite freely here upon your planet earth. You long to be known as the loving souls that you are, and often you go above and beyond the call of duty to demonstrate this love. Then, just as often, many of you become frustrated if the love is not reciprocated. Dear ones, this is only human and yet since you have asked us to comment, we will.

Ann Albers > Nature's Nurture

This week, the angels talk about Mother Nature and how she freely shares so much with us. They talk about how to enjoy her help as we attune to the higher vibes to experience a better reality.

Ann Albers > Look for Love Emerging

Today the angels talk about how love is emerging even in the darkness, and I share stories about how they've taught me to see it everywhere... and how you can cultivate that habit too.

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