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Ann Albers > Alligators on the path :)

Today, the angels talk about the "alligators" on our paths, which I thought was a hilarious analogy, but a good one! I'll talk about handling them both conceptually and practically speaking.

Ann Albers > The Value of Feeling

Today the angels talk to us about the importance of noticing our feelings so we can recalibrate before spiraling into an unpleasant vibration. I'll share a humorous story from my past and some tips...

Ann Albers > Turning It All to Good

Everything you have manifested in your life, intentionally or not, can be turned into something good. Even the most unwanted situations you have inadvertently allowed or attracted can be changed for your benefit.

Ann Albers > Keep the Magnet On!

Today the angels talk about how we sift through a multitude of frequencies with every breath and demonstrate how we can turn a tough day around. I'll share how I use vibration to help me find answers...

Ann Albers > The Gratitude of the Infinite

I never really thought about the Divine being grateful. Somehow the idea that God would appreciate me was bigger than the beliefs I was raised with. Nonetheless, the first time I shut my eyes, sat in silence, and asked to see myself through the eyes of God,

Ann Albers > Receiving Heaven's Broadcast

The angels have been coaching us to tune into better-feeling thoughts for some time. Today, they explain, in many ways, how that practice allows us to access their unceasing stream of love, support, and guidance.

Ann Albers > Peace Now

You can find peace in a chaotic world. You need not wait for conditions, people, or anything in your external life to change. You can be calm as circumstances and energies whirl around you and simply observe...

Today the angels talk about the importance of feeling good to feel and flow God. I'll share some ways I constantly use to recalibrate to love and some thoughts to help you give yourself permission to do so.

Ann Albers > Divine Synchronization

The entire universe is designed to operate in a harmonious dance of divine synchronization. If you listen to your heart's guidance, you will find yourself easily drawn to those you can assist or uplift and as well those dear souls who can assist and uplift you.

Ann Albers > You Really Can't Fail!

There's no such thing as failure according to the angels... only growth. Learn how to lighten up with yourself and find the growth when you feel you failed!

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