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Ann Albers > Be Who You Are

My dear friends, we love you so very much. In your week of giving thanks, we give thanks and praise for the gift that you are upon your planet earth. It is through your willingness to choose love instead of hate, faith instead of fear, and to find abundance where others see only lack, that you bring God's light into the world. You are the cournocopia of life dear friends. You are the ones who are willing to fill you cup and then spill it over into the world. It takes courage to be human. It takes even more courage to believe in love.

Ann Albers > You Are Never Stuck

My dear friends, we love you so very much. As you proceed through your days dear friends remember that the way you choose to look at your life and your world will create your experience of reality. The world is the world. Life is life. People are going to be who they are. Will you be the ones searching for the light within these situations and seeing the truth of God behind all things, or will you succumb to the illusion that darkness has the upper hand? 

Ann Albers > God Is Your Banker

My dear friends, we love you so very much. Rest assured dear ones that while the circumstances of your life and your world will always change, the reality of God's love for you is eternal. God could no sooner forget you or your needs than the brain could forget a single cell within the body. You are part of God's creation dear ones - precious, loved, celebrated, and cared for. If you can adopt a belief in this truth, then your entire experience of reality will change.

Ann Albers > We Are Always With You

Never are you without love, without assistance or without guidance, for in truth God's love lives and breathes within you. When you think your angels have abandoned you, think again.

Ann Albers > Happy Springtime

My dear friends, we love you so very much. Celebrate Springtime! It is time upon your earth for movement, change, growth, and new life. And dear ones, this means that each one of you, if you are willing to grow, will experience the light of your truth pushing up through the darker beliefs that have held you captive and bursting into light. When you find yourself in challenging circumstances, ask yourself, "Where am I forgetting to trust God, to love God, to feel God within my own heart and to bring that love to the surface.

Ann Albers > Focus On The LIght

I felt such a powerful and loving presence as I typed in that last message. I know Archangel Michael had a lot to do with it. This is one lesson I have been embracing even more deeply as of late - to love even those who hate and seek to harm me.

Ann Albers > Every Breath Brings a Miracle

Take a breath in. Hold it inside of you. Then relax and allow it to flow out naturally. You have just inhaled all of life. You have allowed your body to take in helpful frequencies and, as you exhaled, released all unnecessary frequencies.

Ann Albers > Love Feels Better!

We all want to be loving, but sometimes life or people's behaviors make it pretty tough. Enjoy this week's discussion on how to love... even when you don't "like."

Ann Albers > Tuning into the Divine Mother

Be you male or female, it is the energy of the Divine Mother within you that gives birth. It is the energy of the Divine Mother that nurtures, not only yourselves and one another, but your ideas, your projects, and plans! 

Ann Albers > Acceptance vs. Agreement

Breathe for a minute. Ask us to fill you with peace and balance in your lives. You can have peace in a world that is filled with chaos. You can remain calm when others are not. You can find your own sacred point of view while allowing others their own as well. The major cause of unrest on your planet among human beings is the mistaken notion that there must be agreement among you.

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