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Ann Albers > Who Do You Want to Be?

Today the angels share a beautiful message about how we, individually and collectively, are re-creating ourselves and how we can go about it more gracefully. I'll share my current journey and how you can approach this wonderful exploration of self in a joyful way!

Ann Albers > Are You Really Free? Yes!

You alone control your thoughts. You alone control your vibration. You alone control, therefore, what you attract or allow. Your vibration creates your reality, and you are free to choose your vibration; therefore, free to create any reality you wish.

Ann Albers > Does Your Focus Spark Joy?

Today the angels talk about the empowering power of your focus, esp. as we go higher and higher into a 5D vibration! I'll talk about my cleanout, Marie Kondo style, and how looking for what sparks joy is using your empowering power of focus! 

Ann Albers > From Exhaustion to Inspiration & Tools for Happiness

Today the angels address the wide range of feelings flying around from enthusiasm to exhaustion. They explain how to move past exhaustion back to inspiration, and how if you're feeling anything, it's a good thing!

Ann Albers > Untether the Rope....

Today the angels talk about how a rising tide raises all boats – as long as you're not tethered to external conditions or outdated beliefs. We'll share thoughts and tips on how to release yourself so the rising tide of love flooding the planet right now can carry you to new heights!

With feelings running intense these days, the angels share a brilliant discussion on how our feelings are not to be stuffed, negated, or ignored, but rather to be used as indicators that will guide us on our path.

Ann Albers > Force, Source, Impulse, & Surrender

Today the angels talk about how surrendering to the loving impulses from Source can empower us and move us past internal conflict, stagnation, and anger. I'll share a personal example from my past and some tips to help you along.

Ann Albers > What Would Your Loving Heart Do?

Today the angels talk about what it means to "follow the heart," especially when you're angry or upset and it is harder to hear. I'll share stories about following your loving heart - both when its easy and not – and some down to earth tips to help you do this more easily too.

Ann Albers > Relax... Let Your Vibe Naturally Rise

Today the angels talk about the power of relaxation as a way to let your vibe naturally rise. They talk about the difference between numbing and relaxing and how relaxation can help make your life so much easier.

Ann Albers > Getting in Your Flow

Today the angels talk about your personal stream of grace and how to stay in it. I'll share some examples from my life and a little game I play with myself to keep going in my flow!

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