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Ann Albers > We Give Thanks For You!

My dear friends, we love you so very much. As many of you on this list celebrate your holiday of Thanksgiving, we give thanks for all of you. It is your willingness to bring light to the darker spaces on your planet that allows us to bring more light to the earth. You are on the spiritual 'front lines' so to speak, although in truth dear ones, there is no battle ever. All are made of light whether they choose to acknowledge that reality or not.

Ann Albers > Let Your Light Shine

My dear friends, we love you so very much. Allow your light to shine. Do not be afraid to feel large in spirit when others act in small ways. Knowing the truth of your being enables you to share love freely.

Ann Albers > Judgment Vs. Discernment

My dear friends, we love you so very much. As the energies on your earth continue to intensify take heart. So many of you ask us, "When will this end?" Dear ones, there is no end to growth - not on earth, and not in the higher realms. You are eternally challenged to stand in spiritual truth - that you can choose to create a beautiful life for yourself no matter what lessons others on the planet participate in.

My dear friends, we love you so very much. Understand that your planet is in an intense time of transformation. Wave upon wave of light is washing over you and many of you are feeling all sorts of symptoms once again including fatigue, swirling, lightheadedness, forgetfulness, euphoria at times, and exhaustion at others. This is to be expected as the energy continues to become more intense. 

My dear friends, we love you all so very much. Never underestimate the power of one kind deed. Your world needs so much kindness right now. If you are motivated to smile at a stranger, you may be saving their lives. If you are motivated to reach out and offer assistance, you may be the angel to a friend. If you are motivated to share a nickle with the person in front of you at the grocery store who has just realized they are a nickle short, do so.

My dear friends, we love you all so very much. Dear ones we are always assisting you. You do not have to earn our love. You do not have to earn God's love. God's love is present at all times in your life - when you feel it and when you don't; when you're happy and when you're sad; when you feel you are in a loving space and when you are not.

My dear friends, we love you all so very much. Trust dear ones that you are loved so deeply and dearly that you can never fail God or your angels. Many of you put so much pressure on yourselves to perform, achieve, take over your goals and dreams that you forget to ask for help. You forget to ask God to take over your life, release you from struggle and pain, and bless you with miracles.

My dear friends, we love you all so very much. God guides you dear ones to express the talents and gifts that you have in this world by making a contribution through joy. You are not meant to be slaves to drudgery. You are meant to live inspired lives. Tap into what inspires you dear ones and there you will find the path to your most joyful life.

My dear friends, we love you all so very much. Certainly all of you on this list are loving, giving, and caring souls, who long to share God's love quite freely here upon your planet earth. You long to be known as the loving souls that you are, and often you go above and beyond the call of duty to demonstrate this love. Then, just as often, many of you become frustrated if the love is not reciprocated. Dear ones, this is only human and yet since you have asked us to comment, we will.

My dear friends, we love you all so very much. First and foremost realize that you are so very loved. You do not have to merit God's love with holiness, happiness, or even piety, dear ones, for God's love is a constant. So very many of you put pressure on yourselves to be pleasant at all times. You try to control your feelings and although dear ones, we do certainly advise you to take responsibilty for your words and actions, we know that it is impossible to dictate your feelings, for they are messages from your soul.

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