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29 May, 2007June: Opening the doorway to the world of the future1298
26 May, 2007Neale Talks About Energy1306
18 May, 2007Holding the Pure Love Vibration1355

Circle of Light

11 May, 2007Neale talks about Wealth...1358
8 May, 2007Live Your Life1517

Kryon (South Africa)

6 May, 2007Kwan Yin Speaks of Self Love and Compassion1603

Goddess Light

20 May, 2007Kryon in Moscow - All about God1753


12 May, 2007Begin Enjoying Practicing Your Virtual Reality1822

Abraham Hicks

14 May, 2007Practice Gratitude2042

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

26 May, 2007Ask and It Is Given - Chapter 172159

Abraham Hicks

16 May, 2007The 24 hour ascension flu..ugh!2845

Whats up on Planet Earth

18 May, 2007The Energy of The Flower Of Life3130

Kryon (South Africa)

15 May, 2007Sexual Energy Infusion3183


9 May, 2007Healing and Calling Forth Energy5868

Abraham Hicks

25 May, 2007Ask and It Is Given - Chapter 167410

Abraham Hicks

22 May, 2007Limiting Beliefs and the Art of Allowing7960

Abraham Hicks

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