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2 June, 2007A Call for the Great Healing980

Center of the Sun

1 June, 2007HEAVEN #2380 Your Own Joy992


16 June, 2007HEAVEN #2395 Oneness Is Not Sameness1033


18 June, 2007The Time of Your Life1091
23 June, 2007Physical Transformation - The Time has come1108

Starchild Global

16 June, 2007Energy is Free...Are You?1118

Sonia Barrett

21 June, 2007Dialogue1151

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

1 June, 2007Trust: Living the Simple Life1166

Oakbridge University

9 June, 2007Neale Talks About Courage1176
20 June, 2007Communion With and Adoration of God Is the Breath of Life1197

Circle of Light

6 June, 2007The People In Your Life1330

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

9 June, 2007The Longing for Union1340


3 June, 2007Releasing Regret, Shame, Guilt and other Emotions1447

Goddess Light

15 June, 2007Family of Michael - Confidence of the Soul1526


28 June, 2007You are at the heart of the expansion of the Universe1553

Abraham Hicks

7 June, 2007Whatever You Like Is Appropriate2144

Abraham Hicks

16 June, 2007LIghtworker's Handbook Lesson Three: Esoteric to the max2230


21 June, 2007The Earth's New Galactic Portals and the Netherlands Stargate2276

Celia Fenn

17 June, 2007Physics and Science2309


26 June, 2007All Ailments Resolve Themselves2534

Abraham Hicks

20 June, 2007Are You Letting It In?4791

Abraham Hicks

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