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3 June, 2008Be P.E.A.C.E. Full1853


24 June, 2008Perfect Love2023

Circle of Light

7 June, 2008Authenticity, Passion and Defining yourself through Creative Choice2055

Starchild Global

16 June, 2008Releasing the Last Illusions and Dreaming in the "Now"2069

Starchild Global

8 June, 2008Be Watchful of Your Words2087

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

21 June, 2008Solstice: The Energetic Acceleration and The Overwhelm Factor2155

Starchild Global

18 June, 2008The Party Going On - Solstice Full Moon2167


29 June, 2008Living in Times of Great Change2219


5 June, 2008The Portal at the End of Time2240

The Peaceful Planet

28 June, 2008Golden Connection Meditation2298


26 June, 2008The Return Path Has Been Prepared2330
22 June, 2008A New Leader2389

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

18 June, 2008A Powerful Wave of Unconditional Love - Harmony from the Great Central Sun2456

Starchild Global

7 June, 2008Embrace Life - One Breath at a Time2474

Ancient Wings

20 June, 2008It Is a Powerful Time2476

Era of Peace

8 June, 2008Linking with Your Expanded DNA & Crystalline Vibrations2624

Goddess Light

20 June, 2008Love, Consciousness and Energy/Power3016

Circle of Light

18 June, 2008Solstice June 2008 : Human Light Beings3129

Spirit Pathways

20 June, 2008The Transition Times - Is This Energy Mine?3157

Sarah Biermann

14 June, 2008The Way to God3281


3 June, 2008Power in Resolution3655

Kryon (South Africa)

2 June, 2008The Energies for June3692

Starchild Global

14 June, 2008Surrender and Control3853

Jeshua Channelings

18 June, 2008We Cannot Worry and Believe At The Same Time4481

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

28 June, 2008It's in the DNA!4819


15 June, 2008Time Critical Missions - Activations for 20125297


25 June, 2008Dealing with Emotions6961

Jeshua Channelings

6 June, 2008Achieve A State Of Being That Is Of Your Choosing7645

Abraham Hicks

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