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22 February, 2008Fun Game To Attract More Money31084

Abraham Hicks

12 February, 2008Vibration of Fear, a feeling of Powerlessness22857

Abraham Hicks

23 February, 2008Asking the Angels into Your Dreams9680

Doreen Virtue

19 February, 2008Your Divine Twin Flame7663

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

9 February, 2008 Looking at love6501
5 February, 2008Love Dissolves All Symbols of Duality5450

Circle of Light

29 February, 2008Cocreating the NEW Archetypes for Humanity's Abundance3534

Era of Peace

28 February, 2008Your Personal Wheel of Creation3253
27 February, 2008Earthlog: More on White Tigers and working with "Stuck" Syndrome2880

Starchild Global

18 February, 2008Earthlog: A Totally Perfect Day in "Mu"....The New Earth Frequency2734

Starchild Global

1 February, 2008Following The Way Of The Sacred Heart2638
16 February, 2008The Eclipses of 20082597

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

3 February, 2008Cellular Transformation & Alignment2511

Goddess Light

3 February, 2008Rebirth - The Solar Eclipse of February 20082486

Spirit Pathways

15 February, 2008Singularity - A View from the Top of the Bus2190


2 February, 2008Earthlog: Water World and the Deep Sadness and Pain - A Time for New Beginnings2169

Starchild Global

5 February, 2008The dawning of The New Age2069

Kryon (South Africa)

18 February, 2008Embracing your Human Aspects2046

Ancient Wings

14 February, 2008The Day of Love1967

Starchild Global

8 February, 2008Earthlog: The New Moon and Lunar Eclipse,some Whale News and a Great Soul passes into Light1927

Starchild Global

29 February, 2008Do we need to change our behaviors?1917
19 February, 2008Earthlog: A Not so Perfect Day and the lessons of Archangel Michael1911

Starchild Global

23 February, 2008What will it take?1815
21 February, 2008Earthlog: Total Lunar Eclipse in Virgo1786

Starchild Global

19 February, 2008Delete the impossibilities1778

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

1 February, 2008Finding Your Own Truth1667


11 February, 2008HEAVEN #2635 Something That Will Change Your Life1649


6 February, 2008Completing the Transition...We Are Finally At the Turning Point1596

Whats up on Planet Earth

23 February, 2008The Light That Shines Behind The Light1581

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

6 February, 2008Earthlog: Transitioning to the "Economy" of Love - Making the Earth Sacred1527

Starchild Global

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