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9 May, 2008Heaven #2723 Lend God Your Heart891


9 May, 2008Where Your Attention Is...There YOU Are!2488

Era of Peace

8 May, 2008Heaven #2722 An Inn by the Wayside800


8 May, 2008The Patterns of Love1185

Circle of Light

8 May, 2008Phrases to Use Throughout the Day9794

Abraham Hicks

7 May, 2008Heaven #2721 Immersed in God901


6 May, 2008Heaven #2720 To Be a Wave of the Ocean1045


6 May, 2008Release the energy of anxiety7333

Kryon (South Africa)

6 May, 2008The Shift of May 52322

Whats up on Planet Earth

6 May, 2008Earthlog: The "Sacred Heart" of Buenos Aires and Sowing the Seeds of Peace1241

Starchild Global

5 May, 2008Ride the Crest of the Wave1112


5 May, 2008Heaven #2719 The Playground of the Universe1075


4 May, 200810:10 Stargate - Our True Path of Service3094

Spirit Pathways

4 May, 2008ReUnite Within Yourself1306

Goddess Light

4 May, 2008What To Do When a Relationship Ends1273

Cheryl Richardson

4 May, 2008Heaven #2718 What You Surrender1196


3 May, 2008Living In Your Soul's Integrity892

Ann Albers

3 May, 2008Heaven #2717 God Is Not Santa Claus2583


3 May, 2008The Flow Of Divine Power2383

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

2 May, 2008Heaven #2716 The Innocent World1132


2 May, 2008The Mystical Month of May 2982

Era of Peace

1 May, 2008Unmasking the Anti-Light2943

Center of the Sun

1 May, 2008Are You Ready?2126
1 May, 2008The Origins and Future of Planet Earth2322

Oakbridge University

1 May, 2008Wesak Message: Embracing the Divine Feminine2408


1 May, 2008Should we let go of our dreams?3765
1 May, 2008Mother Earth Speaks "Its Time To Listen To Your Mother"3164

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

1 May, 2008Heaven #2715 Look Well to Those Who Uplift1314


1 May, 2008Lull- Abyes, Re-Connections, and Being Cold1335

Whats up on Planet Earth

1 May, 2008The Dotted Line1451

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

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