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9 June, 2008Heaven #2754 Think like God1414


8 June, 2008Heaven #2753 Add to the Splendor1063


8 June, 2008Linking with Your Expanded DNA & Crystalline Vibrations2624

Goddess Light

8 June, 2008Reclaiming the Light and Our True God Power1197

Circle of Light

8 June, 2008Be Watchful of Your Words2087

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

7 June, 2008Authenticity, Passion and Defining yourself through Creative Choice2055

Starchild Global

7 June, 2008Heaven #2752 Blue Skies1057


7 June, 2008Soul Transitions Vibe Report June 2008 1426

Nancy Leilah Ward

7 June, 2008Embrace Life - One Breath at a Time2475

Ancient Wings

6 June, 2008Be Still337

Ann Albers

6 June, 2008Achieve A State Of Being That Is Of Your Choosing7659

Abraham Hicks

6 June, 2008Heaven #2751 Return to Innocence978


5 June, 2008The Portal at the End of Time2240

The Peaceful Planet

5 June, 2008Heaven #2750 A Rose among Roses1150


4 June, 2008Peace At Last...But Only for Awhile1396

Whats up on Planet Earth

4 June, 2008Heaven #2649 Take Wing and Fly1013


3 June, 2008Heaven #2748 Yes, Free Will1016


3 June, 2008Be P.E.A.C.E. Full1854


3 June, 2008Solving the problems of the world1346
3 June, 2008Power in Resolution3656

Kryon (South Africa)

2 June, 2008Moving beyond destiny 1044

Sonia Barrett

2 June, 2008Heaven #2747 The Ocean of the World1160


2 June, 2008The Energies for June3692

Starchild Global

1 June, 2008 I Am Free!1799


1 June, 2008The Costume Party1568

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

1 June, 2008God Power and the Will of Love1121

Circle of Light

1 June, 2008Heaven #2746 God Waved His Wand, and Stars Appeared1077


1 June, 2008Tools for Manifesting within Your Life1709

Goddess Light

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