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26 June, 2008Nurturing the Flowers of Compassion and a Prayer for Zimbabwe1606

Starchild Global

11 June, 2008Oooh...Wheeee! Get Ready!1572

Whats up on Planet Earth

10 June, 2008Pathways of Beauty, Pathways of Light1099

Circle of Light

4 June, 2008Peace At Last...But Only for Awhile1396

Whats up on Planet Earth

24 June, 2008Perfect Love2026

Circle of Light

21 June, 2008Place Your Focus On God371

Ann Albers

3 June, 2008Power in Resolution3656

Kryon (South Africa)

8 June, 2008Reclaiming the Light and Our True God Power1197

Circle of Light

16 June, 2008Releasing the Last Illusions and Dreaming in the "Now"2069

Starchild Global

29 June, 2008Seeing With The Eyes of Faith1740

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

18 June, 2008Solstice June 2008 : Human Light Beings3129

Spirit Pathways

21 June, 2008Solstice: The Energetic Acceleration and The Overwhelm Factor2155

Starchild Global

3 June, 2008Solving the problems of the world1345
7 June, 2008Soul Transitions Vibe Report June 2008 1425

Nancy Leilah Ward

14 June, 2008Surrender and Control3854

Jeshua Channelings

1 June, 2008The Costume Party1568

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

2 June, 2008The Energies for June3692

Starchild Global

30 June, 2008The Life Review 630

Cheryl Richardson

15 June, 2008The Love within Your Heart - Discerning Your Energies from Others1655

Goddess Light

18 June, 2008The Party Going On - Solstice Full Moon2167


5 June, 2008The Portal at the End of Time2240

The Peaceful Planet

26 June, 2008The Return Path Has Been Prepared2330
20 June, 2008The Transition Times - Is This Energy Mine?3158

Sarah Biermann

14 June, 2008The Way to God3281


15 June, 2008Time Critical Missions - Activations for 20125297


1 June, 2008Tools for Manifesting within Your Life1709

Goddess Light

18 June, 2008We Cannot Worry and Believe At The Same Time4481

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

21 June, 2008You are a Fountain898


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