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15 February, 20092009 The End of Separation5380


14 February, 2009A Higher Vibration of Love - Valentine's Day 20092446

Starchild Global

24 February, 2009A Shift in Perception Brings You Into the Freedom of God1582

Circle of Light

21 February, 2009Act Out Of Love306

Ann Albers

27 February, 2009Allowing What is to Be1083

Lauren C. Gorgo

21 February, 2009Being Sensitive3572

Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

1 February, 2009Being the Vortex of Transformation 2805

Circle of Light

24 February, 2009Believing In The Magic of It All2046

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

16 February, 2009Community Self Care 538

Cheryl Richardson

2 February, 2009Crisis Intervention: What to do during difficult times 622

Cheryl Richardson

20 February, 2009Death and beyond3266

Pamela Kribbe

8 February, 2009Do Not Let It Pass Unnoticed 1253


4 February, 2009Energies for February 20095374

Starchild Global

15 February, 2009Entering an Era of Living in Sacred Service2330

Center of the Sun

16 February, 2009Experiencing Our Feelings1921

Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

9 February, 2009Financial Advice711

Cheryl Richardson

9 February, 2009Heaven #2937 The Song You Play1713


25 February, 2009Heaven #3015 There Are Angels2146


1 February, 2009How to Tell the Difference Between Fear and Intuition4080

Dr. Judith Orloff

21 February, 2009I Am Everything1371

Circle of Light

5 February, 2009In Between But Getting Closer2728

Karen Bishop

1 February, 2009In the Flow of Expanded Consciousness2058

Goddess Light

19 February, 2009Initializing the Codes of Self-Love 6432

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

3 February, 2009Journeying into a new world2677

David Brown

20 February, 2009Living on Earth2394

Ancient Wings

15 February, 2009Living On The Edge Of Succeeding3216

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

15 February, 2009Love, Love, Love!2707

Goddess Light

10 February, 2009Lunar Eclipse - Reconnection with the Elemental Energies on the Paradise Grid2806

Starchild Global

15 February, 2009Moving Toward Wholeness2510

Jim Self

14 February, 2009Neale Donald Walsch on Relationships27369

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