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1 July, 2009Massive Shifting, Decisions, and Michael Jackson373

Karen Bishop

1 July, 2009Peace771

Michelle Coutant

1 July, 2009Working with The 2012 Window Changes4801


2 July, 2009Heaven #3142 A Kiss from the Universe2346


2 July, 2009Thank You Thursday: Togetherness731

Hillis Pugh

3 July, 2009How Does One Deal With Those That Remain in Anger, Resistance or Other Negative States of Mind?282

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

4 July, 2009Freedom To Be Who You Are318

Ann Albers

5 July, 2009A Life in Balance2229

Goddess Light

6 July, 2009Making Memories: How to plan a great time769

Cheryl Richardson

7 July, 2009Heaven #3147 How Powerful Are Your Thoughts2796


7 July, 2009Gateway to the Stars2853

Spirit Pathways

7 July, 2009Navigating the Eclipse Cycle With Skillful Means2478


7 July, 2009Balancing Vacillating Energies 3231

Center of the Sun

7 July, 2009The Diamond2596

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

8 July, 2009The Energies for July 20098506

Starchild Global

8 July, 2009Riding a Stallion3812

Ancient Wings

9 July, 2009Soul Transitions Vibe Report July 20092238

Nancy Leilah Ward

9 July, 2009The Emergence of the Christed Male Energy3256

Starchild Global

9 July, 2009Thank You Thursday: Resilience629

Hillis Pugh

9 July, 2009Death to New Life...the Resurrection3118

Karen Bishop

9 July, 2009Activating the New-Human Template3502

Lauren C. Gorgo

10 July, 2009Eclipse Alley2876

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

10 July, 2009Breathe Love2500


11 July, 2009The Lineage of Spirituality6575


11 July, 2009The Inner Sanctuary3255

Cathy Olsen

11 July, 2009Give Thanks 257

Ann Albers

11 July, 2009You Are Valuable!9005

Doreen Virtue

12 July, 2009Maturity in Adolescence: The Role of the Next Generation3691

The Peaceful Planet

13 July, 2009Heaven #3153 God Is Waiting1872


13 July, 2009This Is A Full Body Planetary Experience2478

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

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