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21 July, 2009A Shift in Energy3779

Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

8 July, 2009Riding a Stallion3810

Ancient Wings

21 July, 2009Three Faces of Sirius4129

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

28 July, 2009Have You Lost Your Passion?4159

Jim Self

28 July, 2009Becoming Your Authentic Self4404
28 July, 2009The Re-Calibration With a Very New Plan4641

Karen Bishop

23 July, 2009The Total Eclipse and the Cosmic Christ Energy4738

Starchild Global

1 July, 2009Working with The 2012 Window Changes4801


21 July, 2009Living Self Mastery5477

Wayne W. Dyer

14 July, 2009Welcome Home!6363

Lauren C. Gorgo

11 July, 2009The Lineage of Spirituality6575


27 July, 2009Let Happiness Guide Your Way7361

Doreen Virtue

29 July, 2009Post Eclipse Survival7388

Lauren C. Gorgo

19 July, 2009Step Aside For A New Perspective8155

Goddess Light

8 July, 2009The Energies for July 20098506

Starchild Global

11 July, 2009You Are Valuable!9005

Doreen Virtue

15 July, 2009Pineal Crystals ~ No More Secrets9034


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