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30 September, 20092010 Predictions: A Time of Transparency 6383


22 September, 20099-Month Gestation ~ Labor ~ New Birth1035

Karmic Tools

19 September, 2009999 Cosmic and personal completion3248

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

8 September, 20099:9:9...The Final Completion5096

Karen Bishop

30 September, 2009A Message to the Masters of the Blue Ray - El Morya6449

Lauren C. Gorgo

9 September, 2009A Pathway to Intimacy2435

Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

11 September, 2009A Time For Congratulations1151

Karen Downing

12 September, 2009All Movement Is Towards Love261

Ann Albers

1 September, 2009Allow the grace of the Angels to work in everyday functions1150

Shanta Gabriel

13 September, 2009An Opportunity - Now 4616

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

14 September, 2009Ankasmarka - City of Eagles2350

Center of the Sun

11 September, 2009Are You Leaving Me?11893

Abraham Hicks

1 September, 2009Beautiful and Courageous You1934

The Love Foundation

23 September, 2009Beyond Criticism2628

Leonard Jacobson

16 September, 2009Beyond Fear ~ Raising the Ceiling of Evolution4068


19 September, 2009Birth of the Universal Child2579

Center of the Sun

5 September, 2009Choices And Perceptions429

Ann Albers

17 September, 2009Clarity and Compassion After the 9:9:93297

Starchild Global

20 September, 2009Communication From the Lightbody Consciousness 3908

Goddess Light

24 September, 2009Detaching From Attachments3376
21 September, 2009Equinox – September 2009556

Shanta Gabriel

29 September, 2009Following Your Intuition3533

Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

7 September, 2009For God’s Sake, Lighten Up!3065


15 September, 2009From heart to belly4679

Jeshua Channelings

26 September, 2009Gifts of the Fourth Dimension6054
12 September, 2009Grand Adventures Await2910


4 September, 2009Heaven #3206 Thoughts You Would Not Have2412


14 September, 2009Heaven #3216 What If You Did Not Doubt2076


17 September, 2009Heaven #3219 At 3 O'clock in the Morning2598


18 September, 2009Heaven #3220 Allowing Others to Be2195


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