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7 December, 2009Deciding ahead of time...2838

Neale Donald Walsch

7 December, 2009Archangel Michael’s Message for 201042844

Doreen Virtue

7 December, 2009Holiday Self-Care2186

Cheryl Richardson

7 December, 2009Wild and Free4559

Starchild Global

6 December, 2009What’s Your Candy Store Routine?296

Brenda Hoffman

6 December, 2009Shape Shifting Planes of Existance2803

Goddess Light

5 December, 2009You Are The Gift291

Ann Albers

5 December, 2009Owning Our New Power - Creating the Life of Our Dreams3752

Karen Bishop

5 December, 2009Acceleration of Your Ascension Process5603


5 December, 2009And the Answer is...Love!2801

Era of Peace

5 December, 2009The Oneness Thing2557


4 December, 2009Soul Transitions Vibe Report December 20093311

Nancy Leilah Ward

4 December, 2009Stop the Pendulum of Duality for Others2902

Circle of Light

3 December, 2009Thank You Thursday: Memories609

Hillis Pugh

3 December, 2009December 2009 Energy Forecast: December will be magic again541

Lee Harris

2 December, 2009Connecting The Grid2538

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

1 December, 2009Do Animals Ascend?4236

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

1 December, 2009It’s Just About Time for Your Nap268

Brenda Hoffman

1 December, 200912:12 – The Light of Divine Union8467

Shanta Gabriel

1 December, 2009Ego And The Virtue Of Being Humble9331

Michelle Coutant

1 December, 2009 Is it REALLY what you want?3818

Starchild Global

1 December, 2009Awakening the Kundalini7431

Kryon (South Africa)

1 December, 2009Blue Ray: Cosmic Pulse shift 2012 alert!4294

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

1 December, 2009What Do You Want For Christmas?2067

Oakbridge University

30 November, 2009The Energies for December 20095086

Starchild Global

30 November, 2009Good Luck: The power of preparation2264

Cheryl Richardson

29 November, 2009What Does it Do?8412


28 November, 2009The Grace of Acceptance2700

Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

28 November, 2009Choices During Humanity's 11th Hour3393


28 November, 2009Becoming a Cosmic Telepath5577

Ronna Herman Vezane

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