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21 May, 2009Abundance is on the way to you 3587

Center of the Sun

5 December, 2009Acceleration of Your Ascension Process5605


30 December, 2009Accept Your Perfection From Me - A New Year’s Message2511

Circle of Light

1 November, 2009Acceptance and Allowing2900

Goddess Light

10 August, 2009Act Now! End procrastination today631

Cheryl Richardson

21 February, 2009Act Out Of Love306

Ann Albers

9 July, 2009Activating the New-Human Template3502

Lauren C. Gorgo

16 August, 2009Activating Your Lightbody5065

Goddess Light

19 May, 2009Activation of the Butterfly Heart 4110

Center of the Sun

2 November, 2009After the Emptiness - Filling Up With the New Energies3666

Karen Bishop

17 October, 2009Against all Odds8652


30 October, 2009Aikido of the Mind2734
15 March, 2009Alchemy - Turning Fear into Love (Part 1)4877

Jim Self

21 January, 2009Aligning with the Cosmic Pulse 778

Lauren C. Gorgo

12 September, 2009All Movement Is Towards Love261

Ann Albers

1 September, 2009Allow the grace of the Angels to work in everyday functions1151

Shanta Gabriel

18 June, 2009Allow Unconditional Love1887

The Love Foundation

19 December, 2009Allow Your Children and Grandchildren the Freedom to Fail281

Brenda Hoffman

27 February, 2009Allowing What is to Be1083

Lauren C. Gorgo

20 June, 2009An Atom Bomb of Light4106

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

24 March, 2009An Important Reminder2125

Era of Peace

17 July, 2009An Invitation: Open Up to Your Own Energies!2076
13 September, 2009An Opportunity - Now 4617

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

5 December, 2009And the Answer is...Love!2801

Era of Peace

14 September, 2009Ankasmarka - City of Eagles2351

Center of the Sun

7 December, 2009Archangel Michael’s Message for 201042846

Doreen Virtue

28 April, 2009Are We Dead in the Water?3024

Karen Bishop

11 September, 2009Are You Leaving Me?11908

Abraham Hicks

8 April, 2009Aries 2009: Rebirth & Initiation984

Karmic Tools

18 June, 2009Arrival Tips2421


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