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18 August, 2009Ascension Made Easy-er5506

Jim Self

1 October, 2009Ascension, Vibration & Consciousness469

Karen Downing

18 June, 2009Ascension: It's Not What You Believe3904

Sarah Biermann

10 October, 2009Ask For Real Help - You Are Not Alone307

Ann Albers

11 April, 2009Ask God To Rise Within You453

Ann Albers

23 May, 2009Attributes of the Shift6784


11 August, 2009Authentic wisdom8306

Wayne W. Dyer

1 December, 2009Awakening the Kundalini7438

Kryon (South Africa)

7 July, 2009Balancing Vacillating Energies 3231

Center of the Sun

15 October, 2009Be As The Eagle 3102

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

22 August, 2009Be Easy On Yourself!252

Ann Albers

7 March, 2009Be Gentle With Yourself324

Ann Albers

25 July, 2009Be Kind To Your Bodies362

Ann Albers

25 April, 2009Be Patient With Yourselves336

Ann Albers

8 August, 2009Be Present298

Ann Albers

7 May, 2009Be The Light2570

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

1 September, 2009Beautiful and Courageous You1934

The Love Foundation

18 August, 2009Becoming A Channel Of Light5421

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

28 November, 2009Becoming a Cosmic Telepath5590

Ronna Herman Vezane

15 May, 2009Becoming a Diamond Mirror2580

Starchild Global

26 May, 2009Becoming a Spiritual Being16888

Wayne W. Dyer

7 October, 2009Becoming an Instrument of God's Peace and our Relationship with Animals3824

Starchild Global

15 January, 2009Becoming Aware of Becoming Aware2898

Jim Self

13 June, 2009Becoming Quantum6765


13 August, 2009Becoming Transparent2812

Goddess Light

13 March, 2009BEcoming Who You Know Yourself to BE - Spiritual Hierarchy2456

Lauren C. Gorgo

28 July, 2009Becoming Your Authentic Self4405
15 March, 2009Beginning Activation of DNA12734


28 October, 2009Beginnings Are Delicate, Yet Vital3863

Karmic Tools

11 June, 2009Being a teacher in the new era5110

Jeshua Channelings

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