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28 December, 2010"Best Of" Quotes From The Keepers, 2010340

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

11 December, 201012:12496

Kara Schallock

11 December, 20102010 in Review7171


9 December, 20102011 - A Year of Unity6476

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

31 December, 20102011: The Energy of Joy5120
21 December, 20102012: The End is Nowhere Near3919

Owen Waters

23 December, 2010A Christmas Meditation from Shanta Gabriel2932

Shanta Gabriel

17 December, 2010A Most Wondrous Time For The Growth Of Humanity2583

Michelle Coutant

12 December, 2010Absorbed into The Cosmic Ocean of Great Potential3125

Center of the Sun

5 December, 2010Accepting A Celebration of You! 2366

Goddess Light

8 December, 2010Are you are ready to take the Cosmic PLUNGE?5279

Center of the Sun

19 December, 2010Beauty, Reflection And Blessings: December's Lunar Eclipse4627

Lynda Hill

4 December, 2010Choose to Love519

Ann Albers

25 December, 2010Christmas is about YOU 8698

Neale Donald Walsch

25 December, 2010Christmas Spirit1300

Hillis Pugh

15 December, 2010Colluding Or Colliding: The Current Line-Up Of Mars, Pluto, Mercury and the Moon's Nodes3226

Lynda Hill

29 December, 2010Cosmic Weather Report December 20104650

Sarah Biermann

20 December, 2010Council of 12 Message with Solstice Preparation4781


1 December, 2010December 2010 Energy Forecast: Riding the Ascension Waves413

Lee Harris

3 December, 2010December 2010 Monthly Visions: Goodbye Mind, Hello Heart4130

Dana Mrkich

21 December, 2010December 21, 2010 - A Powerful Opportunity!5753

Era of Peace

15 December, 2010EARTH: The Best Reality Show - Riding the Wave of Evolution5794


7 December, 2010Energy Forecast - The Compassionate Heart Awakens2711

Emmanuel Dagher

2 December, 2010Energy Report December 20104841

Spirit Pathways

2 December, 2010Energy Update: Peace thru Anchoring the I AM Presence2276
28 December, 2010Entering a New Matrix Cycle of 20116713

Sonia Barrett

18 December, 2010Fall in Love With Your Own Heart - A Message for Christmas Eve3412

Circle of Light

27 December, 2010Feeling Thru The Fullness of Time2860

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

11 December, 2010Frosty Ferns416

Ann Albers

18 December, 2010Give Of Your Love 294

Ann Albers

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