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11 January, 2010New Moon, New Year: The Capricorn Blast4195

Sarah Biermann

13 January, 20102010: When You See The Future You Change It5276

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

13 January, 2010Haiti & The Earth Changes242

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

13 January, 2010Seeds of Change4508

Ancient Wings

14 January, 2010Energy Shifts, Solar Eclipse, Solar Flares and Earthquakes10367

Starchild Global

14 January, 2010Capricorn 2010: Handle Your *Business*4041

Karmic Tools

14 January, 2010Thank You Thursday: Imagination619

Hillis Pugh

14 January, 2010Please Accept Our Gift of Joy260

Brenda Hoffman

15 January, 2010What are we to do in such a time as this?4958

Cathy Olsen

15 January, 2010Life is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - Final approach to 20125079


16 January, 2010Creating a More Light-Filled World 3129


16 January, 2010The Shift of January 15 and the Meaning of the Haiti Earthquake6214

Karen Bishop

16 January, 2010The Energies for January 20105740

Starchild Global

16 January, 2010Old Beliefs Try To Hang On315

Ann Albers

17 January, 2010Releasing Barriers and Shaping Vibrations4335

Goddess Light

17 January, 2010Stepping into Our Destiny - The Wave of Love Arrives3338

Circle of Light

17 January, 2010Gaia's Message on Earthquakes6880

The Peaceful Planet

17 January, 2010Trust in the Divine Plan - Guidance About Haiti4536

Shanta Gabriel

17 January, 2010Heaven #3310 Proof of Love2274


18 January, 2010The Teacher Crystals of 20104428

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

18 January, 2010The Gathering of Love Energies1106
18 January, 2010Heaven #3342 This Fine Morning1914


18 January, 2010Manifesting In Love, In The New Year3044

Michelle Coutant

19 January, 2010Please Accept our Condolences. You are Saying Good-bye to Your Former Life262

Brenda Hoffman

19 January, 2010Global Support: Ending helplessness1883

Cheryl Richardson

20 January, 2010Are we there yet?4010

Center of the Sun

20 January, 2010Ask, Breathe and Receive2718

Shanta Gabriel

20 January, 2010Capricorn/Aquarius 2010: Dec 21 (Winter Solstice) ~thru~ Feb 1 (Cross Quarter/Candlemas)4409

Karmic Tools

21 January, 2010In The Midst of Chaos, Open Your Heart4601

Era of Peace

21 January, 2010Thank You Thursday: Innocence564

Hillis Pugh

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