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13 January, 2010Haiti & The Earth Changes242

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

2 January, 2010Happy 2010253

Ann Albers

17 January, 2010Heaven #3310 Proof of Love2267


3 January, 2010Heaven #3327 The Richness of Love2362


4 January, 2010Heaven #3328 When Your Heart Is Full of Love2219


18 January, 2010Heaven #3342 This Fine Morning1910


23 January, 2010Heaven #3347 How about a Smile?1784


21 January, 2010In The Midst of Chaos, Open Your Heart4600

Era of Peace

23 January, 2010It Is Your Being That Lights The World305

Ann Albers

1 January, 2010January 2010 Monthly Visions: Breaking Free!771

Dana Mrkich

6 January, 2010January Electrics560

Lee Harris

1 January, 2010Jeshua Speaks About 20107230

Oakbridge University

15 January, 2010Life is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - Final approach to 20125076


18 January, 2010Manifesting In Love, In The New Year3042

Michelle Coutant

23 January, 2010New and Different Outcomes...Believing Again3967

Karen Bishop

11 January, 2010New Moon, New Year: The Capricorn Blast4195

Sarah Biermann

4 January, 2010New Year Intentions & Electrical Energy3432

Goddess Light

1 January, 2010New Year's Resolutions10425

Abraham Hicks

16 January, 2010Old Beliefs Try To Hang On311

Ann Albers

29 January, 2010Operating Outside of the System's Protocol2374

Sonia Barrett

19 January, 2010Please Accept our Condolences. You are Saying Good-bye to Your Former Life262

Brenda Hoffman

14 January, 2010Please Accept Our Gift of Joy259

Brenda Hoffman

22 January, 2010Pleiadian Portal of Light5904

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

31 January, 2010Powerful Teaching on Forgiveness by Quado402

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

31 January, 2010Recalibrating & Rebooting5976

Lauren C. Gorgo

5 January, 2010Receiving Our Perfect Life2533

Circle of Light

17 January, 2010Releasing Barriers and Shaping Vibrations4335

Goddess Light

24 January, 2010Releasing Fear3532

Shanta Gabriel

27 January, 2010Rumi & The Precious Healing Mixture460

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

13 January, 2010Seeds of Change4500

Ancient Wings

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