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28 February, 2010Inside Out: Good God!2491


28 February, 2010Preparing for the Cosmic Tsunami5322

Karen Bishop

28 February, 2010Oneness of Love2526

The Love Foundation

27 February, 2010You are in the midst of a Spiritual Revolution7051

Ronna Herman Vezane

27 February, 2010Love has many facets3921

Kryon (South Africa)

27 February, 2010Return to Oneness3309


27 February, 2010Am I not believing hard enough?6718

Neale Donald Walsch

27 February, 2010Be In The Moment289

Ann Albers

27 February, 2010The Owl Says: Embrace the Unknown3370


26 February, 2010Weaving Peace2546

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

26 February, 2010The Time for Doing Things Alone is OVER: The Reunion has Begun!6649
26 February, 2010February 26, 2010 Ascension 272

Kara Schallock

25 February, 2010Thank You Thursday: Honesty620

Hillis Pugh

25 February, 2010Are You Taking on the Energies of the World, Empath?8931

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

25 February, 2010Heaven #3380 Play Fair with Yourself2053


25 February, 2010The Significance of Life4261

Shanta Gabriel

25 February, 2010Everything is Partnership and Co-Creation4623

Starchild Global

24 February, 2010Edgy, Rebellious? Welcome to the New Age!248

Brenda Hoffman

23 February, 2010The New Normal5449

Center of the Sun

23 February, 2010Time Dances Around You, Winding and Unwinding In Precision 4516

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

22 February, 2010Cosmic Pulse Ascension Symptoms for 201027886

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

22 February, 2010Pisces 2010 ~ Back to the Womb8112

Karmic Tools

22 February, 2010The Sea Turtle Speaks5703


22 February, 2010Move Forward: Three ways to get unstuck7761

Cheryl Richardson

21 February, 2010Blending Ego & Divinity - Experience the New Earth as Ariellis3087

Goddess Light

21 February, 2010Surrender to the Ecstasy: Communion with the Energies Within You3477

Circle of Light

20 February, 2010Self-Fulfilling Prophecies 5376

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

20 February, 2010Being the Heart Vibration3922

Circle of Light

20 February, 2010Acknowledge Your Dreams 360

Ann Albers

20 February, 2010The Answers Are Already There211

Ann Albers

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