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31 July, 2010You Are The Portal of A New Epoch5523

Ronna Herman Vezane

31 July, 2010Choose Peace, Choose Love407

Ann Albers

31 July, 2010Conduits of Creation and Releasing Limitation2756

Circle of Light

31 July, 2010Walking Meditation4739

Neale Donald Walsch

30 July, 2010Osirian Initiation – My Trip to the Hospital4036

Sarah Biermann

29 July, 2010You Are Limitless, Access The Wisdom Of The Cosmos3997

Michelle Coutant

29 July, 2010Through The Looking Glass3864

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

29 July, 2010Each Moment Is A Moment Of God2854

Michelle Coutant

28 July, 2010Heaven #3533 Infinite Being That You Are2298


27 July, 2010Your Sigh of Relief is Genuine214

Brenda Hoffman

27 July, 2010The Active Death Zone-Doorway To The Other Side8008

Lauren C. Gorgo

27 July, 2010Sitting Meditation7451

Neale Donald Walsch

27 July, 2010Releasing the Ego's Message of "Not Enough"5170

Circle of Light

26 July, 2010Food for Thought: More on food as a doorway2566

Cheryl Richardson

26 July, 2010The New Year, The Lion's Gate and the Authentic Expression of "You"!6416

Starchild Global

26 July, 2010When Things Are Tough7137

Lorna Byrne

26 July, 2010Freedom from Fear 3662

Owen Waters

25 July, 2010Anchoring the Higher Frequencies4173


24 July, 2010Limitations Can Free Your Spirit352

Ann Albers

24 July, 2010Why And When You Are Guided 393

Ann Albers

24 July, 2010Should I leave or stay?4505

Neale Donald Walsch

24 July, 2010Feeling God’s Love and Light of Perfection 5811

Circle of Light

23 July, 2010Soul Transitions Vibe Report July 23, 20105221

Nancy Leilah Ward

23 July, 2010Getting To Know Your Solar Logos, A Dialog4916

Michelle Coutant

22 July, 2010Where Do We Go From Here?4375

Era of Peace

22 July, 2010Light, Ego De-Identification, Other Lifetimes & Ongoing Eclipse Energies561

Kara Schallock

22 July, 2010Illuminating The Shadow388

Karen Downing

22 July, 2010Close, But No Cigar7782

Lauren C. Gorgo

22 July, 2010The Sacred Uncles4517

Kryon (South Africa)

22 July, 2010Thank You Thursday: Compassion779

Hillis Pugh

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