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11 January, 2010New Moon, New Year: The Capricorn Blast4195

Sarah Biermann

13 January, 20102010: When You See The Future You Change It5276

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

13 January, 2010Seeds of Change4507

Ancient Wings

13 January, 2010Haiti & The Earth Changes242

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

14 January, 2010Energy Shifts, Solar Eclipse, Solar Flares and Earthquakes10364

Starchild Global

14 January, 2010Capricorn 2010: Handle Your *Business*4041

Karmic Tools

14 January, 2010Thank You Thursday: Imagination619

Hillis Pugh

14 January, 2010Please Accept Our Gift of Joy260

Brenda Hoffman

15 January, 2010What are we to do in such a time as this?4956

Cathy Olsen

15 January, 2010Life is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - Final approach to 20125079


16 January, 2010Old Beliefs Try To Hang On315

Ann Albers

16 January, 2010The Energies for January 20105739

Starchild Global

16 January, 2010Creating a More Light-Filled World 3129


16 January, 2010The Shift of January 15 and the Meaning of the Haiti Earthquake6214

Karen Bishop

17 January, 2010Stepping into Our Destiny - The Wave of Love Arrives3338

Circle of Light

17 January, 2010Gaia's Message on Earthquakes6880

The Peaceful Planet

17 January, 2010Trust in the Divine Plan - Guidance About Haiti4536

Shanta Gabriel

17 January, 2010Releasing Barriers and Shaping Vibrations4335

Goddess Light

17 January, 2010Heaven #3310 Proof of Love2274


18 January, 2010Heaven #3342 This Fine Morning1914


18 January, 2010Manifesting In Love, In The New Year3044

Michelle Coutant

18 January, 2010The Teacher Crystals of 20104426

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

18 January, 2010The Gathering of Love Energies1105
19 January, 2010Please Accept our Condolences. You are Saying Good-bye to Your Former Life262

Brenda Hoffman

19 January, 2010Global Support: Ending helplessness1883

Cheryl Richardson

20 January, 2010Capricorn/Aquarius 2010: Dec 21 (Winter Solstice) ~thru~ Feb 1 (Cross Quarter/Candlemas)4409

Karmic Tools

20 January, 2010Are we there yet?4010

Center of the Sun

20 January, 2010Ask, Breathe and Receive2718

Shanta Gabriel

21 January, 2010Thank You Thursday: Innocence564

Hillis Pugh

21 January, 2010In The Midst of Chaos, Open Your Heart4601

Era of Peace

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