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20 June, 2010Desire2760

Circle of Light

13 March, 2010Dimensional Ascension is underway: Moving beyond time and space to YOU5164
16 November, 2010Discernment & Channeled Information 551

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

20 September, 2010Divine Deserve-Ability - Part 14249

Center of the Sun

1 November, 2010Divine Government - 20103871

Era of Peace

30 April, 2010Divine Mother Grid348

Kara Schallock

16 June, 2010Divine Timing And Claiming Your Personal Power5162

Michelle Coutant

13 April, 2010DNA Revealed12507


14 May, 2010DNA's Healing Layer Nine10038


22 November, 2010Do Animals Reincarnate? 10539

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

28 April, 2010Do not miss out on the fun4464
18 August, 2010Do we Create our own Future?4794

Leonard Jacobson

2 October, 2010Do you know where God is?3772

Neale Donald Walsch

29 May, 2010Don't Give In To Fear 349

Ann Albers

2 October, 2010Don't miss the moment 647

Ann Albers

28 January, 2010Don’t Require Yourself to be “On” All Day Everyday265

Brenda Hoffman

31 May, 2010Doors Opening: Self-Love strategies that work5869

Cheryl Richardson

24 November, 2010During This Intense, Bumpy Time, Remember: Call in Support from the Archangels!5243

Shanta Gabriel

29 July, 2010Each Moment Is A Moment Of God2857

Michelle Coutant

26 June, 2010Earth - As Above, So Below424

Ann Albers

5 April, 2010Earth Changes Update88093

The Peaceful Planet

15 December, 2010EARTH: The Best Reality Show - Riding the Wave of Evolution5794


28 March, 2010Easter 2010: Ascension, Transformation and Coming into "Right Relationship"6884

Starchild Global

17 July, 2010Eckhart Answers a Question on Differences6312

Eckhart Tolle

17 May, 2010Eckhart Talks About Ego vs. "I am" 25001

Eckhart Tolle

13 November, 2010Eckhart Talks About Manifestation8354

Eckhart Tolle

17 April, 2010Eckhart Talks About Morality6649

Eckhart Tolle

9 August, 2010Eckhart Talks About Presence in Conversation7015

Eckhart Tolle

19 October, 2010Eckhart Talks About Unemployment7990

Eckhart Tolle

1 July, 2010Eclipse Pattern, Ascension Gateways & Symptoms774

Kara Schallock

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