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9 February, 2011Responding to World Events3723


9 February, 2011Lesson Four of Your Creation Tool Kit – New Communication Systems242

Brenda Hoffman

10 February, 2011The Morning Blessing: Feelings As Our Teacher...206

Rev. Angela Peregoff

10 February, 2011The Money Game in The Matrix5958

Sonia Barrett

10 February, 2011Earth Changes Part 1490

Karen Downing

10 February, 2011Thank You Thursday: Moving Forward1769

Hillis Pugh

10 February, 2011Desire is the key2984

Neale Donald Walsch

11 February, 2011Aquarius Prayers & Affirmations3612

Karmic Tools

11 February, 2011Heaven #3731 If You Were God1924


11 February, 2011Casting My Fate With A Dog3172
11 February, 2011The Inner Revolution798

Center of the Sun

11 February, 2011The Angels of the Nations need our prayers at this time6501

Lorna Byrne

11 February, 20115 Intuitions About Love and Sex You Shouldn’t Ignore 7269

Dr. Judith Orloff

12 February, 2011Cycles of life333

Ann Albers

13 February, 2011Weekly Forecast: February 13 - 19, 20113425

Karmic Tools

13 February, 2011New Discoveries About the Human Chakra System 1052

Owen Waters

13 February, 2011Valentine Love: A fun way to let others know they matter1723

Cheryl Richardson

13 February, 2011Soul Mates and Soul Friends 5519

Owen Waters

13 February, 2011Integrating Into The New Energetic Levels6366

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

14 February, 2011The Week Ahead: High Heart Acceptance 190

Rev. Angela Peregoff

14 February, 2011A Blessing for all Beings2574

Shanta Gabriel

14 February, 2011What Needs To Be Said? The Unsealed Letter: February's Leo Full Moon6341

Lynda Hill

14 February, 2011Take your inner work seriously10985

Kryon (South Africa)

15 February, 2011The Ledge of Magnificence3260

Ailia Mira

15 February, 2011Magnetic Whip4220


15 February, 2011Heaven #3735 What Else Is There to Be2594


15 February, 2011Redefining our Concepts of Computers, Science and Technology3142

Sonia Barrett

15 February, 2011The Morning Blessing: Make Your Choices in Alignment with Your Higher Truth216

Rev. Angela Peregoff

15 February, 2011A spirituality devoid of faith3785

Neale Donald Walsch

16 February, 2011Could "Haters" Be a Blessing in Disguise?265

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

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