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1 January, 2011 2011 New Year’s Message: Your Hearts Are Now Cleared 3037

Circle of Light

11 January, 20111-11-11 Gateway, Life in 5D & Teleconference Ascension Class712

Kara Schallock

11 January, 20111.11.11 – The Gateway of Power24909

Shanta Gabriel

16 January, 20112011 and Beyond13481


21 January, 20112011 Predictions, Ascension Symptoms & Ancient Mother Revelation Codes 1324065

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

4 January, 20112011 The Year of Divine Wisdom and Love 4142

Spirit Pathways

11 January, 20112011: Stepping Up & Out5405

Lauren C. Gorgo

2 January, 20112011: The Year of the Indigo34084

Doreen Virtue

1 January, 2011A Meditation to Begin 20113450


7 January, 2011A New Year and a New Beginning4191

Starchild Global

2 January, 2011A New Year, A More Blended You3145

Goddess Light

2 January, 2011A New Year, A More Blended You Q&A2928

Goddess Light

15 January, 2011A Timely Link 4295

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

16 January, 2011Ain't It Awful4421

Jim Self

21 January, 2011Anchor The Diamond God Light5598

Michelle Coutant

4 January, 2011Anything and Everything is Now Possible358

Brenda Hoffman

29 January, 2011Beauty...334

Ann Albers

30 January, 2011Bursting with Potential: Let yourself out of the cage2732

Cheryl Richardson

20 January, 2011Can art or music inform the ego of Presence?5339

Eckhart Tolle

28 January, 2011Create Your Own Song!271

Brenda Hoffman

9 January, 2011Effortless Action 569

Owen Waters

10 January, 2011Energy Forecast - Rearrangements3576

Emmanuel Dagher

11 January, 2011Energy Update: True Identity Emerges 4393
16 January, 2011Experience Your World Through Joyful Creation Q&A3128

Goddess Light

29 January, 2011Focused Energy Or Tunnel Vision: February's Aquarius New Moon4487

Lynda Hill

3 January, 2011Good Stuff: The one step that takes care of the rest 2931

Cheryl Richardson

1 January, 2011Happy New Year2434

Neale Donald Walsch

1 January, 2011Heaven #3690 Happy New Year from God2611


13 January, 2011Heaven #3702 You Don’t Need This4759


8 January, 2011Ice Castles421

Ann Albers

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