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10 January, 2011Energy Forecast - Rearrangements3576

Emmanuel Dagher

19 January, 2011Paused and Ready in the Void3589


31 January, 2011Surrender to the Fiery Power of Love: The Countdown Is On!3703

Circle of Light

18 January, 2011Secrets, Decisions, Resolutions and Revolutions: January's Cancer Full Moon3711

Lynda Hill

22 January, 2011My Initiation with the Archangels3854

Shanta Gabriel

10 January, 2011Soul Transitions Vibe Report January 20113865

Nancy Leilah Ward

4 January, 20112011 The Year of Divine Wisdom and Love 4142

Spirit Pathways

7 January, 2011A New Year and a New Beginning4191

Starchild Global

15 January, 2011A Timely Link 4295

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

11 January, 2011Energy Update: True Identity Emerges 4393
16 January, 2011Ain't It Awful4421

Jim Self

25 January, 2011Time Keeps On Slipping - 2011 Full Speed Ahead4433

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

11 January, 2011The Way to the Soul4473

Neale Donald Walsch

29 January, 2011Focused Energy Or Tunnel Vision: February's Aquarius New Moon4487

Lynda Hill

1 January, 2011We Offer You A Golden Opportunity4698

Ronna Herman Vezane

13 January, 2011Heaven #3702 You Don’t Need This4759


20 January, 2011New Earth Rising: Wolf Moon /Leopard Moon and Living in a Vertical Reality5141

Starchild Global

11 January, 2011Starseeds of the Future5338

Oakbridge University

20 January, 2011Can art or music inform the ego of Presence?5339

Eckhart Tolle

11 January, 20112011: Stepping Up & Out5405

Lauren C. Gorgo

3 January, 2011January 2011 Monthly Visions: The Year of Revelations5501

Dana Mrkich

21 January, 2011Anchor The Diamond God Light5594

Michelle Coutant

28 January, 2011You Are Developing Your Individual SunLight5649

Ronna Herman Vezane

20 January, 2011On Digesting Calamity: a 5D view6047

Lauren C. Gorgo

15 January, 2011The New Body Electrics: The Physical Electrical Evolution6177


7 January, 2011The Morning Blessing: It Is Done Unto You As You Believe 6700

Rev. Angela Peregoff

25 January, 2011The Soul Speaks6709
14 January, 2011The Energies of 20116822

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

16 January, 20112011 and Beyond13481


7 January, 2011The New Earth Energies January 201115110

Celia Fenn

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