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1 February, 201111th Phase Lightbody Ascension7763

Lauren C. Gorgo

1 February, 20112011: The Year of Enlightenment5788

Oakbridge University

7 February, 20112nd Gateway & Symptoms525

Kara Schallock

11 February, 20115 Intuitions About Love and Sex You Shouldn’t Ignore 7267

Dr. Judith Orloff

14 February, 2011A Blessing for all Beings2574

Shanta Gabriel

5 February, 2011A furry angel ...755

Ann Albers

15 February, 2011A spirituality devoid of faith3779

Neale Donald Walsch

17 February, 2011Acknowledge Those Parts You’ve Been Ashamed of for Eons269

Brenda Hoffman

20 February, 2011Adjusting Your Vibration: Shifting the Known & Unknown3454

Goddess Light

11 February, 2011Aquarius Prayers & Affirmations3502

Karmic Tools

8 February, 2011Are You In Love With An Emotional Vampire? Strategies to Cope With a Draining Partner 3072

Dr. Judith Orloff

1 February, 2011Attracting Love into Your Life5163

Shanta Gabriel

1 February, 2011Can humans overcome genetics?3701

Neale Donald Walsch

11 February, 2011Casting My Fate With A Dog3172
16 February, 2011Could "Haters" Be a Blessing in Disguise?265

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

16 February, 2011Creating Abundance and Prosperity6280

Michelle Coutant

12 February, 2011Cycles of life333

Ann Albers

10 February, 2011Desire is the key2963

Neale Donald Walsch

10 February, 2011Earth Changes Part 1490

Karen Downing

18 February, 2011Eckhart on Our Creative Universe4694

Eckhart Tolle

18 February, 2011Energies of 20115622

Sarah Biermann

2 February, 2011Energy Report for February 20115279

Spirit Pathways

3 February, 2011Energy Update: New Earth Essentials Revealed4711
19 February, 2011Everone is a Soul Waiting to Bloom316

Ann Albers

16 February, 2011Experience Your World Through Joyful Creation2591

Goddess Light

2 February, 2011February 2011 Energy Forecast: The Storms and the Gifts498

Lee Harris

2 February, 2011February 2011 Monthly Visions: The Freefall, the Floods and Freedom4703

Dana Mrkich

6 February, 2011Feel Your Life: The healing power of grief8338

Cheryl Richardson

9 February, 2011Feeling the Resonance of Real Love Every Day2079

Circle of Light

16 February, 2011Fresh February Energy! 4476

Dana Mrkich

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