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30 May, 20112012 Ascension Acceleration Signs of the New Earth & Angelic Human20051

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

11 May, 20114 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People4357

Dr. Judith Orloff

28 May, 20116th Dimension, Divine Masculine, Familial Clearing & More768

Kara Schallock

16 May, 20117 Rules for Compassionate Communication2778

Dr. Judith Orloff

7 May, 2011All of Creation seems so joyous in the spring...392

Ann Albers

4 May, 2011Allow the Grace of the Angels to Work in Everyday Functions4244

Shanta Gabriel

8 May, 2011An Idea for Humanity’s New Cultural Story on The Use of Force 3316

Neale Donald Walsch

13 May, 2011Angels on Earth14850

Jeshua Channelings

31 May, 2011Are You an Emotional Gusher? 2847

Dr. Judith Orloff

1 May, 2011Avoiding the Time Trap 2366

Owen Waters

23 May, 2011Awakening from Slumber 404

Sarah-Jane Grace

17 May, 2011Awakening Your Creative Potential3588

Shanta Gabriel

8 May, 2011Back to the Future 2276

Owen Waters

28 May, 2011Breathe and Receive...508

Ann Albers

26 May, 2011Can the Brain Allow Us To See Psychic Auras?793

David R. Hamilton PhD

5 May, 2011Can You Catch a Smile?562

David R. Hamilton PhD

10 May, 2011Care Taking Remains Deeply Embedded in Your Belief System308

Brenda Hoffman

19 May, 2011Certainty Without The Candy Coating Of Doubt2919

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

30 May, 2011Choosing Nonchalance5510
7 May, 2011Cosmic Insights for May 2011 440

Sarah-Jane Grace

12 May, 2011Cosmic Weather Report May 20116242

Sarah Biermann

12 May, 2011Embrace Your Brothers And Sisters On Sirius5610

Michelle Coutant

2 May, 2011Energies of the Sacred Marriage6334

Kryon (South Africa)

9 May, 2011Energy Forecast - Full Throttle4263

Emmanuel Dagher

5 May, 2011Energy Report for May 20114428

Spirit Pathways

2 May, 2011Equinox, Evolution and more Ascension Symptoms8895

Center of the Sun

31 May, 2011Five Steps to Intuitive Living 204

Becky Walsh

1 May, 2011Floating on the Aries Wind4866

Sarah Biermann

27 May, 2011Gemini Prayers & Affirmations4944

Karmic Tools

7 May, 2011Going With The Flow of Life557

Karen Downing

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