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3 April, 20122012: The Event Horizon Awaits5637

The Peaceful Planet

1 April, 2012A Matter of Perspective1637

Sarah-Jane Grace

22 April, 2012All for One3161


28 April, 2012All We Really All 'Family'?2394

Neale Donald Walsch

24 April, 2012Angry, Snarly, Sad? YEAH!680

Brenda Hoffman

5 April, 2012April 2012 Energy Forecast: Death to the Dark, Forgiveness for Freedom8339

Lee Harris

11 April, 2012April 2012 Monthly Visions: Re-booting, Re-wiring and Recalibration5482

Dana Mrkich

10 April, 2012Are You Crossing Your Joy Bridge?489

Brenda Hoffman

27 April, 2012Are You Tired of Clearing Yet?4513

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

7 April, 2012Assimilating Light Encodings, Continual Release & Taking A Step into the New 504

Kara Schallock

9 April, 2012Beautiful Black Sheep419

Cheryl Richardson

17 April, 2012Breakthroughs, Lightning Strikes and Liberation: April's Taurus New Moon 3458

Lynda Hill

19 April, 2012Challenges and Opportunities: Perceptions376

Kara Schallock

7 April, 2012Christ Consciousness Is The Energy of The New World8866

Kryon (South Africa)

20 April, 2012Downloading the Programs for our New Solar Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love5622

Era of Peace

26 April, 2012Earth Grid Update 20129443

Center of the Sun

3 April, 2012Ease Dropped Into Your Creation Lap450

Brenda Hoffman

3 April, 2012Energy Forecast - And ... Action!10599

Emmanuel Dagher

10 April, 2012Energy Report for April 20123226

Spirit Pathways

7 April, 2012Everyone Deserves Love2050

Ann Albers

15 April, 2012Evolution ~ The Year 2222 6099


1 April, 2012Expressing Your Soul3633


14 April, 2012Fear not...2813

Ann Albers

1 April, 2012Good Enough To Be True4179

Alan Cohen

27 April, 2012Grasping The Nettle2234

Sarah-Jane Grace

3 April, 2012Greetings from Venus4087
1 April, 2012Heaven #4146 Sing the Song That Is Yours to Sing2122


18 April, 2012Heaven #4163 All God's Love2077


23 April, 2012Heaven #4168 There Is No Between2535


10 April, 2012Holograms, Realities and ET’s3971

Oakbridge University

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