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30 June, 2012Why would your Soul do this?4211

Neale Donald Walsch

30 June, 2012Nature Doesn't Worry About Rejection543

Ann Albers

29 June, 2012Venus Direct: Time to Receive (or time to stop not receiving!) 5070

Dana Mrkich

29 June, 2012Heaven #4235 Your Best Interest2720


28 June, 2012Visiting Your Future Self5148

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

28 June, 2012Emergence: The End of June6968
28 June, 2012Weekly LightBlast: God Reflection1976

Jamye Price

27 June, 2012Your arrival on the New Earth6980

Pamela Kribbe

27 June, 2012Entering into a New Phase of Evolution5204

Kryon (South Africa)

27 June, 2012The Story of the Fall of Consciousness - Part 25925

Jim Self

26 June, 2012Use Your New JOY Power Pack405

Brenda Hoffman

26 June, 2012Heaven #4232 The Stirrings of Enlightenment2546


25 June, 2012Current Energies Summary June 20126574

Dana Mrkich

25 June, 2012Don’t Believe Everything That You Believe4548

Sarah Biermann

25 June, 2012The Week Ahead: Recovery Time3595

Rev. Angela Peregoff

25 June, 2012Soul Transitions Vibe Report June 20123300

Nancy Leilah Ward

24 June, 2012Weekly Forecast: June 24 - 30, 2012 2786

Karmic Tools

24 June, 2012Ascension For All 2942

Owen Waters

24 June, 2012Life Review: Inventory your success2519

Cheryl Richardson

23 June, 2012Never Again Fear Loss4291

Neale Donald Walsch

23 June, 2012Connection...2413

Ann Albers

23 June, 2012Finding True North - Lineage of Light Servers3002

Center of the Sun

22 June, 2012The Evolution Of The 5 Elements - A Crop Circle Message4030

Center of the Sun

22 June, 2012When Does the Age of Aquarius Begin?701

Sarah Varcas

22 June, 2012The Universal Unconscious Recycling Center1962

Center of the Sun

21 June, 20126 Months to 21-Dec-201211391

Kryon (South Africa)

21 June, 2012The Love Bomb... A Message of Profound Healing3911

Center of the Sun

21 June, 2012Thank You Thursday: Power of Personal Self5606

Hillis Pugh

21 June, 2012Weekly LightBlast: Asking for What You Want2928

Jamye Price

20 June, 2012Manifesting Your Vision on High-Energy Days3892


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