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21 December, 2012The 13th Gateway: December 21, 20124032

Kara Schallock

21 December, 2012Where is our Mass Awakening? 6456

Dana Mrkich

20 December, 2012The Date Is Upon Us!4209

Dana Mrkich

20 December, 2012The World Becomes a Reflection of Our Reunion with God336

Circle of Light

20 December, 2012Truth Rising2701

Sarah-Jane Grace

20 December, 2012Solstice Eve - The Mystery of the Midnight Sun5207

The Peaceful Planet

20 December, 2012Weekly LightBlast: Preparing for the New3097

Jamye Price

19 December, 2012Bring Your Joy to the World1816

The Love Foundation

19 December, 2012Your VIP Pass {26,000 Years in the Making} 3464

Dana Mrkich

18 December, 2012Power of Love: Recognizing our Collective Unity 2381

Dr. Judith Orloff

18 December, 2012Being In The World But Not Of It4927

Pamela Kribbe

18 December, 2012Energizing The New Human Template3482
18 December, 2012The Infiltration of Tragedy on The Collective: The Season, The Media and Your Emotional Response 3442

Sonia Barrett

18 December, 2012Throwing Energy7410

Jim Self

17 December, 2012The Week Ahead: Arriving Upon Ascension's Doorway 4194

Rev. Angela Peregoff

17 December, 2012Guidance and keys for 12:21:12: A new note is struck – out of time5388

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

17 December, 2012Ascension and 12/21 Solstice 4369


17 December, 2012Your Heart's Freedom at Last! 4098


16 December, 2012The Impact of Universal Light3093

Goddess Light

16 December, 2012Universal Truths: Inspiring Peace of Mind3255

Cheryl Richardson

16 December, 2012Weekly Forecast: December 16 - 22, 20122754

Karmic Tools

16 December, 2012Get the Gateway Right!3788

Owen Waters

16 December, 2012How May I Serve Others So that They May Have What I Desire?4476

Wayne W. Dyer

15 December, 2012The Matrix of Miracles3668

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

15 December, 2012Endless Cycles of Time2384

Ann Albers

15 December, 2012A Lesson In Time #2 ~ Dimensions of Multidimensionality4306


14 December, 2012Energy Report for December 20123935

Kate Spreckley

14 December, 2012In the Face of Old World Images of Tragedy, Make the Choice for the Truth of Love and Endless Life2231

Circle of Light

14 December, 2012“Time table” of the Robot/Character The Calendar 12/12/12 OR 12/21/12 2232

Sonia Barrett

14 December, 2012Embrace What You Have Discovered2518

Neale Donald Walsch

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