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18 February, 2012Blossoming in Love2072

Ann Albers

2 September, 2012Blue Moon Energies of Love2356

Goddess Light

23 January, 2012Blue Ray Negative Thoughtform Release with the Archangels10873

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

30 December, 2012Born Again, and Again, and Again...2813

Owen Waters

17 April, 2012Breakthroughs, Lightning Strikes and Liberation: April's Taurus New Moon 3458

Lynda Hill

2 June, 2012Bridging Heaven and Earth3497

Shanta Gabriel

21 December, 2012Bring it On3256

Alan Cohen

19 December, 2012Bring Your Joy to the World1816

The Love Foundation

28 November, 2012Buckle Your Seat Belt for 20138814

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

15 March, 2012Building a New World 4393


19 June, 2012Burst Into Bloom With This Solstice414

Brenda Hoffman

1 January, 2012Celebrate Life: Make the rest of your life the best of your life 4364

Cheryl Richardson

15 March, 2012Cellular Lightning Bolt Activation4255

Center of the Sun

19 April, 2012Challenges and Opportunities: Perceptions375

Kara Schallock

14 February, 2012Chamuel - Angel of Self-Love5744

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

1 November, 2012Change Your Frequency7528

Alan Cohen

1 February, 2012Change Yourself, Change the World648

David R. Hamilton PhD

25 May, 2012Changing Your Concept of Yourself 7062

Wayne W. Dyer

21 March, 2012Channeling: An Art, Science and Mystery, Available To Everyone18232

The Peaceful Planet

27 September, 2012Chasing Rainbows 3245

Sarah-Jane Grace

7 January, 2012Cherish Yourselves425

Ann Albers

11 February, 2012Choices1950

Ann Albers

7 April, 2012Christ Consciousness Is The Energy of The New World8809

Kryon (South Africa)

11 September, 2012Claim The Freedom You Created496

Brenda Hoffman

5 February, 2012Clean Up Week: Make Space For Something Great2247

Cheryl Richardson

2 December, 2012Clearing and Aligning the Divine Blueprint and other 12:21-2013 Tools3951

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

1 July, 2012Clearing Frustration & New Beginnings3445

Goddess Light

4 July, 2012CoCreating Divine Government2826

Era of Peace

23 March, 2012Coming Back To Our Authentic Power2609

Center of the Sun

9 November, 2012Coming Home To Your Soul3570

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

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